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12/04 graduate RN, mom of two great teens

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  1. Carolanne

    Aides giving the "new nurse" problems

    You're the new kid on the block and many eyes are focused on you. How will she handle it, how flustered is she going to get, when is she going to lose it? There's probably a little bit of jealousy, too, over your accomplishments and increase in pay over the aides. I think it's a common scenario, I see it in my hospital too all the time. But don't sweat it, they'll get over it. Just be your professional courteous self and walk around the horse-droppings, and focus on what you went to school for in the first place, be a nurse. The office politics will fall into place soon enough.
  2. Just found out this morning ... I made it! Took the RN boards on July 4th, what an Independence Day! What a relief. This was my third time taking it - tests 1 and 2 took me all the way to the end with 265 questions and then this time it shut off at 75. I was a wreck between July 4th afternoon and this morning when I found out - have a bad stiff neck from being so tense, have a tingling throbbing cold sore erupting on my upper lip, and I've had diarrhea for the past day and a half, but it's all been worth it! :chuckle Anyway, enough blowing my own horn --- I owe it all this time to the following book: Saunders Strategies for Success for the NCLEX-RN Examination by Linda Anne Silvestri This is a new workbook just out this year by Linda, who also does the fat green book for the Saunders review. I used these two together to review, review, review. The more practice questions you do the better. Her new book is awesome, extremely user friendly, I felt like she was sitting across from the table explaining things to me. Just wanted to HIGHLY recommend this book to those taking the boards in the future. Tremendous help!!
  3. Carolanne

    Have now failed twice ...

    I'm really starting to question my abilities. Here I am, a graduate of RN school with a degree and the State says I'm not yet competent to practice nursing. I'm getting a little frustrated. I took the NCLEX in March, failed, signed up for NCSBN and the MOSBY CAT on line, did well on both, ordered the Kaplan review book, did well with that, took the NCLEX again this past week and just learned I again did not pass! I just don't get it!! I got all 265 questions both times, so must be I'm getting close but no cigar. I just signed up for the test again, though, darnnit before my current ATT runs out in August. I just need to get this off my frustrated chest for a bit ... thanks for listening. I know I will eventually do this, but it's just getting frustrating (and expensive!!)
  4. Carolanne

    The F word - bombed it!

    Thanks so, so much for this info - I feel better already. This is probably just what I need to work on my weaker points. I got tons of questions on delegation and prioritizing, so I know I need to focus on that. I'm working this weekend and didn't say a word to anyone about it last night, I'm still too humiliated. I'lll have all I can do to break the news to my supervisor during the week. But something occurred to me this morning in the shower (where I do some of my most enlightening thinking!), I successfully graduated from nursing school and still have a two year degree as an RN, so I'm not going to let a couple of hours at a state exam completely shatter my self esteem. I WILL do this, and I thank you all for your words of encouragement. That's why I love this board.
  5. Carolanne

    The F word - bombed it!

    I took my RN boards on Thursday and just went onto the web site to view my grade - the dreaded F word - FAIL! I kind of had a pit in the stomach feeling when I left there - it took me all the way through to the end of the 265 questions and I finished in two and a half hours. I told myself to prepare myself in case this happened, and to just try again ASAP, but it's still a kick in the chops. Now my next dilemma - I have to go to work where I've been a GN since December and tell them I didn't pass. I looked at my temporary permit this morning from the State and it said the permit shall expire after ten days of notification of failure to pass the exam or on the expiration date shown below, whichever occurs first. So here I've been working as a GN after eight weeks of orientation, now will I have to go back to working as a PN and lose the "RN train of thought" not to mention a cut in pay? Anyone out there ever run into this situation?
  6. Carolanne

    Hello again

    Hi everybody, I've missed this site! I graduated in December as an RN and have been orienting at my new job ever since, just love it!! To be truthful, I have just not had the time to log on and chat, but wanted to stick my toe in the water again and say hello. I'm taking my boards on March 31st, so would appreciate all the finger crosses I can get! :chuckle
  7. Carolanne

    I need help!

