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  1. gonzo1

    Hospitals That Hurt Good Staff's Morale

    Good luck with your new spot. You sure did the right thing. So sad for the patients that will be going there till it closes.
  2. gonzo1

    PICC line list for patients

    Our unit has decided we need an information sheet to give our pts getting a PICC line so they will know what to expect. We have a problem with pts refusing CHG baths and such. I suggested that we make a list of what to expect while having a picc line in. So far I have CHG bath every 24 hours, linen and gown change, line flush every 12 hours, antiseptic caps on injection hubs. Alot of our patients wear their own clothes (part of the Hilton experience) but we find them wearing the same thing every single day for days. Any ideas on how we can nicely and descretely say they need fresh clothes after every bath? I think we need to come up with an information sheet on what to expect while the PICC line is in so they won't be shocked. What do you wish your PICC line pts knew before they got the line. I also intend to list a couple of good things about having a PICC such as labs being drawn by RN and not getting stuck all the time. Any thoughts on the subject would be greatly appreciated.
  3. gonzo1

    Mom/Baby Orientation

    What is the usual length of orientation to mom/baby, actually I just need to know for the mom part, if you have no OB experience? Thanks for any/all input.
  4. gonzo1

    What is happening with safe nursing..

    All I can say is I see it too, and I feel your pain. You're not hallucinating. I was in the hospital for a huge blood clot in most of my right arm, a couple of years ago. I was admitted. No one ever looked at or assessed that arm, or anything else. LOL. I do have high standards since I do ER and ICU. Oh well, I'm now a DNR, cause I don't have a lot of faith in health care anymore. I strive to give my patients the best care I can and I get made fun of. I do work in a pretty darn nice place though where staff really cares about each other and their patients.
  5. And we were just notified this week that our hospital is starting this in 2019, along with changing to a different insurance company. If you use an approved provider within the hospital group you will pay less. I worked at a hospital 15 years ago that did this, but hadn't encountered it since. One cool thing. We will now get telemedicine for free instead of 40 $. I'm good with this. We don't have to go to the hospital we work at (I don't want them to see me naked) but there's a lot of other hospitals within our umbrella.
  6. gonzo1

    No, you can't do that!

    I'm almost wondering if an elder abuse complaint to the proper agency might be in order.
  7. gonzo1


    You are awesome.
  8. I'm so glad I work in ICU. There is always a ton of things up and running and you're constantly putting things up and down.
  9. gonzo1

    The Bravest Thing I've Ever Done

    Ruby Vee, you are an awesome lady. I always read everything you post and have been helped frequently by you. I had BC in 2012 too and for me I realized it was far worse for my family and friends than it was for me. It's horribly scary for sure, but I began to see that it was scarier for everyone else. I have never had an abusive spouse, but I have a close friend and I can see the lasting damage it has caused. It's so sad that in spite of all the education and counseling it is still so hard for women to recognize abuse and then take care of themselves. Still so many deaths. I've been married for over 35 years and thought things would get better for women quicker. Thanks for doing all you do.
  10. gonzo1

    Bringing in the Boys: How to Attract More Male Nurses

    First of all, we should stop referring to them as "boys"
  11. gonzo1

    Let go from job during orientation

    I was "let go" from my first new grad job (ER). Went to med/surg and had a great experience. A year and a half later I went back to ER and stayed for 10 years. I have many friends that this type of situation happened to. I also have a few friends who were told they were to slow and "dumb" to be a nurse. 10 years later they are all thriving in great jobs. A couple are flight nurses, a couple acute care NPs. What all of us did was go to a lower acuity floor for a while and learn skills and gain experience. All of us just told the next job that we realized the job was not a place for new grads and "we bit off more than we could chew." Or similar explanations. Good luck, you will do fine.
  12. gonzo1

    Sign a consent without witnessing actual signature

    Even if you are in the room when the doctor talks to the patient about the procedure (and does it well) there is no guarantee that the patient understands what he said. Let us know how your meeting goes because this is a common problem that I have encountered in many different settings.
  13. gonzo1

    Old nurse won't retire

    I'm old too. Be kind and tell her. So she can go out with dignity. She knows the talk is coming soon anyway. Suggest she might like to do some volunteer work somewhere. That's what I tell myself I will do.
  14. gonzo1

    "I am not a robot!"

    There are no words, but here's a hug. So glad you work with such supportive people. The suspension bridge analogy will live in my mind forever.
  15. gonzo1

    I Desperately Want Out

    First off; You actually staying on the job in med/surg for well over a year. That's quite an accomplishment. You've got your "one year of nursing" under your belt which makes you a better candidate for jobs going forward. I have several friends that went through 3-4 jobs their first year because they just couldn't stand it. I worked one for about 3 months and then quit and went somewhere else where I stayed for about 5 years. When I feel overwhelmed I remind myself that nurses who work 12 hour shifts only work 12 days a month compared with 20 hours for the general public. You can give yourself lots of time off without taking vacation days by working early in the week, one week, and late in the week the next week. That said, there are hundreds of jobs in nursing that are not 12 hours, you do not have to work at the bedside. Perhaps do a little research into other nursing jobs, maybe try a couple of other nursing positions. Worst case scenario, you can support yourself working as a nurse while you pursue education in another field. In retrospect, I think I would have gone into the military, be a nun, or law enforcement. But as I've been working for over 45 years now, it's a little late for me to switch. Interestingly enough, I went into nursing for the money and job security, quite sure I would hate it, and instead ended up loving it with all my heart.