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Courtney Nurse Writer has 13 years experience as a BSN.

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  1. One of the most frightening things a person may argue that could happen would be that they would slowly start to lose their ability to perform basic tasks like feeding themselves, bathing themselves, or even losing what memory of themselves they once...
  2. Courtney Nurse Writer

    Cytoxin PPE

    I was wondering if yall could help me to identify the appropriate PPE for handling Cytoxin. Currently my manager says that since our facility has the hood, we do not need any kind of face protection. From what all I have found, one needs a gown, glov...
  3. Courtney Nurse Writer

    Nursing student asks nurses the question..

    I think there are nurses out there who just don't like to teach. I love teaching and loved nursing students and loved orienting new nurses. I was there once and remembered how horrible I felt my first semester as a nursing student, being treated poor...
  4. Courtney Nurse Writer

    Are there a lot of jobs offered for ADN RNs?

    I live in Austin Texas. I started out with my ADN, worked for a few years then went back to get my BSN. If you want to work in a major hospital you will have to get your BSN eventually. Otherwise you can a job with your ADN. I still think getting you...
  5. Courtney Nurse Writer

    New Grad afraid to start working!

    Completely normal. It never passes either. Some days I would have to talk myself to go into work because I would be so scared. It gets easier, it really does!!!
  6. Courtney Nurse Writer

    Advice on which job to take

    I like job 2!! OR plus peds specialty = highly desirable by future employers if ya ask me!! Also the lower pay will be a second thought when you are not sitting in traffic (which I do daily blah!!). I did an OR externship and there were mean doctors ...
  7. Courtney Nurse Writer

    Test Shut off at 75 and I know I failed

    The worse you felt you did.... The most likely you are to have passed. [emoji6] keep us posted!!!
  8. Courtney Nurse Writer

    What's your take as a graduate nurse working nights in med surg

    I started out on nights. It's a big adjustment mentally with those hours. But in all honesty it's a perfect shift to learn without being overwhelmed by all the day hustle and bustle. You'll do great. Good luck!
  9. Courtney Nurse Writer

    Passed the NCLEX with 1 Try!

    Congrats! Such a big relief off your shoulders.
  10. Courtney Nurse Writer

    Skills practice....on each other?

    Same. Mannequin for IVs. Oranges for injections. I think there is nothing like someone's actual arm for an IV start though. The mannequins are just not realistic enough. I think as long as everyone is consented it should be allowed. Wonder why not? I...
  11. Courtney Nurse Writer

    Dosage Calc Help!

    Yeah that's odd. I got 0.0000016
  12. When I first started nursing as a New grad in Austin that's what I was offered. 22/Hr granted that was 7 years ago. I haven't been put to Tyler in a very long time but from what I remember it was a small town.
  13. Courtney Nurse Writer

    Medical Assistant as school nurse

    Seems to be a hot button for nurses in general, and pulls them in from the general site. Darn right this is a hot topic. At least for me it is. I get highly offended/annoyed when MAs get called nurses. Happens on a daily basis and it seems to be happ...
  14. Courtney Nurse Writer

    Can they do this to me?????

    What crime are you talking about? If it had nothing to do with you then maybe you could write an email to the manager and explain the situation. Perhaps even get a letter from the cops who interviewed you.
  15. Courtney Nurse Writer

    Do nurses do med math

    I mix the biologics to be infused to our patients. I use dosage calculations on a daily basis!!!!!! We have a new nurse in our department who has a hard time figuring out how to get 25mg of Benadryl out of 50mg vial......... Yeah kinda scary right.