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  1. HouTx

    Nursing Certifications

    In my state, nurses with current (legit) specialty certification get a pass on the CE requirement to renew licensure. My organization also pays for initial certification & re-cert as well as the cost of certification prep courses. Certified nurses also get a salary differential.
  2. HouTx

    To Colonoscopy or Not to Colonoscopy

    Thanks - nurses need to not only educate their patients, but follow the same advice. My doc went the 'extra mile' with prep.... she sent (automated) text messages with 'coaching' instructions prior to the colonoscopy.. including a reminder to drink plenty of clear liquids, when to go NPO, what time to show up in pre-admit & expected time of discharge. I'm sure the reminder communication series was designed & master-minded by her nurse - LOL.
  3. HouTx

    Is This Real, or Just a Fantasy

    BRAVO!!! Very articulate post with a refreshing viewpoint. Years ago (yep, I'm that old) the "Servant Leadership" movement appeared for a nanosecond on the healthcare horizon. It poofed away just as quickly - probably because it wasn't considered compatible with the increasing emphasis on bottom line ($) results. But IMO, anyone who actually adheres to the principles of SL will not only be successful, but ensure great financial outcomes as well as patient satisfaction. I have had the great privilege to work for a couple of those folks . They're a rare species of manager, but you can usually identify them by the very low or nonexistent turnover in their departments.
  4. HouTx

    Surveyor: The First Week

    So - can we say "we knew her when . . . "??
  5. HouTx

    Social Media And You

    I can see the value of FB for maintaining *genuine* relationships with people who are important to you. But I am really skeezed out by all the *hive* activity that seems to be normal for some folks. Equating happiness to # of FB friends & 24X7 communications with as many people as possible? Using FB as a platform to quasi-fame (notoriety) by publicizing yourself to as many *followers* as possible? I don't understand people who rely on their social network to make decisions for them. Is any of this healthy? What are the long-term effects of this sort of crowd-dependency? Me? Too much social interaction zaps my energy. I have to have solitude to re-charge. Am I a relic of ancient times or are there younger folks who have this same tendency?
  6. HouTx

    Spouse transferred to Houston

    Welcome to Houston!!! Be forewarned - our summers are tropical and so far, this one is a record-breaker; we're already into triple digits. It's too bad you can't wait until it's cooler to make your move. That usually happens around October. I would suggest applying to Houston NorthWest Medical Center & CyFair hospital. Depending on traffic patterns, the Woodlands may not be a bad commute for you either. You'll probably be surprised with job availability compared to what other parts of the nation are experiencing. Since you are going to be new to Houston traffic, I think Home Care may be pretty stessful. Most agencies cover a very wide territory including areas that I would be very reluctant to visit. Best of luck to you!
  7. HouTx

    Nursing as a Business?

    I have an acquaintance who owns & operates enema clinics in Fl. srsly. She gets a lot of referrals from local physicians. I think she told me that she also makes house calls. Since this is entirely within the scope of practice for nurses, there is no problem. Hey, ya never know. I know another nurse who gets paid for helping people wade through medical information - such as sorting out complex medical bills. I don't think she is getting rich, but says that the volume of work is increasing. Her only marketing is through Angie's List.
  8. HouTx

    Appropriate questions.

    I wonder if this is connected to the new JC standards for "patient & family centered care". They specifically require collection of information about ethnicity, preferred language, gender preference, etc. If the doc is part of a large hospital-based medical group, this may very well be the case.
  9. HouTx

    non-clinical nursing research?

