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  1. Theauthentic

    Endo unit needs your help

    what does the nurse manager think? what about assistants and aides?
  2. Theauthentic

    My eyeballs are burning!!!

    Agree with all the post above, try changing the brand of contacts you use maybe try Acuvue... but def see an opthalmologist
  3. Theauthentic

    Failed Nclex at 265 questions

    You can do it! Keep you chin up! rest your mind for a little and then hit the books again!
  4. Theauthentic

    I passed NCLEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    congrats please pray for us who are still waiting to take it!
  5. Theauthentic

    RN program; not much credit given to LPNs!!!

    Well I give you credit: LPNS you guys are great and RN's cannot deny that without you we would be ripping our hair out!
  6. Theauthentic

    Epilepsy and night shift

    Sorry to hear that. Keep your chin up! :redpinkheTry to learn more about the dx and see if you can become part of research studies on that specific dx... see if you can do per diem until you see how the meds affect your schedule
  7. Theauthentic

    Need advice on how to get through Nursing School

    You need to forget about everyone and focus on YOU. You are doing this and the degree will have your name on it... screw everyone else. :rotfl: and above all study study study!
  8. Theauthentic

    How much do CNA / Techs make?

    i think if you go to salary.com it would tell you by position and state
  9. Theauthentic

    What color should a nurse wear?

    I think you be be allowed to wear any color you want... why limit ourselves to one boring color!??
  10. Theauthentic

    Hi to all nurses in Recovery

    Very proud of you! You are doing the right thing!
  11. Theauthentic

    NEW Graduate RN PAY

    I think theres a web page for that salary.com or something...
  12. Theauthentic

    January nclex supporters

    My prayers go out to all of you! Good luck. I take mine next month. still studying every day all day...
  13. Theauthentic

    I did take care of her and was at her side when she died

    You have a very loving heart. God Bless you!
  14. Theauthentic

    Scared Silly! Help!!

    Good luck you can do it! like you said you WANT to do it and if you want it you can have it!