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  1. I just didn't want to go home
  2. PurpleLover

    Nclex RN

    So what is the verdict?
  3. PurpleLover

    Finally Passed!!!

    Happy for you
  4. PurpleLover

    alcohol withdrawal in a obs unit?

    We have protocols
  5. PurpleLover

    After passing the nclex

    It took my license 5 days. I am in the state of SC
  6. I took NCLEX at 12.
  7. PurpleLover

    I used Kaplan and didn't pass NCLEX on 1st try

    I never used Kaplan and passed NCLEX. I used Saunders actually.
  8. PurpleLover

    Nclex RN passed! 😀😀😀

    Good luck on your new journey
  9. PurpleLover

    Failed my nclex rn :(

    I am sure that this has impacted you greatly. Hugs you. When I finished school on 7/31. I just answered about 200 questions every other day in my Saunders book. I used my ATI predictor material. This is just a setback, not a defeat.
  10. PurpleLover

    nclex 2015

    You have this
  11. PurpleLover

    Took my nclex yesterday, feeling down

    Hugs! I left the test on 9/5 feeling as if I didn't know anything as well. I was like, I have failed at life. I am ashamed. Then I got my quick results and my fears were alleviated.
  12. PurpleLover

    working during a nursing program?

    My program has no such stipulation thankfully. I work part time as a nurse extern and it has had no impact on my school performance.
  13. PurpleLover

    Getting a Job as an ER Tech

    Yes! Nurse Extern is the same as a tech they just give you the title of Nurse Extern because of enrollment in nursing school. Basically I will transport pts, do cpr on coding pts, draw blood, cath pts, collect vitals and some charting. When i did my ...
  14. PurpleLover

    Is it legal to have RN's use full name on badge?

    Some hospitals here only have first names
  15. PurpleLover

    Getting a Job as an ER Tech

    I am a Nurse extern in the ER and i got the job because my clinical instructor was an ER nurse and my professor wrote me an amazing letter of recommendation!