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shan409 ASN, BSN, LPN, RN

Postpartum, Mother/Baby, Comm. Health, Geriatric
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shan409 has 5 years experience as a ASN, BSN, LPN, RN and specializes in Postpartum, Mother/Baby, Comm. Health, Geriatric.

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  1. shan409

    Capella RN-BSN Flexpath-My experience

    Thank you all so much for your information on Capella. I'll be starting the RN-BSN soon.
  2. shan409


    Hi! I worked Postpartum (Mother/Baby, GYN post-op) for DMC after graduating last year. I had a great experience. I also worked for DMC for 8 years before becoming an LPN, then RN as a CPhT at a different location and had the best co-workers ever. It all depends on the unit and staff anywhere you go.
  3. shan409

    LPN Cost in Michigan?

    Hi, 1-Davenport, Warren Campus 2-its a private university and per credit hour, approx $650 3 and 4-yes, and received 3 scholarships 5-yes, I believe any program is, especially if you have other lives that depend on you. Hope this helped!
  4. shan409

    Best hospitals in the Detroit area

    I like both health systems. DMC-health insurance is not as good as it was a few years ago. Lots of variety and specialty positions, but lots of transitioning of management with Tenet. Ascension-transitioning as well as it becomes a bigger market here in MI. I see more community based/preventive care in the health system. Both offer paid holidays, weekend premiums, shift diffs, etc... Depends on what location/unit for specific benefits/certifications of course. But I received good training that prepared me for all positions I've held at both health systems (DMC-I was a CPhT for almost 8 years, mommy/baby RN for about 8 months/Ascension-Med-Surg LPN 10 months, Community Health RN-new position of 3 months). Hope this helped a little.🙂
  5. shan409


    I'd start applying now. I graduated last May, began applying to all the health systems in the area in April and had an interview for the specialty of my choice at DMC (Mother/Baby-Postpartum) by June. Best wishes!
  6. shan409

    Best hospitals in the Detroit area

    I don't know if you're still interested, but I've worked for both DMC and Ascension (St. John).
  7. shan409

    Schoolcraft LPN-RN Fall 2017

    I graduated May 5th, took my NCLEX May 29th, found out I passed 2 hours after completion via email from LARA/ACCELA (state board), pay was increased at my current position by $3 an hour (LPN rate to RN rate), and I have just accepted a position as a full time Postpartum nurse. These last 2 months were very intense and flew by fast. I brushed up on areas that I did not have a full understanding for NCLEX of via ATI study materials, a 35 page pdf i found on this site, and you tube (Remar nursing, Mike Linares, Sara for Registered Nurse RN) for a few weeks. Idk what my overall was as I have an associate degree in liberal arts from Henry Ford College, a pharmacy technology certificate from Henry Ford, classes taken at Baker, and my LPN was completed at Davenport. So i transferred all of that in when I applied to Schoolcraft's LPN-RN bridge program (NCLC or something like that is the official name). I wouldn't stress about it if I were you. Hope that helped.
  8. shan409

    Passed with 265!

    I am so excited to announce that I passed the NCLEX-RN today! So I passed on my first try on the NCLEX-PN a few years ago with the minimum amount of questions (85)...that was not the case with the NCLEX-RN today. I was so anxious, excited, and increasingly irritable after passing the 2 hour mark (I was at about #150), that I took the scheduled break. I came back to complete not only the maximum 265 questions but also had the survey of approx. 25 more questions. I went in at 10:00, finished at at 14:20, and received an email from the state BON at 16:50 with my license number! I must say, it was wwaayyy better than waiting about 36 hours like I had to a few years ago with my LPN. Thank you State of MI for the upgrade. Well, just wanted to share that I passed with maximum amount of questions...since that was the first thing I looked up afterwards, I'm sure other nurses are doing the same.
  9. shan409

    Schoolcraft LPN-RN Fall 2017

    There is a rotation list sent out before the class starts that has you put your choices in order. Advanced Med-Surg I had 2 clinical days (07:00-14:30), one 4-5 hour class with 2 instructors. Psych I had one 12 hour day at clinical that I loved, with a 3-4 hr lecture class, OB/PEDS one 8 hour clinical for peds (07:00-15:00)and one for OB (15:00-23:00) and a 5 hour class split between two instructors, and leadership depends on which clinical you select. Hope that helped. I was able to work 24-36 hours per week as an LPN and take vacation days while preparing for exams.
  10. shan409

    Schoolcraft LPN-RN Fall 2017

    I met a classmate in my first class in Fall 1 and we studied together the entire program. We met at Starbucks, Tim Hortons, libraries (she's a mom too, so we had study dates with our kids with coffee and snacks). I studied with some of my clinical group members for exams sometimes too.
  11. shan409

    Schoolcraft LPN-RN Fall 2017

    Just completed NURS 248-very intense! Study the materials/disease processes that are on your PowerPoints from this class (OB/Peds). On my way to leadership in 2 weeks and ready for graduation. I'm very blessed, grateful, and happy to have made it through the core nursing classes (there are a few classmates that will be returning in the fall to complete a class they didn't pass).
  12. shan409

    Back to school

    Indiana State University has LPN-BSN online and my Health & Wellness Director (assisted living's DON) is completing excelsior online.
  13. shan409

    Schoolcraft LPN-RN Fall 2017

    I was placed in the Fall 2017 class, but had a fellow classmate from my LPN program at DU get placed in Fall 2018 and she was bumped up and is now in the same cohort with me. Sidenote: The program is based on 7 week classes (ex: 1/2 semester in MedSurg, other half in Psych) with only 3 exams for each class. Intense!
  14. shan409

    Davenport PN Fall 2014

    I went from 14-15, and we had approx. 2 days when classes were held and I was blessed to have 12 hour clinicals for 1st and 2nd semester, so I only had to go once per week. So a total of 3 days to devote to school schedule. I went part time at work in the middle of 2nd semester as it started to become to much. Best wishes. Reflecting-I loved Davenport, I am now in an LPN-RN program that is not as organized as DU.
  15. shan409

    Schoolcraft LPN-RN Fall 2017

    I didn't. I submitted the rotation form, received my 1st choice, and was able to register for class though. I am dropping off the background check and the other forms that were sent via email tomorrow.
  16. shan409

    Schoolcraft LPN-RN Fall 2017

    Yes, the letter was very "generic". I emailed the nursing office today for more info, as I do not know how Schoolcraft goes since I am a transfer student.