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gonzo1 has 15 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in CEN, ED, ICU, PSYCH, PP.

Physical Therapy Assistant prior to nursing.

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  1. gonzo1

    Preceptor is SO BAD!

    Sorry, but 3 shifts is not long enough to start criticizing your preceptor. I wouldn't be letting you do much by day 3 either. Sounds like her manners are a little rusty, but I would give her a break. Take this time to look around at the atmosphere, politics and such on the unit. There's so much more to learn than how to "titrate" drips.
  2. gonzo1

    What does the floor really think of nursing students?

    Well, you've learned one valuable lesson...anything you tell anyone will soon be known by all.
  3. gonzo1

    Seniority and preferential scheduling

    I don't know how long you've been a nurse, but from what I've read so far I think you may be in for a rude awakening in nursing. That said, the great thing about nursing is so many types of jobs, locations, hours, group dynamics. As you go through your career you will see a lot and learn a lot. Hopefully, at some point you will find the place that's almost perfect for you. There is no "perfect" place. Thankfully I am in the almost perfect spot and intend to be there for a long time.
  4. gonzo1

    Immunizations for uninsured

    I got mine from health dept before school. PCP said everything would cost about 900$. Cost me 90 at health dept. This was in 98
  5. gonzo1

    Figuring End Date

    You have met your resignation requirements if you have figured 12 work days into your leaving date. When she comes back from vacation, she may very well walk you out at that time. That's fine, you met the requirements you needed to. If she walks you out before you have worked the 12 days, you have not been fired, you resigned. She can spin it any way she wants, but you followed the rules, so you are in the right. You can not be fired, after you have resigned. Additionally, after you have worked the 12th shift, even if you are still on the schedule, she can't make you work more. If you are denied your PTO etc, then you will need to follow up on that through the labor dept or lawyer. Good luck in your next endeavor, you have done the right thing leaving if you were working in a hostile environment. A lot of us have made the mistake of staying, when we should have left. I hope you'll let us know how it turns out. Try and remain calm and poised no matter what she throws at you.
  6. gonzo1

    Ridiculous medical mistakes on TV

    I forced myself to watch the 3 Chicago med, fire and PD a while ago just for nostalgia, having lived in Chicago for a while. Two female paramedics arrived at the scene and started CPR. Instead of compressing the chest up/down, the chick was moving her chest side to side. I was so traumatized I couldn't breath for a few minutes. LOL
  7. gonzo1

    This is Where the Cowboy Rides Away

    Awwww, congratulations. You will be missed
  8. I've had it since before graduation many years ago. Have used it twice with good results. "Don't leave home without it."
  9. gonzo1

    Should I divorce my husband

    Loved all the replies. The funny thing is, I've had a deck of cards (unopened) in my backpack for about 10 years. We just celebrated 43 years of marriage, and he is very attractive. So no, you can't have him. And he is a fabulous nurse that takes very good care of me. Of course, he ain't perfect, but neither am I. After reading everyones responses I realize it is kind of funny what they did. This is why I love Allnurses. A place to come and *** and share and learn from the only group that truly understands our lives. Lot's of times the chat changes how I view things.
  10. gonzo1

    Should I divorce my husband

    We were given a deck of cards for "hospital" week. They don't do nurses week, or day. I think it was disgusting and rude of administration, but my husband thinks it's hilarious. Am I just a crusty old bat? Lord knows I'm old enough to qualify.
  11. gonzo1

    Hospitals That Hurt Good Staff's Morale

    Good luck with your new spot. You sure did the right thing. So sad for the patients that will be going there till it closes.
  12. gonzo1

    What is most important to chart on?

    Charting is a big worry for a lot of nurses, including me. There are several books on the subject, lots of information on google and there are even online CEUs and seminars out there. I'm finally feeling comfortable with my charting after 15 years, so just know that learning how to chart is an ongoing process that really never ends. I do try to never double chart. If something is addressed one place in the chart by me, I pretty much refuse to chart it anywhere else again. Somehow, in the documentation that you do try to paint a picture of the patient so that you might recall them easier in the future. I highly suggest nurse liability insurance as well. I've had NSO for my entire career, but there are other companies. You've gotten a lot of good ideas from everyone.
  13. gonzo1

    PICC line list for patients

    Our unit has decided we need an information sheet to give our pts getting a PICC line so they will know what to expect. We have a problem with pts refusing CHG baths and such. I suggested that we make a list of what to expect while having a picc line in. So far I have CHG bath every 24 hours, linen and gown change, line flush every 12 hours, antiseptic caps on injection hubs. Alot of our patients wear their own clothes (part of the Hilton experience) but we find them wearing the same thing every single day for days. Any ideas on how we can nicely and descretely say they need fresh clothes after every bath? I think we need to come up with an information sheet on what to expect while the PICC line is in so they won't be shocked. What do you wish your PICC line pts knew before they got the line. I also intend to list a couple of good things about having a PICC such as labs being drawn by RN and not getting stuck all the time. Any thoughts on the subject would be greatly appreciated.
  14. gonzo1

    Is this insubordination? How do I deal with this PSW?

    It sounds like she might be trying to get access to the medications. I wonder if she has a drug problem. Often times an addict is so good that no one notices there is a problem. I've seen tragic results of this several times. A PSW should have nothing to do with meds. Sounds like the poor lady desperately needs a psych eval.
  15. gonzo1

    Is this insubordination? How do I deal with this PSW?

    I love the having her write her questions down, because you then have written proof that she is behaving highly inappropriately at work.
  16. gonzo1

    Should I feel guilty?

    My job often calls us to pick up night shifts just a couple of hours before starting. We all say no because it is irresponsible to come in and work when you have not slept. Sad thing is, they usually know all day that they are going to need someone, but wait till the last minute to try and find staff. We would all be happier to help if they would just call us early in the day and say "could you sleep, we might need help tonight." I would rather do that and then get told they don't need me after all. The way it is now everyone is a loser because we really can't pick up overtime when we are not rested.