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I have a bachelor's degree in Political Science (2004), but decided to go back to school and graduated in December 2014 from Macomb Community College. Passed NCLEX in March 2015, and will now be working NICU at a local hospital! I love learning new things, but also love having fun and have a bit of a snarky side too. I'd have more witty things to put here, but it's early and the coffee hasn't kicked in yet.

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  1. Nursing @ 32?

    Like many of the other posters have said, it's never too late. Graduated with my nursing degree at 41, and been a NICU nurse for the last two years. Good luck!
  2. Hobbies off duty as a Nurse?

    Thanks for the thread OP, I like this. As for me, I typically like reading, occasionally playing video games, I play bass, and I do like going to sporting events or just hanging out with friends. But my biggest outlet since I started working as an R...
  3. This was a change in career for me as well, and I didn't get my degree and my first (and so far only) nursing job until I was 42. You can totally do this! :)
  4. How fast did you land a job?

    Graduated in December of 2014, took the NCLEX and passed in March 2015, then finally got my first interview for a NICU spot in the beginning of April - was hired three weeks later. Started applying at the end of December for jobs so it took a little ...
  5. What Can't You Live Without?

    Nursing school well as your close friends outside of school. Coffee, and lots of it! For those moments of downtime, alcohol with friends was always great-started off with craft beers but by the end of school it was Scotch. :) I always re...
  6. How long after graduation did you take the NCLEX?

    Graduated December 19 of 2014, I think I received my ATT sometime around the 2nd week of January. Took Kaplan and did a lot of questions on my own. Was going to take it at the end of February but due to an injury I had to reschedule it for the beginn...
  7. Temperature methods in preterm babies

    Where I'm at is pretty much the consensus of the rest of this thread: absolutely no rectal temps, all axillary.
  8. How much of your cohort did you "lose"?

    I attended a community college, and our cohort started with 39. We finished with 34, although two of them were people that had failed a class in a previous cohort and ended up with us. Most of the people we lost were in the first semester...and I'm n...
  9. Why did you come to allnurses? What made you stay?

    1. Because I was accepted into a local nursing program and wanted to see what message boards were around to talk about nursing school. This is the first one that popped up. 2. I tended to find some pretty good advice here and really no reason to leav...
  10. Can I accomplish becoming an RN at 26?

    I know this was posted awhile ago, but you can do this if that's what you want to do. Nursing became my second degree earned back in 41. :) I do know I wasn't mature enough at 21 or 22 to do this (I skated by in my first go-round throug...
  11. Macomb Community College - 2012 HESI

    Same here. Apparently I need to take the Intro to Psych class here, mine transferred over as a sociology credit. Oh well, no big deal-still in and that's what matters to me.
  12. Macomb Community College - 2012 HESI

    I'm fairly certain they mentioned the 22nd, but since our acceptance letters dropped in a bit early hopefully the start date letters will too.
  13. Macomb Community College - 2012 HESI

    Thanks for that link! It's going to be a little odd to have an MSU degree sitting right next to my Michigan degree, but can't pass up a BSN opportunity.
  14. Macomb Community College - 2012 HESI

    Got my letter on Saturday but had never heard of this place until this morning-glad I know about it now. Got in with 3.51 and a 94 on the HESI. :) Not often I say this but am definitely looking forward to paying the fee tomorrow.