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  1. tencat

    Concerned...allnurses store product

    LOL! Made me spew coffee!
  2. tencat


    Darknights....God bless you. I know what you're going through....I, too work in a very small, rural area where everyone knows everyone else and the physicians are clueless. I really have been wondering WHY I keep doing hospice, and I've been on the verge of tossing it all and finding a new job. However, your courage and your amazing strength have reminded me WHY I keep doing this, and that I have my own courage and strength to DO this, because it HAS to be done and it is my calling to do it, no matter how hard it is. Thank you so much for setting me straight :)
  3. tencat

    Concerned...allnurses store product

    Please, people, get a grip. I wouldn't buy these candies because I have small kids in my home and I don't want them to get confused as to why we're eating candy out of a pill bottle. But ultimately it is MY responsibility to decide what to bring into my home. Personal responsibility is a good thing, and if more people exercised it, the world would be a better place. Just because many people act like they have no more sense than God gave a slug doesn't mean we all have to suffer to keep those folks 'safe'. So I won't be buying it, but I won't demand that no one else buy it, either.
  4. tencat

    Really Tired of Fighting Hospice Ignorance......

    AMEN! It's frustrating as I'm in a small town with about 9 doctors, and it feels like every single one of them is adamantly opposed to what we do. And I have no support from my management to try to address the problem. I got accused the other day by a physician of liking to give too much morphine to patients and hurting them. I was ready to tear his head off, but have been cautioned to let it go by my bosses...I don't WANT to let it go, but I guess I need to decide if my job is more important or my reputation as a nurse.
  5. tencat

    essential oils killing super bugs?

    Homeopathic remedies can be very useful and work well, I'm sure. Personally I'm not chucking it all and becoming totally organic with teas and oils, but I don't discount it totally, either. However, a lot of the information out there is downright misleading and WRONG, and it smacks of snake oil sales to me. Certain oils 'cure' cancer???? Cure a disease like HIV? Yeahhhhh.....right. I don't buy those kinds of claims at all.
  6. I'm glad it's not just me who is dealing with all of that crappola......families I understand to an extent because usually they're in uncharted waters, so to speak, and they don't get what's happening and more often than not are terrified. So I cut them slack and usually keep plugging away at educating them. It's other healthcare professionals who are ignoramuses and don't get it that REALLY irritate the holy living crud out of me.....and when ignorant health care people and obnoxious families get together....wow I need a drink just thinking about it.....sigh......feeling your pain....
  7. tencat

    What we must endure as hospice nurses....

    Geez. It gets really frustrating, doesn't it? I hope for your sake she finds another hospice to terrorize should she decide to go the hospice route again.
  8. Why are you supposed to have a patient stick to one pain medication or another and not alternate them? Depending on the reason for the pain and the patient's history with pain medications it might not be appropriate at all to give just one kind of pain medication. I interpret the order as meaning give lortab first as it is a longer acting medication, then give morphine for breakthrough as needed. If you 'run' out of PRN (say the patient gets pain in one hour after administering the morphine) it's an indication that the dosing of morphine needs to be adjusted to increase dosage or frequency, so a call to MD is warranted.
  9. tencat

    How to Deal With Ignorant Medical Professionals

    Yes. We mustn't annoy the doctors or they won't refer to us anymore (not my attitude, my bosses).....not that they do anyway unless they don't want to deal with a problem patient anymore as it stands now. So, no, I wouldn't have any support, except maybe from our medical director, who has been burned by the MDs in town himself. He was scheduled to give an information lecture to them at a monthly meeting they all have, and when he got there and started, one of them interrupted him and said "We know all about hospice, and we have other things we need to discuss in this meeting, so you only have 5 minutes more." This is the second time this same doctor has said that our giving morphine to a patient will harm him. We just had another one with lung cancer and Parkinsons who got aspriation pneumonia, and Dr. Horse Behind told THAT family that the only reason he got pneumonia is because the hospice nurses gave him too much morphine and he couldn't breathe right.
  10. tencat

