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  1. RNIAM

    White uniform dress common nowadays?

    I think it looks nice. I don't wear white every day but I do wear it. I like having the choice as to what I wear.
  2. Hi everyone. It has been awhile since I posted. I have been very busy with my new job. I am really loving it. This is my first nursing job and it is amazing. The nurses I am working with are some of the most thoughful, caring and most of all fun people I have ever met. Well I better run and get some dinner before it is time for breakfast.
  3. RNIAM

    I passed, I passed, I passed!

    We have travelled a long road together. Congratulations! :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons:
  4. "Registered technical Nurse (ADN). " No, sorry their is nothing in that name that I like. I worked for three years to get my ADN. I will not allow my hard work to be simplified in that way. The only thing that separates my education from a BSN is one year of classes. Sorry but some business classes and a course in community nursing if not enough to change my professional status to that of a technician. I am all for compensating a person with a 4 year degree for the extra education however I would not support minimizing the effort and time I put in to get my Associates degree in such a way. That is why I intend to join the ANA. In this way my voice can be heard. Sorry to blow a little but that just got me going a little.
  5. RNIAM

    Eating Boogers??? Is this for real?

    Finger lickin good!!!! :rotfl:
  6. RNIAM

    A different smoking question....

    I personally believe that it is wrong to subject anyone to second hand smoke. If the roommate can't speak for himself them the nurse should do it for him/her. If there is a no smoking policy then it is a no smoking policy. I do feel for the person laid up in bed but his desires don't overshadow other needs for clean air.
  7. RNIAM

    Strike Vote

    Good luck to you and I hope this is settled soon and you'll be back on the job before you know it!
  8. RNIAM

    Nurses crossing picket lines??

    I am so happy that I will be taking my first job at a unionized hospital. I will become an active union member. I would never cross a picket line.
  9. RNIAM

    Learning Thread (Medsurg)

    Does morphine close the sphinter of odie increasing amylase? Not sure about this but that would be my guess.
  10. RNIAM

    The test is over.

    How long does it take when you are waiting for your results? We have the quick response here, so I found out in two days. I know that feeling of uncertainty. I wish the best for you!
  11. RNIAM

    Today @ 2 PM

    You know my prayers are with you. I just now read your post and who know you may be done already. I will keep you in my heart today. I hope you do well my friend!
  12. RNIAM

    Hope for peeps that have just taken NCLEX

    Contratulations that is awesome news!! :balloons:
  13. RNIAM

    NCLEX Results In

    Congratulations! It truly is a awesome feeling isn't it? :balloons:
  14. RNIAM

    I passed!! I'm finally a Registered Nurse

    That is awesome news. Congratulations. I remember when I found out it took days to get me down from my cloud! Have fun and enjoy it! :balloons:
  15. RNIAM

    Learning thread (ER medicine)

    I have no idea about any of this but I am finding this thread very interesting. Keep them comming!
  16. RNIAM

    Got my license now!

    It is an awesome feeling when you look at your license for the first, second, third...aw heck; it still is awesome and I am not sure how many times I have looked at it :chuckle. Enjoy and have a wonderful future!

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