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  1. I always tell people to take it in the summer if you can. I took mine in summer (at PVCC) and I LOVED it. You learn everything at once. Its fresh in your mind, which in my experience, made retaining all the info easier. In a traditional semester, by the time finals come around you can barely remember what you learned in August.
  2. toppermost

    Fall 2013 Nursing Program @ Scottsdale Community College

    Oct 2010.
  3. toppermost

    New hires. Employment outlook.

    I am sure that everyone has heard that new graduate RNs are having a hard time finding jobs. Whether its due to lack of experience, budget cuts, not being a BSN, etc. My question is: what, if anything, have people heard about the future? Are things expected to change in the next couple years? Will hiring pick up soon/later/ever? Should people who are just starting nursing school be worried?
  4. At my hospital in north Phoenix: 12 beds > 4 nurses > 1 aide
  5. toppermost

    Mayo Arizona Nurse Residency Program 2013

    Yes. It is true.
  6. toppermost

    No Mayo New Grad Residency Summer 2013

    It has indeed been cancelled.
  7. toppermost

    Fall 2013 Nursing Program @ Scottsdale Community College

    Hi Lori. I am starting in the Fall as well!
  8. toppermost

    Scottsdale Community College Accelerated Program

    Thank You, MacKenzie!
  9. toppermost

    I graduated today!!!!

  10. toppermost

    The Guys Club: Guy Students Come on In!

    Hi all. Im in Phoenix, AZ (actually Scottsdale). I am 31. I have a BA in anthropology. As of today (Sep 22, 1010) I am a nursing school applicant. In 3-4 semesters I will start classes. Between now and then I am trying to get hired on with a hospital as.... whatever they will give me!
  11. toppermost

    Pinning Ceremony Uniform for Guys??

    I say wear a solid white suit.... Shirt. Tie. Jacket. Pants. All white.
  12. Hi there! I literally just turned in my application to the Maricopa County RN program! In the meantime, I have been trying to get hired on with one of the local hospitals. For months. I would love to be able to work and go to school at the same place - to say nothing of "getting paid" to do both! I have applied to dozens of job postings: admin; cook; janitor; security; coffee shop... everything!.... but I never mentioned my nursing school. I am wondering if I might have more luck being hired if I am upfront: -I am a nursing school applicant. I am awaiting placement into a school. -I would love to be in the partnership program between XYZ Maricopa Community College and this hospital. ....or Should I keep that off of the application.... off of the application, but bring it up in the interview.... or not say anything to anyone?!
  13. toppermost

    Scottsdale Community College Accelerated Program

    Hi all. I am also a nursing school applicant in Scottsdale. I would LOVE to be in that program. In the last 4 or 5 months I have (probably) applied to 40 job postings at SHC... I have never mentioned nursing school... but I am wondering if I might have a better chance of getting hired if I tell them straight-up: "I am awaiting placement with the Maricopa school and one of the many reason I want to work for SHC is for the tuition program?"