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  1. gkash

    Starting nursing school at 37...

    I was perusing nursing at 18 after working 3 years with people with disabilities. I ended up getting pregnant the summer before starting nursing school. I decided focusing on raising my child (soon to be children as we married and ended up having a total of 5 kids, although I waited tables at night to make ends meet) was most important to me due to a difficult and lonely childhood. I went back to school when I was 37 (my yougest just started kindergarten) and finished when I was 41. I have been a nurse almost 3 years and it has been the best decision I have ever made. "I had my cake and ate it too." I was able to be primary care taker of my babies, waited until they were in school to go back to school myself, and now have a career that I love and am so proud to be in. I am so much more mature and a better nurse after my life experience. It is never too late (my sister was pushing 50 when she became a nurse) to pursue your dream. I wholeheartedly cheer you on and encourage you to fulfill your dreams. You will never regret this. I promise!
  2. gkash

    Who worked New Years? How was your shift?

    I worked the 31st through the 3rd. I'm a cardiac nurse and there were many STEMI and NSTEMI's! One pt. coded at 0002 on 1/1 in the cath lab and didn't make it. My most "interesting" was the grandma who did meth to ring in the new year. Kids, don't do meth. It's really bad...😧
  3. gkash

    **POLL** New 1st Year RN Salary

    1) OR 2) 33.68 days. 39.68 nights (I will be on nights after orientation) 3) New grad (12/2014), no experience 4) Cardiovascular unit
  4. gkash

    I need Fundamentals of Nursing HELP

    My foundations teacher just told us today that the key to her tests (and the NCLEX) is find the wrong first, narrow it down to those 2 right answers, and then pick the answer that is putting the care provider or patient safety a priority. So pick the saftey answer! I hope this helps :)
  5. gkash

    working plus nursing school

    Honestly, I think you should just go for you BSN and get it over with. There are many scholarships out there too so you don't have to rack up much debt. That is what I am doing. I will have some loans, but I feel that it will be worth it in the end to be finished with school and I can start building my career. I start my BSN program in the spring 2013 and I'll be done by Dec 2014. NO MORE SCHOOL...(of course, unless I pursue my NP degree )
  6. gkash

    It Can Be Done!

    Yes, I actually took A&P, Micro, Nutrition, and Intermediate Algebra. I got all A's in the first 3 and a B+ in algebra. It was hard, but it is all about time management, getting tutoring if you need extra help, and the professors teaching the courses
  7. gkash

    Help with books

    No need to apologize!! That was just what I was looking for. Thank you so much for your insight. I just went on craigslist and found a brand new voice recorder for 20 bucks!
  8. gkash

    Help with books

    so....do tell!! I just got into nursing school. I start this spring, and I am freaking out. I feel like I have the hardest time retaining information that I read, and I get really bad test anxiety. I keep reading all of the posts from students, and I am wondering how I am going to pull this off. If you have any other tips please let me in :)
  9. Obama/Biden 2012
  10. Sorry Dianah!!! Didn't think that one through:o
  11. I have 335 Integrated exp learning1 (clinical) ----------, 320 scholarship of nursing -----------, 315 Professional Communication ------------, 305 Foundations nursing practice ------------. So did you/do you go to Linfield, Happiness?
  12. Hello all, I am going to be attending Linfield in the spring 2013 cohort. I just got my schedule and wanted to check out the teachers on ratemyprofessors.com, so I would be more prepared of their teaching style. Unfortunately, very few people have commented and there are even a few instructors nobody has commented on. If anyone who has attended Linfield has time to comment on there, that would be super helpful. I know it got me through my community college, and I always tried to give feedback as well. Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi pink 0605,I totally get what you were trying to say. I was just talking to my husband about this. Originally, my family and I were going to have to relocate (4hrs away) because of my husbands job. So I applied to a BSN program in the area. Well, my husbands job fell through, however, I was accepted into the program. We had to make a decision at that time. Even though I have never been away from my 5 children (not even daycare-I waited tables at night to be with them during the day) the best thing for our family would be for me to live there during the week, and commute home on the weekends. Also, my children would not have to be uprooted from their home and school. I would start feb 2013 and the term ends in May. I would have summers home with my family, have spring breaks/holiday weeks off, and there is a 7 week break from dec-feb. I will graduate in dec 2014. The reason why I am explaining all this is because with all that I am sacrificing I would never DREAM of voluntarily dropping out (of course I am not naive to extenuating circumstances). Not to mention the debt that accrues.I know it will be extremely challenging, and I do believe that being up there during the week will help me focus all my energy into school. So, once again, I do understand what you were trying to say as I thought the same thing. Good luck to you and your family on this crazy, amazing journey you are about to start!
  14. gkash

    Linfield BSN summer application

    Thank you, Sartorius. That is such a bummer! I am so sorry. You have such a good attitude, and I know your persistence will pay off. I will most definitely come back and let you know how it's going. Good luck to you!
  15. gkash

    Linfield BSN summer application

    Just finally got to check my mail.............IT IS HERE!!!!!!! I GOT IN!!! YAY! I will be thinking about you guys tomorrow and seeing "Congratulations" in the first sentence! Goodluck to everyone!!!
  16. gkash

    Linfield BSN summer application

    I hope so! I swear, we still use horse and buggy mail out here in C.O.! The good thing is if it was yours that was returned and it does get returned again, I'm sure they'll probably call you. Also, another Portland person did not receive their letter today either. So it could just be random.