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  1. Batman24

    Did I keep my composure...too well?

    You did nothing wrong and handled it well. Please don't spend one more beating yourself up. Make management aware ASAP.
  2. Batman24

    Hospital Rejects Birth Plans

    Horrible. The only good thing about it is that they are upfront about it so patients can decide if this is right for them or not. I find it controlling, sad, and horrendous. I hope these women have other options locally.
  3. Batman24

    Medical staff rude to my brother;complicated;advice please

    You want the staff to medicate for the patient's comfort not your own. Many families do this and it is wrong. It should have been explained to your brother that they were treating the patient's needs and not his own. It might sound harsh but it's true and often necessary for family to hear. The staff was right in this situation. They knew she was terminal and knew the best thing for her was hospice care as this point. Your brother should have listened. Surgery, tubes, etc. isn't the way this woman wanted to go. Most staff feels the same way. They see the needless suffering the patient goes through all for the benefit of the family. The focus needs to be on the patient and you bring in a social worker to help the family deal with their grief. Hearing someone you love is dying is so hard. In this case seeing as she went so quickly it is even worse as the family had no time to prepare. Help your brother to grieve his beloved friend. Assure him how much she loved him and how she is now at peace. Repeat that again and again to comfort him. I pray he feels better soon.
  4. Batman24

    Operating Room Nurse: Roles

    TY for all the excellent info. Very informative and helpful. As someone interested in this field I am so grateful for the breakdown of all you do.
  5. Batman24

    16 fired for HIPAA Violations

    I feel not one drop of sympathy for them. They knew what they were doing was wrong and did it anyway. They deserved to be fired.
  6. Batman24

    Do you think this is fair compensation for orientation?

    That's not even minimum wage which is illegal. Ask them to put it in wirting and then report them to the labor board. They will never put it in writing because they know this is something they shouldn't do. The minute they changed your starting salary you should have known you were in trouble. This is a lesson learned. Start looking for another job today. This place is dishonest and unprofessional. Bad way to start your career.
  7. If you work through your lunch by law you are to be paid. If they aren't paying you don't think they don't know they should be. They will take advantage until you put your foot down. Tell them they need to find you coverage or pay you. Put it back on them where it belongs. And while they will be angry they will respect you more. Check and see when the last time they missed a meal. They didn't nor would they put up working and not being paid. Report them if need be. These complaints are taken seriously.
  8. Batman24

    Man in "Vegetative State" was conscious for 23 Years

    My thoughts exactly.
  9. Batman24

    Job you would NEVER do in nursing....

    Burns. God bless the burn nurses. I could never do it.
  10. Say NO. You don't risk yur current job and they should understand that. I've never let them contact my current employer. If they don't it's not the place for you and move on. Good luck.
  11. Batman24

    Caught in the web of a workplace romance.

    NEVER start a new relationship before ending the old one. Either get marital counseling and try to make it work OR get a divorce. Do the right thing here. The chances of a relationship lasting that starts with infidelity has less than 5% chance of surviving. Do it with you and they will do it to you. Respect yourself more than that. Good luck.
  12. Batman24

    This morning I sat with a patient as he died

    You're a sweetheart. I truly believe he knew you were there and he was greatly comforted by your kindness and compassion. Hugs.
  13. Batman24

    I am tired of inconsiderate visitors . . .

    I've politely told visitors it would be in the patient's best interest if they visited another day when they were feeling better. Don't come hacking up a lung when a patient is so vulnerable. Sometimes they just need a reminder and it works.
  14. Batman24

    Is this common? Would you take this position?

    I wouldn' take any job without pay rate, benefits, start date, shift, etc. in writing.
  15. Batman24

    Pharmacist gets 6 months in prison for med error

    What a disgrace that this man is getting jail time. Horrifying. He was working short staffed with no computer system. I bet he wishes now he had turned around and gone back home instead of doing his best and trying to work through a bad situation. He is now doing jail time and owes a lot of money for something with no malicious intent. Pathetic.
  16. What you said clearly was accurate because if it wasn't it wouldn't have hit a raw nerve with management. Even though you want to be quiet now I wouldn't be. I wouldn't let them squash your enthusiam and willingness to make your working environment more productive which is beneficial to all. I would calm down and speak with their superior. It stinks to be the one to have to put themselves out there but someone has to do it. I'm sorry you were treated this way. You shouldn't have been and your manager's superior has the right to know what is going on so they can take steps to rectify the situation.