How did you hear about


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  1. How did you hear about

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      Search engine
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      Another Nurse or a Friend
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      Link from another website
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      A Nursing Instructor told me about
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      Referred by an member
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      Printed Ad?
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      Trade Show?
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      Other nursing forums?
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      Graffiti in nurses breakroom? :)
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How did you first hear about

I started the site, so mine is "Other". :)

Please feel free to provide additional comments by posting a reply. Thanks


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My usual UK site closed down, and I wanted somewhere to meet colleagues from all over the world and a search engine led me here - and I am so pleased!


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I stumbled onto it while looking for info on something else.:biggringi


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GOOGLE sent me while looking for RNFA info.


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I found a link on a student nurse's personal web site.

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Doing a google search on nursing, prior to starting nursing school and was one of the hits.


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Google sent me as well.

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Hear about it on another nursing site/forum

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Been here since 2000, can't remember anymore. (Too old to remember much it seems).:smackingf

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Black and white morgue toe tag labeled "" featured in nursing magazine landed me here 6+ years ago. Easily became hooked.

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I stumbled across the site in 2000, when I bought my first home computer. I lurked here for a couple of years, and then right around the first anniversary of 9/11, I decided for some reason to join up and start posting. I'd never used an online message board before, but within a few days I was HOOKED........and I've been here ever since.:lol2:

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