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  1. How long after graduation did you take the NCLEX?

    That's what I was thinking, about a month! Applying as soon as possible and trying to get it done and out of the way ASAP. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. I know it really depends on each individual person and their study habits, but I'm curious how long after graduation did you take the NCLEX? Pass/fail? Pros/cons? (We are trying to plan a post graduation/pre Nursing job trip, and I'm trying to figure...
  3. Harford Community College 2014

    Aka pretty much everything Katie said :)
  4. Harford Community College 2014

    1. First semester clinicals (for our group) were all either in Bel Air/Havre de Grace/Elkton, second semester are all at either Perry Point/Harford Memorial (HDG) or Bel Air. I currently live right outside of White Marsh- it's not too far of a trip!...
  5. Harford Community College 2014

    Most hospitals (at least in this area) when they hire you want you to sign something saying you will start on your BSN within a year. I plan on going to either UMD/Stevenson (online courses) or Towson for convenience....that being said, if you aren't...
  6. Harford Community College 2014

    It's just over 12 weeks (5/19- 8/5)...we have just about a month break (8/6-9/4) before fall semester starts. We go in the fall from 9/4-12/15ish (not sure the exact date), then have about another month long break until spring semester which is from ...
  7. Harford Community College 2014

    About 2/3 of the class is 24+, who either already have a degree in something else or are doing through a career change. You learn/do a lot first semester- it's Fundamentals, so it's pretty much the basics of everything. It's definitely intense learn...
  8. Harford Community College 2014

    Yes, I did get in the first time. I got a 77.3% on the TEAS but I have my Bachelor's already so I got an extra point for that. There were 24 people in our class...but one person dropped so we only have 23. Lab for us was either Monday or Tuesday (1/...
  9. Harford Community College 2014

    We are just finishing up our first semester. It's crazy how fast the program goes! After this we will be 1/4 done! We have class two days a week (Monday and Tuesday); one day is from 3-9:30 and the other is 6:30-9:30, then we have clinical on Saturd...
  10. FAQs For First Generation College Students

    You know yourself better than anyone else. When I was first accepted and went to my orientations in May, everyone (Dean, Professors, some students) told me- don't work, you won't be able to, etc. etc. Here's the thing- I don't have a choice. I have ...
  11. Any nursing care plan book recommendations?

    Ah the joys of care plans! I too recommend this book- in fact it was a required text for us, but I have definitely used it A LOT already (first semester)
  12. I know each school is different, but for our school they only look at certain things (your grades in your pre-reqs, your GPA in your classes that count towards nursing school, etc.) so any of your grades in "other, previous" classes wouldn't necessar...
  13. Children and nursing school

    You can totally do it! I don't have any children myself, but I am still working 40+ hours a week because, bills. One of my good friends in my nursing program is a single mom to 2 young children (10 & 8) and works probably 60+ hours a week. Her ad...
  14. Advice to the Student Nurse

    Wonderful tips! I love posts like these- thank you!
  15. We have this as well. At our orientation, they opened up multiple (10 I believe) practice tests for us, and although we had to score a 100% on the dosage exam, you were allowed multiple attempts. I was really worried- because I don't really like ma...