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mona b RN is a BSN, RN and specializes in Child/Adolescent Mental Health.

Starting nursing school 1/04. DONE! MSN Done!

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  1. Brian Short News

    Absolutely heartbreaking for all!
  2. Still not sure if I will sit for ANP certification. I really do not like primary care and it sounds like more money I will have to spend on licensing and CEU's, etc. I don't see myself ever working PC and if I really wanted to I could take a few cour...
  3. Thank you for the feedback. I am starting USI's PM PMHNP program this fall. Still not sure if I will sit for certification in Adult health but I did talk to my advisor at USI and certification is not required for admittance to their Psych PM program...
  4. I completed a MSN in Adult Health but am not yet certified. Here is why- my intention was to become more familiar with to get a solid medical foundation and co-morbidities beyond that of RN and then pursue a PM in Family Psych. If I do not have...
  5. DNP trouble in sight? FNP graduation Spring 2015...

    UMDNJ is updating their psych to Family. It's not eliminated.
  6. ANCC to retire most popular, and eventually all, NP roles.

    It amazes me that many of the posts indicate a "just deal with it' attitude. No wonder the credentialing boards and those involved in the consensus model make changes so easily. It's a crying really is.
  7. I graduated from TESC. It is a great school but I wish there were more of an "community" for the students in the classes as the previous poster mentioned. The courses are challenging at times and the instructors are, for the most part, understanding ...
  8. Umass online course help

    I completed courses at UMass and really enjoyed it. Can't give names on the boards though but I can say I never had a problem with any of the instructors. Good luck
  9. PMHNP vs PHMCNS murky waters scope of practice

    What age range can you treat?
  10. Online Science Courses

    I have not had problems transferring courses taken with CCConline. Chances are that if they approved CC course they will approve CCConline especially since they carry appropriate accreditation. I completed microbiology with them and it was no walk in...
  11. Anyone get accepted into USI FNP for Spring?

    USI requires that you secure your own preceptor. I am not sure if they provide a list but I imagine if someone has a contract already in place they would give you that information. A caveat though, it seems to be getting increasingly difficult to fin...
  12. Just wondering if anyone was accepted to USI. I applied and was accepted but not sure how it will work out because of the time line they have me on. Apparently, there are too many students and not enough instructors for the clinical courses. Sounds l...
  13. Liberty University CNS

    How far along are you in the program? Are you doing the adult track?
  14. psych CNS vs PMH-NP

    As others have stated, it really does depend on where you live and what the state's nursing practice act allows you to do. Some state's do not recognize the CNS as an advanced practice nurse which is really a shame. I am hopeful that interest in Magn...
  15. CNS and Clinical/Practicum

    You mentioned that you have to do the same courses. Did the school require you to retake the physiology, assessment and pharmacology courses for the post master's?