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bluesky has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Critical Care, ER.

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  1. When I was a female in a male dominated profession (electrical engineering), there was a complete pressure to prove myself. I had to meet or exceed the standards of my male counterparts. I never would have asked for special perks or privileges because I was a girl... that would have been defeating the whole point.
  2. bluesky

    Why are others nurses rude to agency nurses

    I completely agree with this. The first hospital I worked as a new grad (staff of course) treated all nurses like crap. Of course when you're in it, you don't think that way. You just think I hate so and so because she stabbed me in the back, and I hate so and so because she gets a lighter load than me and gets paid twice as much. You don't think, well the culture on this unit is very poor due to all-around worker dissatisfaction from poor working conditions and weak and manipulative managers love nothing more than to watch us take it out against each other. Disgusted with that experienced, I became agency. My overall experience with agency (I did it for 2 1/2 yrs) is that I just found that we were basically completely expendable. Everyplace put you through a testing phase... some will judge you fairly and some won't. I had one really bad experience as agency at a military facility but that's about it. I decided to switch to ER from ICU and carefully chose a hospital where the nurses were well treated. I am now working staff at this hospital and am super happy! About 1/2 the ER staff are agency nurses. Because we're all decent people, we just treat everyone the same. In fact, some of our agency nurses are some of the most experienced ED nurses and they are well respected and precept. I was very blessed to have 2 fabulous agency nurses as my preceptors here. I don't really care what the agency nurses are making, honestly. Many of them have to take agency jobs because of bad family circumstances which I don't envy.
  3. bluesky

    Ethical Dilemmas of Agency Nursing

    Wow. Sorry but I couldn't disagree with you more. An agency nurse is still a nurse and a nurse's first priority is the wellbeing of his/her patient. OP, I applaud you for advocating for your patient. Shame on that facility for not having a clear cut set of orders. Shame on that turfy Hospice nurse for letting her ego and her pride get the best of her. If you were the only LPN in that joint it was NOT a safe place for you to be anyway. Getting DNR'd was probably a blessing in disguise.
  4. bluesky

    Just Another Code

    What a compelling, beautiful, and sensitive narrative. Thank You.
  5. bluesky

    Phenergan Supp given to toddler; child dies

    Frankly that is what I was thinking too.
  6. bluesky

    What kind of orientation should I be receiving

    You know I am also orienting to the ED. My previous experience is 4 yrs ICU. I have been orienting for about 3 weeks (only 2 shifts a week, though). For me the whole taking care of more patients than I'm used to.. and fast... is my biggest challenge. My preceptor and my ED educator both have stated that learning about the populations I don't know (peds, psych, ortho) is the main goal. My preceptor is an agency nurse and she ROCKS! Whenever I get a little antsy about my performance, she simply tells me in this setting if anyone has an issue with you, they will let you know! Unlike the ICU where RNs are on a mission to tear their newbies apart, I am feeling great love where I am. That said, the critical thinking and assessment skills I learned in critical care are very helpful. But have similar skills from your floor experience. For now, I am just enjoying having a preceptor who actually cares about my learning. When I was an ICU agency nurse at a new hospital, I got at most an hour or two to learn a whole new unit before I started to work. It sucked!
  7. bluesky

    Tips For Human Beings Entering Nursing

    For Janet, the time during which she had to live under such negative scrutiny was precious time spent suffering the intolerance of others. Let's challenge ourselves to never let it happen again.
  8. bluesky

    Heart Association: Hands-only CPR works

    One of the docs I work with at clinic is a retired cardiologist who founded the whole cardiac surgery program at the local open heart hospital. Today he told me he's read all the studies and even knows the main physician proponent and says he's known about it for 10-15 years. He says if he goes down he wants compressions only... I wasn't really listening until he spoke because this man is widely worshipped as a god in these parts.
  9. bluesky


    We haven't been able to get our 6 y/o out of our bed yet. Overall I'm glad we did it ... but I will say it didn't help our private intimate time... if ya know what I mean!
  10. bluesky

    Heart Association: Hands-only CPR works

    :lol2: I haven't laughed this much in a while :lol2:
  11. bluesky

    Teens Donated Organs Spread Cancer to 4, Killing Two

    What a tragedy :crying2:
  12. bluesky

    Re-entering LPN field

    You know I can't be of much assistance to you because I've never worked in LTC.... : ( I just wanted to post to support you in your decision to go back to work with kids... I know how hard it is. I think it is super conscientious of you to study before starting. You know you can always ask to be oriented again for a while when you start again just to cover yourself. I once left my area of specialty for about 6 months. When I went back to it, I made the only med error of my career. If I had to do it over, I would have asked to orient for a little longer... or perhaps not returned to agency immediately. Anyway best of luck to you either way!
  13. bluesky

    Defend RNs Right to Unionize, and Advocate for our Patients

    Please feel free to list any healthcare organizations that have closed related to union activity. Please also present your evidence of such a causal relationship. Thanks!
  14. bluesky

    Please ??? Your help needed immediately

    nothing personal but i am not here to either 1) be quoted in your lawsuit or 2) do your nursing school or critical care fellowship homework sorry!
  15. bluesky

    Is E-coli this rapid???

    I mean you know his kidneys were gone, his platelets depleted, hypotensive and motled. This man was in an advanced stage of an aggressive septic process. It sounds like he was in MODS or at least starting to be. You did everything you could. Here is an excellent e-medecine article on sepsis... http://www.emedicine.com/MED/topic2101.htm I mean OK let's say he had landed plum in the middle of a high acuity teaching hospital with CVVH and specialists galore within immediate reach. Even then he was looking at about a 50% chance at best. But then again you could have been a nurse somewhere in a rural clinic in Nicaragua and he could have been a 6 month old baby and you might not even have basic equipment to work with. That baby would have died in your arms septic. Life is full of what ifs that are completely beyond our control. I truly wish I could develop a full-proof therapeutically sound method of making sense of it all. There are only 2 things I can say. 1) Becoming numb and jaded is not healthy and won't work. 2) you can either run away from the pain of these experiences or use it as a reminder of both your greatness (your all-out effort, your empathy for this man and his family, your rigor with yourself and your team) AND your limitations as a human being. Hugs :heartbeat
  16. bluesky

    Please ... any ex-ICU, now ER nurses for advice!

    WoW!!! : ) I just want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart... for helping me get the gumption to GO FOR IT! Today I had my interview in HR for an ED near where I live. I am keeping all appendages crossed! Hopefully I will be one of you soon... Thanks again for all the inspiration and support :redpinkhe:redbeathe:heartbeat :heartbeat:redbeathe:redpinkhe:redpinkhe

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