    How to Deal With Ignorant Medical Professionals

    Thank you all SOOO MUCH for your replies and ideas. I have duly noted in my notes the incident. Thank God we have a fabulous medical director (not from our town) who will get the patient whatever he/she needs to be comfortable. There is no way hospice would even work in this town if we didn't have a doctor we can trust. The only reason I keep doing hospice here is because I feel that the folks in this town deserve the opportunity to die with peace and dignity. Usually I just inform physicians of what care our medical director has ordered, specifically because of this kind of behavior. One big complaint all the docs in town have is that we don't communicate with them, so I thought I'd try to do just that. Didn't go too well.....I would like to see Dr. Horse Behind in person and inform him of what I think, and how I noted it in my notes, but I will be the one who will be in trouble, and I don't know if it's a fight worth having. Leslie, thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. It means more than you know! :)
  11. Is it better working in a larger community? Is there a place where physicians actually embrace the idea of palliative care and hospice and where the rest of the medical community at least is willing to learn if they don't know about it? For the second time in a month, I've had to deal with an ignorant fool of a physician who insists that hospice is responsible for killing his patients off because we give them too much morphine. I made the mistake yesterday of asking this ignorant horse-behind for an order for morphine as we were heading into a weekend and getting meds in a rural area is very difficult on Saturday and Sunday as we have no Walgreens. I made it very clear to the discharge planner that Horse Behind, MD could refuse the order, and I would understand perfectly, but would someone ask him anyway? That will be the LAST time I ever ask him for so much as a Tylenol for a patient. I met with the patient's family at the home to do the admission and when the issue of morphine came up, daughter showed me a script for 1mg Roxanol q 8 hours PRN. Ok, not what I asked for, but at least it will be in the house, I thought and that shows some progress. THEN daughter says, "Just so you know, Dr. Horse Behind told me I need to watch you carefully because you hospice nurses like to give patients too much morphine and hurt them with it, and I should not let you give him anything because I can't trust you won't hurt him. So I want you to know I AM watching you and you are not to give ANYTHING to my father." So after picking my jaw up off the floor, I got hot under the collar and said, "I want YOU to know that Dr. Horse Behind is ignorant and knows NOTHING about hospice. In any case, I'm not giving anything to your father: You all are the ones who will do that, should you choose to." Then, knowing I was going to say something I would regret to a family who is not to blame for any of this I asked if we could take a break and I would come back in 10 minutes. I did, and everything went better after that. I am absolutely furious, even 24 hours later. It wouldn't be such a big deal if it were one physician, but we have 9 physicians in town, and only ONE of them supports what we do, but he is an OB-GYN........We are constantly fighting with the medical community in this town and it is driving me crazy. And I want to get this particular incident addressed somehow because I feel it borders on slander, as there are only 2 hospice nurses in my town. Any advice?
  12. NO you can't call at 2 AM and request an emergency nursing visit because grandpa's foley catheter came out (not pulled out) and he needs a new one NOW because he's peeing in his depends and getting the bed wet. Well, you can call and request it, but it won't happen until tomorrow morning at about 0900.... I don't care HOW much money you have or how prominent you are in the community, I'm NOT your personal maid and I'm not moving furniture for you or running errands. And grandpa is NOT going to get a shower because he weighs 300lbs and I'm NOT letting my aide get hurt, nor am I hurting myself.
  13. AMEN! LOTS of folks reproduce who have no business being parents........Not saying this woman is one of them, but there are a lot of them out there for sure.....
  14. tencat

    Bipolar-Should I ask for ADA accomodations?

    News flash: Mental illness CAN be very disabling in the ADA sense.....For those of you who have never had to witness or experience the devastation it can cause, thank your lucky stars. Lots of folks sounding pretty self-righteous and 'selfish' themselves here, and not just the OP.... That being said, OP should find another job that will fit her needs, not because it's 'unfair' to her coworkers, but because the job she has is not good for her health. A job is just a job. If it interferes with home and your life outside of work, then it's time to find a new one.
  15. tencat

    A Goodnight Kiss and A Bedtime Story

    Man, this story needs a 3 kleenex warning! Very touching. God bless you. Very hardest of jobs taking care of those who are dying before they should be. I don't have enough faith to do it. I'm glad there are people like you who can.
  16. tencat

    Really Tired of Fighting Hospice Ignorance......

    I'm sure a lot of it does have to do with the fact that most of medicine is focused on treating and curing, and death is seen as the enemy to fight. It is hard to wrap your head around it at first. I understand that as I had a hard time adjusting my paradigm too, at first. What drives me NUTS, though, is when medical people REFUSE to understand what we do and why we do it. I understand the ignorance of a family, or a patient, but for heaven sakes, a medical person should at least have an open mind and be willing to try to understand something he/she doesn't know a lot about. I feel surrounded by a medical community that thinks we kill people in hospice.