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  1. Fonenurse

    If you could meet an AN member who would it be?

    I too would love to meet so many people from here - think an international conference is called for. Just glad I managed to find my way back to this thread
  2. Fonenurse

    advice please

    I was in exactly the same position. I went to work in a reputable nursing home. The pace is different and the quality of relationships is there - my advice would be to take it slowly, work part time if necessary, and be honest with propspective employers - if they are worth working for, they'll support you, and give you regular feedback and support.
  3. Fonenurse

    RCN has adopted a neutral stance on assisted suicide...

    From the RCN site When did the consultation take place and what did it involve? The consultation opened on the 16 February 2009 and closed on the 22 May. A policy briefing paper providing an overview of the issues was produced with input from a range of RCN experts to facilitate the consultation process. This also included a detailed response form for nurses to use when submitting their views. How did you let people know about the consultation? The briefing paper and response form were sent widely to RCN Boards, Branches and Forums, the consultation was advertised through the nursing media and information was placed on the website and discussion zone. The issue was discussed at RCN Board meetings, there was a Congress fringe debate and a short web based film was produced. For more info see http://www.rcn.org.uk/newsevents/news/article/uk/assisted_suicide_frequently_asked_questions
  4. Fonenurse

    research study

    But the last bit of the sentence is key really - include the following So what followed? The reason you are finding it hard is that the question is asking for quantitative studies - ie numerical counting as results, and nursing care is hard to measure in this way, hence why no studies exist - studies are more likely to be qualitative in nature, and not what this essay question is asking for - it would be unethical to do a randomised controlled trial of tracheotomies I think - can you not pick another subject?
  5. Fonenurse

    Numerical Pain assessment tool

    I have found the following link helpful. It gives the following reference http://painconsortium.nih.gov/pain_scales/NumericRatingScale.pdf McCaffery, M., & Beebe, A. (1993). Pain: Clinical Manual for Nursing Practice. Baltimore: V.V. Mosby Company.
  6. Fonenurse

    research study

    The reason you'll be having difficulty finding something is that the study type they're asking you to write about is quantitative - it's about a systematic review or randomised controlled trial, and ethically with traches, it might be hard to do a study like this. What things did it ask you to include? Two nursing systematic reviews I have found are here: http://www.cochrane.org/reviews/en/ab004510.html and http://www.cochrane.org/reviews/en/ab001271.html Are either of these any good to you?
  7. Fonenurse

    is anyone familiar with the phrase 'Clinical Supervision'?

    We practised clinical supervision when I worked at NHS Direct, and we were given reflective time together in our 'on duty' time. Particularly as a new telephone triage nurse I found this extremely beneficial - to learn from those more experienced or even to pass on specialist knowledge myself. I'd advocate this always as a good way to learn and to offer and gain support from colleagues.
  8. Fonenurse

    KSF Second gateway question

    Different Trusts do it in different ways - mine do it by the 'if we haven't heard anything, you get the increment' method, however I have also worked in places where paperwork is the norm - either way...
  9. Fonenurse

    Infection Control e-learning package

    Hi It's mandatory in my Trust for all staff to complete it in the first 3 months in post. It's fairly basic, but covers the needed ground. As far as e-learning packages go I think it's not bad - not the worst I've seen by any stretch of the imagination...
  10. Fonenurse

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year from a very frosty North of England.
  11. Fonenurse

    Pancreatitis...with no pain?

    I personally had pancreatitis a few years ago and had mild pain only - my worst symptom was nausea and vomiting. I was under 45 years of age and rarely drank alcohol. It was due to gall stones stuck in the pancreatic duct, so in answer to the OPs question - yes it is possible. IMHO patients differ so much in how they perceive pain. The diagnosis needs to be made regarding the whole picture, and not just on single symptoms... my amylase was over 1000 (uk scale) and with minimal pain - a bit like a stomach upset, no more than that. I smiled throughout my exam and docs were surprised when they saw the CT / MRI
  12. Fonenurse

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas - hope your holidays are going well. I feel guilty as I am off duty until 5th January! Never had such a long festive break...
  13. Fonenurse

    Do I have enough experience?

    I think it will depend on how you feel about your experience and what job you are applying for, but working in ED and also onc will have shown you a good slice of life. It may be worth asking the people you want to apply to - after all, they know what they are looking for - look on job adverts to see what they are looking for....
  14. Fonenurse

    nurse talking on phone..

    I've performance managed staff who insist on using their phone in this way -what are the organisation's policies and management like in enforcing them I wonder? For me, this behaviour is rude and discourteous - and also theft - the nurse was being paid for her time. I bet she didn't declare this as 'break' time. As for the Daily Mail - I too used to fend off 'mircale cure' claims with my cancer patients who were having chemo. The best use for the daily mail is as carpet protector when I am polishing my shoes or for wrapping up fish and chips....
  15. Fonenurse

    Help :(

    Is this your personal statement for your UCAS application? Well done for thinking in a mature and rounded way and managing to get this onto paper! Good luck and please let us know how you get on!
  16. Fonenurse

    Welcome to the forum - UK nurses chat

    I think this thread is a great idea. I try to keep up with everyone's journals but of late have been working so many extra hours due to the state of the department and short-staffing so have been AWOL a lot! I am hoping to get to the USA again this year as I have been invited to participate in a conference in Anaheim CA in the summer of 2009. Hope that comes off - am really looking forward to it. I've no plans to work in the USA - I love my UK job, but I'm definitely falling for the USA ...