I graduated today!!!!

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I never thought I would make it, but I actually finished school today! I made it through the RN program with excellent grades, all while raising 3 kids, getting divorced and losing my home. I have an AAS in Nursing!!!!! Yah-hoooooooo!!!!!!! I can't believe it! Now to get a job...

Thanks for listening to my brag, but I've never been so proud in my life! :D

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Wow, sounds like you were dealing/handling a lot during school. Glad you made it out the other side.

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YAYAYAYAYYAAAAAAYYYY!!! Wow! You have been through the mill, my friend, and you rose above to prove to yourself and your peers that you can go through hell and back and come out victorious. I am so proud of you! HUGS!!!

congrats i can't wait to be done, just started my 1st semester a month n half ago

:ancong!: You should be so proud of yourself. Great job!!!!:yeah:

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Sounds like you've been through hell....AND STILL MADE IT. CONGRATS!!!!:jester:

Congratulations, it sounds like you can handle anything that comes your way. Be proud!


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:yelclap: congrats :up:

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Congratulations! You have many reasons to hold your head high and walk with a swagger.:yeah:

Congratulations on graduating! Good luck on your NCLEX, then good luck getting your first job!

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Good Work!!!:yeah:

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