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Child/Adolescent Mental Health
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mona b RN is a BSN, RN and specializes in Child/Adolescent Mental Health.

Starting nursing school 1/04. DONE! MSN Done!

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  1. mona b RN

    Brian Short News

    Absolutely heartbreaking for all!
  2. UMDNJ is updating their psych to Family. It's not eliminated.
  3. I graduated from TESC. It is a great school but I wish there were more of an "community" for the students in the classes as the previous poster mentioned. The courses are challenging at times and the instructors are, for the most part, understanding and knowledgeable. Of course some stand above others but that you will find at any school. Taking two courses is manageable as long as you stay on schedule. I liked that the course ran for 12 weeks. Best of luck to you!
  4. mona b RN

    Umass online course help

    I completed courses at UMass and really enjoyed it. Can't give names on the boards though but I can say I never had a problem with any of the instructors. Good luck
  5. mona b RN

    PMHNP vs PHMCNS murky waters scope of practice

    What age range can you treat?
  6. mona b RN

    Online Science Courses

    I have not had problems transferring courses taken with CCConline. Chances are that if they approved CC course they will approve CCConline especially since they carry appropriate accreditation. I completed microbiology with them and it was no walk in the park. Rigorous course, but enjoyable. Good luck.
  7. mona b RN

    Anyone get accepted into USI FNP for Spring?

    USI requires that you secure your own preceptor. I am not sure if they provide a list but I imagine if someone has a contract already in place they would give you that information. A caveat though, it seems to be getting increasingly difficult to find preceptors in certain areas so start early. Search "USI" in this forum and you will find a great deal of info from a previous student on this subject. Best of luck to you.
  8. Just wondering if anyone was accepted to USI. I applied and was accepted but not sure how it will work out because of the time line they have me on. Apparently, there are too many students and not enough instructors for the clinical courses. Sounds like a great school though. I am definitely considering the program as an option but I am looking at others as well. If I accept I hope they will let me accelerate because as they have me scheduled now I would have just about a year with no class at all due to the fact that I transferred in three classes. Anyone else here accepted for Spring?
  9. mona b RN

    A thread for those awaiting decisions...

    :bdyhdclp: You rock--way to go :nmbrn:
  10. mona b RN

    Vent about resentment from older RNs toward NP students

    Well said! Kill em with kindness...it works everytime!
  11. mona b RN

    Finally got another NP job!!!!

    So glad to hear you found another job. Way to go:up:
  12. mona b RN

    Where is the best online NP program

    Jefferson in Philly does as well.
  13. mona b RN

    I have an interview for my top choice NP program!

    Congrats on the interview:balloons:. Is the interview in person or via phone? It can be nerve wracking talking to someone who could potentially change your course of action but I am sure you will be fine. I remember being interviewed and what she was most concerned with was how I was going to fit school work and family responsibilities into my life during the program. Of course, she was calling from her cell phone and the call kept dropping the entire time:wink2:. Very frustrating. What school did you ultimately choose?
  14. mona b RN

    refresher course

    I think Lourdes has a refresher. Good luck;)
  15. mona b RN

    Thomas Edison State College

    tesc is a great program. the courses are challenging and relevant. i definitely recommend the program. good luck
  16. mona b RN

    Your most useful FNP resource?

    I love http://uptodate.com/ It is a wonderful reference tool and very helpful for research and papers. I had a free trial that seems to have expired and I am thinking about buying it.