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gonzo1 has 17 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in CEN, ED, ICU, PSYCH, PP.

Physical Therapy Assistant prior to nursing.

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  1. gonzo1

    What's it like in the VIP wing of a hospital?

    Thanks, but I'll just stay in the homeless patients wing.
  2. gonzo1

    getting bodily fluids on scrubs

    I was helping a very frail, fragile elderly man and he was unfortunately undressed, and confused and peed on my head. Fortunately I have very short hair and a quick shampoo in the bathroom made me feel new again. It's not an easy job we have sometimes. 20 years and I haven't caught anything yet.
  3. gonzo1

    I'm so ashamed of myself

    I always thought having family with patient was a great idea. They're a second set of eyes, sometimes do a lot for the pt, know the pt and can let you know when something isn't right. But since we haven't had family/friends allowed for several weeks now, I have come to see how great not having them around is. I never realized what a time suck some can be. They follow you around, ask the same questions over and over again, keep the patients up playing cards and laughing all night when they should be resting and demand ridiculous stuff (not all people, but a lot). I feel like I have so much more time with my patients to do things. I've even given a few foot massages etc, because I have so much more time. My charting is better and I'm getting out on time more often. I work nights and I hope new rules will limit the time visitors are allowed in the unit, but we all know that isn't going to happen because we are the Hilton, not the hospital. I understand now why so many nurses say they don't like families around. On a side note, I do realize that for some of the patients being able to contact physically with family/friends is crucial. I just want to be able to tell visitors it's time for the pt to rest now, without being told to "get lost" .........true story.
  4. gonzo1

    Saline Flushes - My Old As Dirt Question

    Up to about a year ago we had to get flushes from Pyxis and were supposed to scan all of them when used. In our ICU there just isn't time for this. Flushes are now left on counter in med room and we just scan the ones ordered for specific times like for PICCs every 12 hours. Some nights we go through 300-500 flushes in our 8 bed ICU, most of which are not charged as they are not scanned. I have pointed out to management that we lose a lot of revenue because nothing we use is scanned or entered for charges, like foleys, central line kits, you name it. They said they just don't care. So I quit trying to promote better tracking. I will say it makes life much easier not having to account for stuff. I guess they are getting the charges from documentation of things done. I can't complain cause our hospital is really nice to work at and they have supplied us with all the PPE we could ever want during the "Rona"
  5. gonzo1

    Age vs Years Nursing

    age 64 RN associate degree x 17 years
  6. gonzo1

    Co worker

    Can you put down to work on different shifts than him? That's what I do when on of my coworkers is driving me crazy. Otherwise, I agree with all the above posters.
  7. gonzo1

    Unprofessional Conduct Online

    I'm a big believer in Karma. I would unfriend the person and forget about it.
  8. gonzo1

    Nursing Is No Longer Worth It

    Ironically, I went into nursing for all the wrong reasons, job security and money. But something wonderful happened along the way. It became a calling, a vocation, if you would. There are so many things wrong with nursing and healthcare, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. I've worked in bad places and great places, and learned so much from each. There's some people out there saying they don't send soldiers out to war without the proper equipment, but as an army wife and sister in law I know they do send troops out without the proper equipment. There's nothing wrong, or cowardly with saying that you can not work in this type of situation, I have no doubt you are making wonderful contributions away from the bedside, but for those of us that can, say a prayer please. Be strong brothers and sisters, and wherever you are, doing whatever you need to, be safe.
  9. gonzo1

    Covid-19 Employment Retaliation

    time to lawyer up
  10. I only read the first page, so I bet this has been covered, but you writing his notes is not legal. and the first time a case goes bad he is going to say you wrote his notes without his permission and you are going to prison for fraud and more.
  11. Have seen this many times, although it seems to be occurring less often. The only way I can get through caring for these pts is by reminding myself that it is in the hands of God. We assign the pt to a different nurse every day if desired in order to keep anyone of us from suffering too much mental anquish. Once had a pt on vent without sedation per family orders. Pt laid in bed all day with tears running down her face. No nurse can take this kind of pt without suffering extreme mental anguish.
  12. gonzo1

    Preceptor is SO BAD!

    Sorry, but 3 shifts is not long enough to start criticizing your preceptor. I wouldn't be letting you do much by day 3 either. Sounds like her manners are a little rusty, but I would give her a break. Take this time to look around at the atmosphere, politics and such on the unit. There's so much more to learn than how to "titrate" drips.
  13. gonzo1

    What does the floor really think of nursing students?

    Well, you've learned one valuable lesson...anything you tell anyone will soon be known by all.
  14. gonzo1

    Seniority and preferential scheduling

    I don't know how long you've been a nurse, but from what I've read so far I think you may be in for a rude awakening in nursing. That said, the great thing about nursing is so many types of jobs, locations, hours, group dynamics. As you go through your career you will see a lot and learn a lot. Hopefully, at some point you will find the place that's almost perfect for you. There is no "perfect" place. Thankfully I am in the almost perfect spot and intend to be there for a long time.
  15. gonzo1

    Immunizations for uninsured

    I got mine from health dept before school. PCP said everything would cost about 900$. Cost me 90 at health dept. This was in 98
  16. gonzo1

    Figuring End Date

    You have met your resignation requirements if you have figured 12 work days into your leaving date. When she comes back from vacation, she may very well walk you out at that time. That's fine, you met the requirements you needed to. If she walks you out before you have worked the 12 days, you have not been fired, you resigned. She can spin it any way she wants, but you followed the rules, so you are in the right. You can not be fired, after you have resigned. Additionally, after you have worked the 12th shift, even if you are still on the schedule, she can't make you work more. If you are denied your PTO etc, then you will need to follow up on that through the labor dept or lawyer. Good luck in your next endeavor, you have done the right thing leaving if you were working in a hostile environment. A lot of us have made the mistake of staying, when we should have left. I hope you'll let us know how it turns out. Try and remain calm and poised no matter what she throws at you.