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  1. thanks alot for the information, i applied and will give them a call, hopefully i can get a job
  2. I did not work much, maybe 1-2 shifts per month. i think one can work and go to nursing school as long as u are not working too many shifts because nursing school is stressful. First semester teachers were great. you all should brace yourself for the...
  3. CCSF Spring Program compared to Fall Program?

    Yeah it does help alot. Heard Liana was tough, which has me on edge Thank you so much for your help.
  4. Pharmacology was tough at first but i later figured out how to study for Pharm. i went through the course outline and made up questions, read my notes and then answered each questions without looking at my notes. i did it this way for my last 2 exams...
  5. Pharmacology

    i missed an A (final grade) by 1 point, i'm sad, even with 2 A's and 2 B's on my 4 exams
  6. Reading Nursing Fundamentals prior to NS?

    Instead of reading fundamentals, why don't u work on your Math skills.
  7. Unbound Nursing Central app for ipod touch

    iflipr, try that
  8. Put on probation first time administering meds

    i did pass both of my med math test on the first try, i don't plan to take it up any chain of command, its better to let it go n just take it like it is, i have learned from my mistake n will be better next time.
  9. Put on probation first time administering meds

    and you knew every single drug the first time you ever administered meds, please get off high horse. Guess what you should share it with the world not just ur family. i know i asked for opinions, but some people need to keep their opinions to themsel...
  10. Put on probation first time administering meds

    I know, wish i could delete the thread, tired of explaining my self.
  11. Put on probation first time administering meds

    Don't you think if i were putting the patient's life in danger by administering the wrong meds, the teacher would have stopped me, yet i finished administering the drug and she said good job. yes its my fault i did not know the class of the drug. i b...
  12. Put on probation first time administering meds

    Thank you, it was my first time giving meds, if i consistently did not remember my drugs maybe the second week/3rd day of clinicals and she put me on probation then i will agree with her. but i have learned from my mistake. its hard to know what ques...
  13. Put on probation first time administering meds

    That's what i have been thinking about @jjjoy, i have practically 4 days left (2 weeks) on the clinical rotation, might be better to just let it go, i'll only have to deal with the teacher during clinicals anyway. I just don't want it to be on my rec...
  14. Put on probation first time administering meds

    I was prepared, i knew everything about my other drugs, it was just 1 drug. but point is i did not put the patient in danger, which is a cause for probation from my school's student handbook. maybe i shouldn't have said i don't know or tried to make...
  15. Put on probation first time administering meds

    Well i'm not gonna argue with you on that, I'm sure you were perfect the first time you gave meds, but guess what not everyone is going to be perfect.