How is it that so many of you are able to post so often?

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I never seem to have a spare minute when I am in school but yet I see so many of you that post alot while in school. I guess I must be slow or old. It takes me so much time to study, care for my family, look after the house, drive the kids all over creation and go to school that I rarely if ever post during the semester. How do all of you find the time and then keep your grades so high on top of it. truly amazing!:)

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Hi, I can't answer for anyone else, just my self. :) I find time to post often, because, I'm addicted to Allnurses & I'm only taking 3 easy classes this semester!

It will be much different when my classes get more difficult.

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This is the 1 hour total everyday that i take for myself. I'm on a lot on Sundays since that is MY day for rest. I've been on here a LOT since break started, though. By Monday, i'll be slammed again.

This board is my feel-good drug of choice. :D


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I don't post so much, usually just read. When I do post, it's in the a.m. while I'm eating a quick breakfast and checking my email before heading out the door. I also check back when I get home. It's one way of relaxing! I have also learned a lot of helpful hints by reading the boards. Good luck with your studies.


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I like to go on for a few minutes while dinner is baking, etc. It's relaxing, sharing our ups and downs and a laugh or two. I look forward to reading/ posting when I can!

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For me, this is the quiet before the storm. I had only one class this past semester, and will have two this coming one. I don't work, and my child is almost grown. I'm enjoying this time before I start my nursing program in May!

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hmm now that I think of it I really don't know how I get online so often but I do! LOL I'm addicted I guess....

Even when I am in school I still find time to get on here...its really just a way to relax for me and we all need that.

And I am in school full time, make excellent grades, homeschool my kids, take care fo the house, etc I just have to make sure I get time to do things that I want to do though, its important to me.


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I've been posting a lot in the last week or so...but mainly because I'm on break right now. When I start my classes on 1/5 (Monday!) I probably won't be posting as much as I do now. But I am addicted to allnurses as well. It's a lot of fun and very useful information.

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I think one of the reasons I post/read often is because I have a laptop, I'm also wireless so it makes it much easier to log on. Thanks to hubby, my new PDA is also wireless and I can log on from that device as well.

I'd hate to think about what would happen if I were without my laptop:eek:

Being on the bb is very relaxing, I enjoy reading everyone's posts.


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I logged on ~ 1x week while in the thick of things, more now that I'm on break until Jan. 20th. But then again, all I have to take care of is myself, and my dog and two cats. (But believe me, that's more than enough!!!!!!)

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I'm pretty embarrased to say that last semester, I spent about 5X more time on the board than doing my studies! Escape from the torture. After delaying my papers until the night before they were due, I would *still* take allnursing breaks. For some bizzarre reason I still got good grades :confused: go figure.


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My first post here, so I can cover the 'finding computer time' which comes easy as I do my work in front of the computer.

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