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  1. zoe92

    What do you carry your gear to clinicals in?

    I am not carrying my cuff with me to clinical. The cuff was in the bag because that is how my school packaged it when I got my stuff. My clinical site is a small non traditional assisted living facility so it is no hospital. Our instructor told us today they do not have hand sanitizer or stethoscopes in every room. If we want to use hand sanitizer at all, we must bring it.
  2. zoe92

    What do you carry your gear to clinicals in?

    My school provided a small bag that resembles a toiletry makeup bag. It carries my BP cuff, stethoscope, pen light and any small supplies. It resembles this: Contents Cosmetic Clutch Bag : Target I plan on carrying it in a larger bag that will also have my snack, small bottle of water, notebook and hand sanitizer.
  3. zoe92

    Does Nursing School=No Life Literally?

    I need an out-of-school life to get through school. I am taking 17 credits this semester for my BSN program but make time to see friends, sleep and get involved with social activities at school. Granted, I live on campus. But, I think it's important to have some non nursing time too. I like the one day a week off from school idea, I usually spend Saturday like that. I don't procrastinate either and that keeps me less stressed.
  4. zoe92

    What to do? :(

    Unfortunately you have wasted time but you must have some idea of what you would really like to do. How close are you to graduation? If you are almost done with your nursing degree then I would suck it up and finish.
  5. I can only speak from personal experience but I transferred to a 4 year community college. I took my pre requisites at a great community college that had one of the best ADN nursing programs in my state. But I figured I might as well get the BSN done now. So I earned an associate's degree in pre baccalaureate nursing & transferred this fall to a 4 year school. I am glad I made this decision. Regardless, nursing school would have taken me 2 more years so I decided to go for the higher degree.
  6. zoe92

    What school should I choose?

    Can you apply to both and see where you get into? Never put all your eggs in one basket. Also, that TEAs score is manageable. I had not taken A & P 2 when I took the test and I hardly studied. I scored an 82.
  7. zoe92

    CRNA vs. RN

    No, you would *probably* not have time to work. The closest program to me is at University of Maryland. You take full time classes every spring and fall semester, with 7 credits in the summers. The program is now at DNP and takes 36 months, with long class hours the first year and extensive clinicals during the last two years. It is a very difficult program. If I had a dollar for every time a fellow nursing today said they wanted to continue on & become a CRNA... I would have just as much money as a CRNA makes.
  8. zoe92

    Don't buy that used book!

    I am an Amazon prime student member. I can get used books shipped to for free within 2 days. They are usually is great condition too. I highly recommend becoming a member!
  9. I was 18 when I started. I am now 21 and will graduate at 22 with my BSN.
  10. zoe92

    How can a W affect me?

    W's do not affect you. Their purpose is so you can withdraw if you are failing or if something comes up and you can't take the class. Most schools do not count how many W's you have or hold it against you, as long as you don't have something ridiculous like 6 W's for unexplained reasons.
  11. zoe92

    RN to BSN

    Where I live, the benefit is you actually stand a chance at getting a job.
  12. zoe92

    Nursing school while in a sorority

    I am a traditional student at a university and am currently pledging a sorority. I made it clear to my pledge educator that my first priority would always be school and they are completely okay with that. My sorority is a service sorority though so it is more about volunteering than social gatherings (although we have those too). Like llg said, find out their commitment requirements and make sure they are somewhat flexible. At the end if the day, you are there for your studies, not just to be a sorority sister.
  13. zoe92

    Can an introvert succeed as a nurse?

    You can definitely thrive since it sounds like you have in your retail position. With introverts, when they do say something you know it is importan and in my experience, people listen up. Do not let being quiet hold you back.
  14. zoe92

    Applying to Coppin State University

    You should probably post this in the Maryland forum, located under the U.S. section in the yellow row at the top of the page just so you can get more responses from people familiar with the area. But to answer your question, I have not heard much about Coppin State's program (I live in Baltimore). Is your 3.0 your science pre req GPA or overall?
  15. zoe92

    "Not too bad" nursing school?

    Why worry about it? He probably just said it to say it... as a response to what you told him. If you are really that concerned, seek out some alumni & current students to see what they about the program.
  16. zoe92

    What do I do? CC -> University

    I really think you should call the schools nursing program and try to talk to an adviser. These are all very specific questions. It will be hard for all of us to guide you properly since we are online. Good luck!