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  1. I am currently working on a tele unit, and I have about 1 year of RN experience. I have been wanting to be a trauma nurse since I started nursing school, and I originally saw myself working in the ED. Then during school, I decided that I wanted to work in ICU (still caring for trauma patients). Here's the situation now: I just interviewed 2 days ago for a position in the CCU, which is not my 1st choice, as I want SICU (where the traumas end up, typically). However, I was willing to take CCU, to get my foot in the door of the ICU Dept. BUT, I had also applied for an ED position, not thinking I'd get a call. But, they called me and I interview tomorrow! Both of these positions are in the hospital I currently work in, so I'd be transferring, not leaving the facility. I'm leaning towards taking the ED position, IF I am offered it, but if I do, and I change my mind, will an ED experienced nurse have a hard time getting a job in an ICU position 2-3 years down the line? BTW, I work in a Level I trauma center, which is part of the reason I picked this hospital in the first place. Any advice would be appreciated. Not sure if I'll get an offer from either dept, but if so, I'm torn about which one I'd rather have...
  2. I was just asking because I thought there was a chance that someone here might know the answer. Nobody's home at MONA on Saturdays, and I will call them Tues if I can't figure it out before then.
  3. I was in the trauma room and we needed a rectal temp on a trauma patient, and I lubed up the probe & handed it to the Dr (resident) because I couldn't reach around her, and she said "Where do I put it?" The patient was already log-rolled onto his side, bootie exposed...what else did she need to know?
  4. I can't log in to the MONA website. If I paid for the full membership of ANA, including a state membership, does anyone know how can I log in to the state site? TIA!
  5. Irock

    Which nursing organization should I join?

    Thanks. I am looking at the ANA website right now, and I have another question. I live in KS, and work in MO, and I have a 2-yr contract, so I will be working at least another 1-1/2 yrs in MO. I am looking for a PRN position on the KS side. Should I just pay for the MO full membership? Not sure what to do...
  6. I am a fairly new nurse (graduated in Sept last year, and passed boards in Oct), and I am currently in a nurse residency program working as a Clinical Nurse RN on a step-down/telemetry unit. I just had my name placed on the wait list to get transferred to the ICU as soon as I can, because my ultimate goal is to work with trauma patients. I am looking to join a nursing organization, and was wondering which one would be best for someone in my position, with my goals. I was thinking about the ANA, but didn't know if any other organization would be better. Eventually, I'll probably join more than one, but wanted to pick a good one to start with for now. Any input/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. I am SO excited! I just got a nursing residency position in the telemetry department at a big teaching hospital in my area. I graduated in Sept, and have been looking for a FT RN position like crazy ever since. This hospital just started a nursing residency program, they only took 35 new nurses, and I'm one of them! I am going to work 3 12s at night, 7p-7a, which I've never done before. I wanted to get as much advice as possible about how to make night shift as easy as I can for myself. I have 3 small kids, the two oldest will be at school all day, the youngest will be in preschool until noon every day. I also have a PRN position in a LTC facility, which I am going to try to keep working at once in a while. Any advice would be appreciated!