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  1. shan409

    Why I cannot hate the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

    Our country still has alot of work to do with our healthcare insurance industry. I have worked in a hospital pharmacy for the past 7 years and its sad that people that have health insurance still can NOT afford their medications. 100 co-pays, 300 co-pays for 1 medication is absurb. The affordable healthcare act still has horrible clauses and add-ins that we are still finding out about. So while it has helped alot of people, it has hindered alot of working class people as well (mainly those that had to move from full-time to part-time from their place of employment just so their employer didn't have to offer them healthcare insurance, and paying privately they are right where they started.) I just hope and pray our nation looks at other options, because our healthcare system still has a very long way to go.
  2. shan409

    A Time to Reflect

    I loved this article. I am finally starting my LPN program (after years of ADN-RN waitlists) this Fall. I have worked in long term care as a care manger, to a social worker tech., to an activities asst. and am now employed at a hospital a lead pharmacy technician, but I have missed the hands on patient care so much. I can not wait to start my nursing journey!
  3. shan409

    Humble Pie

    This article is the reality of what is going on in the healthcare field everywhere. People need to hear this. I am starting an LPN program this fall after 3 years of waiting lists for RN programs. After completing my LPN program I plan to start an LPN-RN program at once of the community colleges, then going towards my BSN after that. It will take some time, but at least I will have my foot in the door providing hands on care (elderly population). I am currently the lead pharmacy technician at a hospital and miss the hands on care (care manager at an assisted living and activities assistant at a nursing home).
  4. Just like others, I had no idea the LPN associate degree existed. I do understand it, though I would not op to complete it myself. I have been trying to get into an accredited RN program for some time and have been on 2 waiting lists (one at a community college, one at a vocational school) and am now finally accepted into a CCNE accredited LPN program starting in the fall (Yayyy!). But I have just completed an associate of arts (liberal arts) due to taking so many classes. So I guess it could make sense for someone going towards their BSN afterward to op for an associate degree of any kind.
  5. shan409

    Five Years Completed and Still Loving It

    Love that you are so geniune about your passion of nursing. I hope to have the same passion when I become a nurse. I have worked in healthcare (different positions from activitiy assistant to pharmacy technician) for the last 8 years and love the few nurses I work with that still have the "fire" of caring.