I did take care of her and was at her side when she died


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Sorry it was so long for an update, but I was lucky and got pnuemonia from Santa this year and just now am feeling like a human being.

ANYWAY! Remember my sweet lady that I said I couldn't take care of because I liked her so much? Well, I did take care of her. AND as the title says was at her side when she died. I had her the entire evening shift. Ended up staying double due to a call off. At 2 am, her breathing changed. I sat beside her talking to her about how I was so honored to take care of her. Told her some things about her family. By this time one of my co-workers had come in and was sitting on her other side. We sang Amazing Grace to her. We said the Lord's Prayer. Then I said a Hail Mary and as we held her hands she died. I was truely honored to have known this lovely lady and will never forget her.


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I am currently a nursing student and I just wanted to tell you that this story has sincerely touched my heart. Thank you for sharing this with us. And I'm also glad you are feeling better! I cannot wait to be a nurse someday, even though it seems like it's going to be forever. It's not everyday that you can accompany someone as they walk through the gates of Heaven. Thanks again.


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Very touching. I am very emotional and I have to say you stayed strong and showed her your love. Very nice story.

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Bless you, Shay!


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Well done! Beautiful way to go.....

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What a blessed and beautiful way to go. She was very lucky to have you.


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I'm sure you were a blessing to this woman and her family in her time of need. I'm so glad she died in peace surrounded by those who truly love her. Thank you for being such a loving and caring nurse.

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funny how these things work out:

that you unexpectedly ended up doing a double, and was there when she died.

sounds like you both were blessed.

thank you, shay.:redpinkhe



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You have a very loving heart. God Bless you!


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You are a strong girl. Admire you too much for that! You are a great soul nurse. Thanks that people like you are still here! A huge hug for you little nurse!

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I love my patients but over the years I've had to learn to be somewhat detached when it comes to letting go. It's the only way I can preserve my sanity and continue to be there for the patients who still need me.

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