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Honestly' date=' no one did because his A was above 93% and below that was a B. But aside from that I mean I am confident in myself in that I will succeed and well Ill retake it I guess it just sucks I wasted a year with that professor. Ill be transferring to a 4 year by the following semester and I hope I can work something with counseling so that I can take their A and P classes. I appreciate the honest answers all![/quote']

At my school below a 93 is a B and myself as well as several people got As in A & P with a tough grader. Retake it, set aside hours every day for studying, get into a good study group and ask for help if you need it...you can do it! :-)

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That grading cut-off is pretty standard for nursing school.

I echo the comments of PPs. A & P is the most critical foundation for nursing practice. If you believe that your results were due to the instructor, I suggest you re-take with a different instructor. If your results are much better, then you will prove your hypothesis. If not . . . you may want to explore a different career.

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Our grading scale here in the South is 92% and above is an A. The lowest C one can get is an 80%. I also agree with the above posters that if you don't know or can't grasp the basic A&P, how will you handle pathophysiology? That one, for us at least, was next on the curriculum list with micro, genetics and the like. Good luck!

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Good day, cloneslds:

I've found that I had to adjust how I learn and study for each class I have taken to date. Could it be that you might be good at A&P if you changed how you study and learn A&P?

Thank you.


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I would definitely retake. I just finished A&P I and got an A but I had to actually study to get that A. For the final I believe I ended up with over 900 flashcards, lol!


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I finished my 3rd semester and my full sequence of ap 1 and 2 but I got high c's in both of them. I'm an honors student and I guess I'm not so good at a and p. I have decent grAdes in all my other science pre reqs. I'll have at least a 3.2 to 3.3 gpa when I apply to nursing school. I'm really worried that I won't get into a program because of those two c's how should I spice my application up so admissions will let me slide by with my grades? I was thinking of going out of state(i live on the west coast) which states are easier to get into or less impacted?

I think fleeing the state is a bit dramatic....I live in CA and programs here are just as impacted...plus you will pay non-resident tuition which can end up costing up to x3 as much money. I would just apply to as many schools as possible and while you're waiting to hear back start retaking those classes or just look into private schools that are pricier but not as impacted.


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Depends on your program.

I went into school to get A's and did so. I met a young lady at orientation who had B's and C's. It did not impact her at all apparently.

Good luck!


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alot of complaints of A&P in my nursing class and trust me when clinicals come sure you can "get by" once more. Your losing knowledge day by day, be on top of your game. There was a guy in my class 2nd semester in that still don't know how to count costal cartilages, now imagine all the other stuff he's missing out on.


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Think about what made you not do so we'll was it the lab practical or the actual tests ? First time I took a and p I got a 1.0 in the class terrible but mine was a 8 week course 5 hour long class ties and thurs so way to much info not enough time to learn it but with the second time around I took a daily one one hour long for ten weeks and got a 3.9 in the class. Youtube videos for late systems help a lot repeat the videos and it will stick as we'll as flash cards write the answer down instead of saying it out loud when you quiz yoursrl. This way the brain connects with what you wrote improving your score tremendously !


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I would caution you about retaking, because I know many schools won't let you have repeats.

Make sure you really focus when you take micro, if you haven't already, and do what you can to boost your GPA in your remaining classes.

Are you entering a school with a lottery system? That may be your best bet, if so.

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Get a 100% on your entrance test. Other than that you should be getting straight A's no matter what.

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