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Jo Dirt has 9 years experience.

LPN 2000, ASN Excelsior grad. 2006, Middle Tennessee State University BSN graduate May 2009, Tennessee Technological University FNP graduate 2011...

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  1. Got into MSN/ what...

    I'm the sole wage earner in my family of 6 (4 children and a husband) and I am about to start a FNP program that's total cost will be 15-17k. The first year I can probably work at least 3 days a week. When clinicals start I may have to stop working f...
  2. Need advice from experienced LTC nurses.

    this is hard to sift through. let me run this through my little orphan annie secret decoder pin and i'll get back to you.
  3. Need advice from experienced LTC nurses.

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I have never understood why people whine about the loads they are expected to carry at the nursing homes. Nursing homes are NOT acute care hospitals! They focus on MAINTENANCE. What do people expect? Really? There is ...
  4. My God, these family members!!

    They don't put up with crap like that where I work. The DON tells them with a quickness that if we can't meet their needs Mom or Pop can be hauled out of there in a heartbeat. This doesn't mean we nurses have the easy road, we're expected to stay hop...
  5. Very upset and depressed...almost got fired

    For one thing, what kind of stone-aged place is this that doesn't have provisions in place to allow weekend admissions? For another thing, the facility needs to blame itself if it didn't go over this policy, what else have they not told you? Handing ...
  6. To all the mothers: Day Care Advice (long)

    I didn't legally marry my childrens' father until the oldest was 9 years old and I still called him my "husband." It was nobody's business, but it saved a lot of explaining. I was an LPN/LVN, I was proud to be an LPN/LVN and I'll never let anyone tak...
  7. To all the mothers: Day Care Advice (long)

    I'll be Frank (and I'll be Earnest, too) but I can only make assumptions, forgive me if I'm wrong. When you say "boyfriend" I am just assuming this is not the father of your infant. If you have not known this man long, please do not leave him with yo...
  8. Where Do People Dream This Stuff Up?

    This makes me sick.
  9. Need advice from experienced LTC nurses.

    I would challenge you to come work where I work. Other than that, this kind of statement will only perpetuate the myth that all nursing homes are horrible. Nursing homes are a fact of life. People go there and that is usually their "last" address. Th...
  10. Where Do People Dream This Stuff Up?

    I told my mother I didn't understand how I got pregnant, all we did was swim in the same swimming pool.
  11. Need advice from experienced LTC nurses.

    This is the nature of nursing home work, unfortunately. It works kind of like the sale barn. With the people very needy, there is ALWAYS something to do, you will always leave thinking of things you needed to do. I've seen NHs so hard up the nurses w...
  12. How do you deal with drug-seekers?

    I posted to another thread that reminded me of something I saw a couple of years ago while accompanying my father-in-law to the doctor. It was at this medical clinic and there was this woman (maybe up in her 50's, she had a rough life apparently and ...
  13. I doubt they are joking, that is where the hard part will come in-getting them to understand that just because I have access to a MD's prescription pad doesn't mean it's party time.
  14. Are Accelerated programs worth the money!

    I'll just say that even with my fluff classes it will be a heck of a lot cheaper (BSN and MSN together) than cutting to the chase with an overpriced "accelerated" degree, and in the long run the time I would have saved in an accelerated program won't...
  15. Are Accelerated programs worth the money!

    Some people will try to tell you there is no price tag on education but I say there is. Why would you spend 40k on something you can do a lot cheaper? 3.3 is just fine for a GPA. Mine is between 3.1 and 3.2 and I'm about to graduate from a BSN progra...