    Hi Cailly, I think most of us have been there too. I came to realize that our clinical instructors were basically there to give us the tour and introduction, but the real LEARNING happens when you're laying hands on with those patients and working with the staff. It may not seem like it, but every minute you're on that hospital floor in clinical, you're chalking up more learning experience. And you learn from these experiences, you learn what to do and what not to do next time. It's all another link in the chain. I can identify with the instructors too, a lot of them in our school just stand up there and rattle off the syllabus which in some cases wasn't even prepared by them and is several semesters old. Unfortunately, a lot of nursing courses are do it yourselfers. Look up things you don't understand on the internet, go to your local library, get some NCLEX books and practice the questions. Sometimes when you see things presented in a different way, it clicks. Don't get discouraged, it's a gradual process and one day it will all come together. Good luck to you!!
  8. Carolanne

    care plan insanity

    Get thee a care plan book, it will help you tremendously. You don't have to spend a lot of money - go on amazon.com and look for older editions, they're cheap. Just type in nursing care plans in the search and you'll find tons. Doesn't matter if they're older, the info. is still the same. It will save you previous time which you can devote to more important things like studying! Don't stress over it, I know our instructors get anal about them too. My care plan book was my best friend and I got "S+" on just about every one.
  9. I have come to realize that the people who make the snide remarks and give you little guilt jabs are actually a bit jealous of you pursuing your goal, and what really irks them is if you succeed at it! Think of yourself as an example to others, and don't for a second ever feel guilty about pursuing your education and goals in life. Don't let the negativity get to you, they'll be coming to you someday for advice!! :)
  10. Carolanne

    major depressive disorder and nursing

    LOL, how true! I've been on Zoloft for over a year and no one has ever raised an eye brow. Depression and anxiety are treatable conditions, and as the other posters have said, you're under a physician's care and on appropriate therapy, so enjoy nursing!!
  11. I agree with all of the above staples, I like to carry a small calculator to figure out drip rates, etc.
  12. Carolanne

    Anyone ever have to repeat a Nursing Class??

    Hi NND, I can very much relate. I'm 44 and was a week away from graduation in May and failed Cardiac Nursing by 2 points. It's a seven week course and they cram way too much info into that time period to be expected to get any kind of a decent grade. Sure, I thought I was a total has-been, but after licking my wounds for a week or so, I called my supervisor at the hospital (I had already been hired for an RN position), who said to get my LPN permit and work as an LPN until I retake the course and graduate. Best advice I've received in a long time! I have been doing just that since June, am loving it, and learning tons. I'm retaking the course again in Nov. and will be a Dec. grad. The on the job experience has been incredible and I feel much more relaxed and confident about retaking the course. I just have an inner feeling that this time it's going to click and I'm going to reach my goal of being an RN (pending boards of course :chuckle). Anyway, it happens to the best of us, and it is easier the second time around. You'll know what to expect, and believe it or not, you already have a lot of the info stored in your head. Don't get discouraged, keep pluggin'! Good luck!!
  13. Carolanne

    Venting over my own doubts and fear of success

    I think that many of us are our own worst enemies, myself included. We dream and plan and pursue a goal and then worry and fret and stay awake with the what if's all night. The negative side of us pops up all the red warning flags about things that could go wrong, most of all failure. Really focus on the positive spirit in you, the one that led you to pursue nursing in the first place. Listen to that voice telling you that you can do this if you really want it, no matter how frustrated or discouraged you may get at times. It's all a test, a test to prove what you're made of. Don't give in to the negative voice. Stay positive, praise and commend yourself for your achievements, and strive toward your goal. You can do it!!!!
  14. Carolanne

    Frustrated w/ 2 year old. Just venting.

    Little fellas that age get quite upset if something else is diverting Mommy's attention away from them. I've found that to be true with husbands, too, but that's another post! :chuckle Can you schedule some uninterrupted study time when he's taking a nap, or maybe getting up an hour earlier in the morning when you know he'll still be asleep? If you're like me, you wouldn't want to study at night after he falls asleep, because by then you're beat too. My brain seems to absorb more in the morning. Try not to get too frustrated, just work around his schedule. It can be done, just takes a little planning.
  15. Carolanne

    Who's graduating this December?

    I am in a 2 year ADN program but have been going part time, so it's eeked out to four years that I've been at this with pre-reqs included (anatomy, psych, sociology, biology, chem, english). I was supposed to graduate this past May, but have to repeat cardiac nursing which is a very intense 7 week course, and then I'll be DONE in December!!! I'm currently working as an LPN and my supervisor said I'll have a position on the same floor when I get my RN if I would like it. I'm loving the LPN slot, learning SOOOO much. In May as graduation neared, I did not feel ready, but now I do. What a difference six months will make, guess things happen for a reason. Good luck to all starting classes again soon, and hooray to us Dec. grads!!!!
  16. Carolanne

    Having a major confidence crisis. Need advice

    Try not to be too hard on yourself. You're new at it, you don't have it down pat yet. I agree with above poster, speak with your supervisor and explain your concerns. I'm sure you're not the first person to feel this way. And by expressing your concerns, you will come across as conscientious and willing to learn. This is a valuable asset to any employer. Some people could care less whether they get it right or not. Try to relax and it will click with time and practice.