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  1. nurse2be in ny

    Maxed out student loans??

    Is moving an option for you? Not all the way to California, but maybe somewhere closer by where the cost of living isn't as high as NYC and where you might have an easier time finding a job. Upstate NY (where I live) isn't *inexpensive*, but is a heck of a lot more affordable than NYC, and there are plenty of nursing programs around. You may have to go with an alternate route, so you won't be snowed under with debt at the end of it all, and it might take you longer, but that's what I would do (and in fact am doing; I'm in a very similar situation). Tough choices, I know!
  2. nurse2be in ny

    I have a job!!

    Congrats and best of luck. :balloons:
  3. nurse2be in ny

    Finally....I GOT IN!!!!!

    Congrats! :balloons:
  4. nurse2be in ny

    Curious. How many "older" students

    I'm 41, single mom to a 19 year-old, was working on pre-reqs for an accelerated BSN/MSN program due to start this May. Money issues and a health problem have reared their ugly heads (again), so as of right now I'm not taking classes and had to withdraw from the program I was going to start. I'm trying to see the good in all this, but I feel like it's one road-block after another sometimes. Anyway, I still have my goal of becoming a psychiatric nurse practitioner someday; it'll just take a little longer.
  5. nurse2be in ny

    Are you ready to go back?

    I *am* ready to go back, but I'm also trying to savor the break, because it's the last one I'll get for a while. I end my pre-req classes on a Friday, and literally start my accelerated program the next Monday.
  6. nurse2be in ny

    When does everyone go back to school?

    I go back January 26th.
  7. nurse2be in ny

    In One Sentence; if you weren't a nurse, you'd be a ________

    Or I'd own a little bakery.
  8. nurse2be in ny

    In One Sentence; if you weren't a nurse, you'd be a ________

    I'd be a ballet dancer. My spirit really wants to dance, but my body just won't cooperate!
  9. nurse2be in ny

    Typical career progression?

    I think there are a lot of different paths available to you after you get your RN; that's what makes it such a good profession for all different kinds of people who are very different from each other in terms of personality, strengths, etc. For me personally, I'm also a non-traditional student who's starting an accelerated Master's program in May. I know that I want to work on Mental Health, so I'll be a Mental Health NP when I graduate. If you don't know exactly what you want to do, there are so many things open to you to try. That's one of the things that makes nursing great!
  10. nurse2be in ny

    Please Reply If You Love Your Watch.

    Another vote for the cheapie Timex watch with Indiglo! I love mine.
  11. nurse2be in ny

    Chem, MicroB and Anat 1& 2 HOW HARD???

    A&P isn't hard, just time-consuming. Micro wasn't that difficult, either. I don't know about Chem, since I'm not required to take it. Good luck!
  12. nurse2be in ny

    Take optional A&P I lab?

    My BSN/MSN program doesn't require the labs; the cc I'm taking them at won't split the lecture and lab apart, though, so I have to take both. It did help somewhat with learning the bones, but other than that was a waste of time, IMO.
  13. nurse2be in ny

    nursing school interviews

    I just had my two interviews for the Accelerated Master's program I applied to (and just got accepted to!) in October. They look for the obvious things, like dedication to nursing, realism about the profession, and things like how motivated are you, how well-spoken, how focused. I went in knowing as much as I possibly could about the program I applied to, along with having concrete examples of what I liked about this program specifically and why this school was my number-one choice. Hope this helps, and good luck! Keep us posted.
  14. nurse2be in ny

    How many classes are you taking next semester?

    I'm taking 7 credits this semester: A&P II and Nutrition. Then I go right into my nursing program, which starts in mid-May.
  15. nurse2be in ny

    10 yrs. since science classes - Any advice?

    First, check with you school to find out exactly what you need to retake to get into your program. Then, depending on how much you remember and how motivated you are working independently, consider picking up a used textbook or two and reviewing on your own, then testing out of the classes. I know, for myself, I'm more motivated when I'm in a classroom situation, so I would re-take the classes. Good luck!
  16. nurse2be in ny

    Merry Christmas!

    stephany, it's about 35 here, but it feels colder because of the wind chill. my son and i took a walk this morning, but we had to turn around and come back because we were too cold! that fire sounds just about our speed!