How long after graduation did you take the NCLEX?

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LadyFree28, BSN, RN

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Ladyfree28, Did you like the Saunders Flashcards instead of the Saunders book better for your learning style? I'm a visual/kinesthetic learner. Thanks

Yea, the Saunders flash cards with NCLEX questions were perfect for me; they were broken up on the 4 aspects of NCLEX:

1. Safe, effective care;

2. Health Promotion;

3. Physiological Integrity

4. Psychological Integrity

The questions helped me break down what could be my weaknesses in a particular area.

I'm an kinesthetic and auditory learner; what helps me with my dominant kinesthetic learning is identifying action work and visualizing the scenario in my head to choose the best answer; I visualize myself in the scenario and go from there.

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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I took NCLEX-PN approximately 10 weeks after graduation. I would have taken it sooner, but the California BVNPT is notoriously slow to issue the ATT.

I took NCLEX-RN two months after graduation.


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My program director encouraged us to send in your application mailed in and get fingerprinted about a month before graduation (which was a good idea); so I mailed mine in in July of 2015 (well about 2-3 weeks before graduation, lol), graduated in August of 2015, the school sent the transcripts in the last week of August, and I received my letter to test the last week of Sept., so I scheduled my exam the last week of October (you have to pick what is available through Pearson Vue, and I my wedding was on 10/10/15 so I wasn't in a super rush)...and found out I passed two days later!!!!!

So it really depends on when your school sends your transcripts to the state's BON.

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I think I took the NCLEX about a month after graduation. I did the HURST review during that time and highly recommend that. Good luck!



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I finished school in July took test 28 October....



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Graduated June 13th, got my ATT June 19th, took NCLEX June 20th. Passed with 75 questions.



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I graduated in May 2015. Took HURST Review in April. Wrote the NCLEX June 25. I failed. I have yet to rewrite. I recommend taking the test ASAP after finishing school or review program.



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Graduated December 19 of 2014, I think I received my ATT sometime around the 2nd week of January. Took Kaplan and did a lot of questions on my own. Was going to take it at the end of February but due to an injury I had to reschedule it for the beginning of March. Passed on that one try, but also went about 247 questions before it shut off.


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I took it right after I was done school, as soon as I got my ATT I booked... We were done school April 3rd and I wrote May 27th. Hadn't even graduated nursing school yet.

I failed my first attempt as we were the pilot group in Canada to write... We had no idea what to expect for the NCLEX and weren't trained to think or answer questions formatted like the NCLEX. So i waited to write again until October 3rd. I did numerous prep courses... Passed in 75 questions second time around.

I would recommend not writing or getting your ATT until you are ready. Until you understand what the questions are asking you. UWorld is a great resource.

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Thank you LadyFree28. I don't find using textbooks to be the most effective learning method for me and I can replace it with saunders flashcards. My only concern is Saunders is a huge book.Do the flashcards cover the entire content of the book?

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Hi JamieBryan. I will be purchasing Hurst Review next week . If you want to go over hurst review videos let me know. I'm seeking a reliable study partner for Hurst . thanks



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I took mine 5 weeks after graduation.