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Trauma, Burn, Crticial Care
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DCtraumarn has 9 years experience and specializes in Trauma, Burn, Crticial Care.

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  1. DCtraumarn

    Average Cost of Insurance

    We also have copays - usually $10-15 per office visit and $50 for a ED visit
  2. DCtraumarn

    Average Cost of Insurance

    I pay $390 a month for my healthcare through my employer (Aetna PPO). This is for family coverage.
  3. DCtraumarn

    GS pay scale for government nursing jobs

    You are right.....never say never....I do live in the DC area and we employ the largest percentage of federal workers and many are concerned with the recent freeze and the decrease in transportation benefit (which was $230/month). The cost of living here is so high (so is SF) that you need every cent just to get by....
  4. DCtraumarn

    From Nurse to Lawyer, anyone?

    Risk Management or legal nursing would be two career paths with RN-JD combo's. There is a huge glut of lawyers per se and many cannot find jobs, but I think that combination could open some avenues for you. Go to a really good law school though.....
  5. DCtraumarn

    GS pay scale for government nursing jobs

    I don't know if you will be getting automatic step increases with the wage freeze (federal workers) which includes civilians working in military hospitals, etc... Plus the civilian transportation benefit has been cut significantly as well. Last year I was offered a GS12 at Walter Reed as a CNS (masters prepared) with ten years of experience at a salary of $86,000. I thought it was low considering I was already making $98,000 and subsequently took another job paying in the low 100,000s.
  6. DCtraumarn

    Applying for 70B in Army Reserve.

    Does anyone know if the Army Reserve is still offering the two year service obligation for people over 40? I want in and have a BSN + MSN!
  7. DCtraumarn

    Army reserve

    Does anyone know if they are still take older professionals under the two year service obligation? I have a BSN + MSN
  8. DCtraumarn

    ADN Army Reserve or BSN Army Reserve

    Is the Army Reserve still offering the 2year service obligation (Nurse Corp) for people over age 40? I have a BSN & MSN and interested!
  9. DCtraumarn

    army reserve nurse corps-need the real truth

    Hello- Are there still opportunities for the 40+ group of professional RN (BSN+MSN) to join the Army Reserve (Nurse Corp) under the two year service obligation?