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  1. Did I keep my composure...too well?

    You did nothing wrong and handled it well. Please don't spend one more beating yourself up. Make management aware ASAP.
  2. Hospital Rejects Birth Plans

    Horrible. The only good thing about it is that they are upfront about it so patients can decide if this is right for them or not. I find it controlling, sad, and horrendous. I hope these women have other options locally.
  3. Medical staff rude to my brother;complicated;advice please

    You want the staff to medicate for the patient's comfort not your own. Many families do this and it is wrong. It should have been explained to your brother that they were treating the patient's needs and not his own. It might sound harsh but it's tru...
  4. Operating Room Nurse: Roles

    TY for all the excellent info. Very informative and helpful. As someone interested in this field I am so grateful for the breakdown of all you do.
  5. 16 fired for HIPAA Violations

    I feel not one drop of sympathy for them. They knew what they were doing was wrong and did it anyway. They deserved to be fired.
  6. Do you think this is fair compensation for orientation?

    That's not even minimum wage which is illegal. Ask them to put it in wirting and then report them to the labor board. They will never put it in writing because they know this is something they shouldn't do. The minute they changed your starting salar...
  7. Job you would NEVER do in nursing....

    Burns. God bless the burn nurses. I could never do it.
  8. Say NO. You don't risk yur current job and they should understand that. I've never let them contact my current employer. If they don't it's not the place for you and move on. Good luck.
  9. Caught in the web of a workplace romance.

    NEVER start a new relationship before ending the old one. Either get marital counseling and try to make it work OR get a divorce. Do the right thing here. The chances of a relationship lasting that starts with infidelity has less than 5% chance of su...
  10. This morning I sat with a patient as he died

    You're a sweetheart. I truly believe he knew you were there and he was greatly comforted by your kindness and compassion. Hugs.
  11. I am tired of inconsiderate visitors . . .

    I've politely told visitors it would be in the patient's best interest if they visited another day when they were feeling better. Don't come hacking up a lung when a patient is so vulnerable. Sometimes they just need a reminder and it works.
  12. Is this common? Would you take this position?

    I wouldn' take any job without pay rate, benefits, start date, shift, etc. in writing.
  13. Complain more please! It is just an hour!

    You should all be paid that hour. You should be paid for every minute you work. Also, for legal purposes you need to be documented as on the clock in the event of a lawsuit or worker's compensation claim. If they aren't paying you report them on Mon...
  14. All nursing floor - with no nursing assistants???

    The ley to your decision should be how many patients you will have under this system. If it is 3 it's fantasic but more than that I'd be leery.
  15. My daughter brought home head lice and...

    My friend's daugher had it and called the school. They said it's so common now they don't even send the letter anymore. My friend was pretty freaked out. We're clean freaks. Blow drying hair seems to help. After you get it all out and shampoo blow dr...