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gonzo1 has 20 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in ED, ICU, PSYCH, PP, CEN.

Physical Therapy Assistant prior to nursing.

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  1. gonzo1

    Fired (Wrongfully?) And It Hurts

    I know so many people this has happened to and every single one of them had a new job in a week, better pay, better job. Hold your head up high and move on. None of them needed unemployment because they always got another job so fast. In...
  2. gonzo1

    Managing Impatient Patients

    I've had ER patients that told me they didn't care we were coding a patient in another room, they wanted their soda, or whatever. I just firmly tell them everyone in the ER is working on a very emergent patient and they have to wait. I usually say ...
  3. gonzo1

    Exhausted from Covid

    Thanks for your concern. I'm actually okay. I quit without notice, I could have retired years ago, but I loved nursing so much. It was truly my hobby. It was a second career for me. My husband and I are already signed up with SS and medi...
  4. All the above mentioned problems are why I finally had to walk away after 2 decades, to save my mental health. I have encountered every single issue that was mentioned. One of the nice things about being retired is I can now speak the truth a...
  5. gonzo1

    Exhausted from Covid

    Thanks to everyone for the support. Checked with the Texas labor board and if a company posts that you don't get PTO if you don't give 2 weeks notice then they are in the clear. Of course, my company had it posted. PTO is actually determined state...
  6. gonzo1

    Exhausted from Covid

    Actually, my symptoms weren't mild. They were and still are bad, but getting better. Turns out I won't get my PTO 130 hours because I didn't give 2 weeks notice. But I asked for help FMLA and got pushback, so I gave up and politely resigned e...
  7. gonzo1

    Exhausted from Covid

    Thanks for all the advice. After talking to my PCP today I went home and sent an email to my immediate supervisor and HR. I did something I never imagined doing, but I wrote a nice short email thanking them for the time I worked there and stating I...
  8. gonzo1

    Exhausted from Covid

    Fortunately I can afford to quit. And I can always get another job if circumstances change drastically. Honestly, I'm looking for permission to just call in and say I quit. I stepped down from ICU a couple of months ago and took an easier job with...
  9. gonzo1

    Exhausted from Covid

    20 year nurse, working full time ICU during Covid. I'm emotionally and physically exhausted. Wanted to do FMLA for a break but got a lot of pushback. Now I just want to quit and never go back. So lost as to how to proceed. I have almost perfect a...
  10. Your dislike for all the things you mentioned comprise about 85% of what we do every shift. The nice thing about nursing though is there are hundreds of different settings you can work with the degree, if it's a BSN. You might look into going...
  11. gonzo1

    Weaning Drips

    a little update: As a result of information gained on this post, our ICU has put me in charge of bringing in BIS monitoring to the unit. Allnurses doing what it does best, improving the lives of nurses and patients. Thanks to all
  12. gonzo1

    I'm a sexless nurse, part 2

    When doing something like placing a foley, it's always a good idea to have another person in the room in case you need help holding legs etc. I always offer to do the foleys on women (I'm female) because I don't want my fellow male nurses to be put ...
  13. gonzo1

    Are you exhausted?

    Thanks to everyone for helping me know I'm not alone and am having normal feelings after such a huge and sad work change for the last year. I was beginning to think there was something horribly wrong with me. Fortunately I work in a hospital ...
  14. gonzo1

    Are you exhausted?

    Thank you for your input. I feel for you, as a CNA you truly work harder than I do. We have seen so much sadness this last year. We are finally able to take vacation time, so I have about 12 days off in April and then again in June. It just...
  15. gonzo1

    allnurses bleed

    I have spent so much time on this site at different points in my life that my husband once said he would divorce me if I didn't stop it. I stopped for about 2 weeks and then had to go and tell him I couldn't live without All Nurses. Fortunately...