    The OP was very honest and seeking advice on pursuing work in research. But I am dismayed at information offered from PPs who suggest that nursing education would be a suitable substitute. PLEASE do NOT consider education if you are not willing to stay connected and engaged in clinical nursing. Many schools actually require a practice component for their nursing faculty so that they continue to be in touch with the real world. Nurse educators need to be role models. I guess I'm naive, but it really makes me sad to think that anyone would choose to move into Nursing education in order to avoid contact with patient care. Our students do not deserve this.
  10. HouTx

    Looking into medical and colorblind

    The ability to distinguish colors is a requirement for accurate interpretation of many types of diagnostic inforamation - great examples have been provided by PPs. In addition, it is a critical factor in 'waived testing' and 'bedside testing' for laboratory (CLIA) standards as well as working around lasers (peri-op), etc. so if your job includes these, chances are you will be tested for color blindness as part of the employment process. There are many types of color blindness, and each case should probably be considered independently. It's pretty obvious that competent nurses should be able to pick up on color-based assessment nuances such as early signs of cyanosis or hemoptysis - be able to distinguish petecchia from freckles - notice faint bruising that indicates deeper trauma, etc. However, there are probably many areas of nursing that don't include any of these tasks.
  11. HouTx

    The CEO said WHAT!!!!

    Wow - just Wow. I can't help myself . . . have to chime in here. In the US, The ONLY reason hospitals exist is to deliver continuous nursing care to acutely ill patients. Patients who do not need continuous nursing care are treated on an outpatient basis. If you need verification of this, check any insurance policy. Unbelieveable.
  12. HouTx

    MSN programs??

    I agree with Moogie - Teaching is a whole different animal. You can't compare Nursing to non-practice professions that do not require a license. Subject matter specialists are great -- as long as they are not asked to do anything outside their very limited scope.. such as creating course curricula, developing evaluation and testing instruments, analyzing and determining solutions to learning problems, etc... If you're committed to this career direction, you need to understand the discipline of education. Other graduate roles will not provide this. I was very fortunate my MSN program (U of TX) included both a functional and clinical focus. In my case, it was Education & Critical Care, but one could choose among any of the different combinations they offered. I would also advise anyone to be aware of the salary associated with an academic career... it's much lower than the compensation for those of us in workplace education roles. It doesn't make any sense, but that's the reality. Personal Disclaimer -- I do not consider 'commercial / investor-owned' schools as academic environments ... those instructors are more like temporary or PRN staff that are not even treated as well as adjunct faculty at a community college.
  13. HouTx

    Communicating with patients that don't speak English

    This is becoming a very important issue. The Joint Commission has a new set of standards that address it - they went into effect in January 2011. Basically, JC accredited agencies have to formally address culture & language preferences upon admission & provide certified medical interpreters (by nationally recognized certification agency) for patients who are not English proficient in order to ensure that they understand treatment options & can make informed decisions. It is no longer permissable to use 'casual' interpreters or even family members for some types of communcations. Be sure to check with your own policies & procedures to see how it is supposed to be handled at your organization. I think most organizations are still struggling to define which types of communications are casual (do not require cetified interpreters) and how to document the qualifications & use of the official interpreters. If there is a very large population of non-English speakers, I wonder how this will impact the role & compensation structure of bilingual nurses. Do medical interpreters have to be third parties or can clinical providers fulfill that role? Will they be paid more? Will they need to become certified in order to get additional pay? Lots of unknowns. To make it even more challenging -- standards require written communications (including consents) to be in the 'language of choice' for a specific population if they make up >5% of the total patient population. For most hospitals in my part of the country, that means Spanish for sure... but I'm wondering - are there actually any certified medical interpreters available for Cajun French???
  14. HouTx

    hospital jobs

    If the BS is not in nursing, it would not have any impact (positive or negative) on your elibility for a nursing job... only nursing degrees are considered. So if a position is open to ADN nurses, you would be eligible.
  15. HouTx

    Case Manager RN thinkin of movin to Houston. help!

    Hmm - I think you'd find rent in the Galleria area just about the same as where you are now. And if the rent did not include utilities, you should be aware that our utility rates are among the highest in the US - thanks to then-governor Bush who managed to deregulate that industry. In the summer, air conditioning can really skyrocket those electricity bills. Traffic in the Galleria area is horrendous - wouldn't advise living there unless you work in the immediate area. In general, Houston traffic can be a fearsome thing. If you are able to land a case mgt position in a hospital, you would probably want to try to live closer to your job. I don't have a frame of reference for Case Mgt salaries .. so can't offer any help in that regard.