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  1. SFCardiacRN

    to the dark side

    Before I found Allnurses.com, I would have told you it is crazy to do the LVN to RN route. Several threads have addressed this issue (do a search) and there are some pretty good arguments for this approach. Good luck!
  2. SFCardiacRN

    Staying Overnight In Pacu With Icu Pt

    Our charge RN and E1 anesthesiologist will not allow an ICU case to start until a bed (read RN!) is available. Usually, the surgeon/resident will just transfer an ICU pt. to TCU. There are enough emergencies and unexpected cases needing ICU without squeezing in elective ones.
  3. SFCardiacRN

    Question about story (pt refuse treatment)

    Anyone can sue. Winning is another matter. Based on the facts of this probably fictitious ethical dilemma, the hospital did no tort.
  4. SFCardiacRN

    Lookin for viewpoints: large vs med

    It is rare to be able to contrast management styles/personalities when looking for employment. It is your direct manager that will have a lot to do with how satisfactory your job will be. If you have found a "terrific, staff oriented manager", you should go for it! IMHO
  5. SFCardiacRN

    Korea to Send 10,000 Nurses to U.S.

    10K nurses will hardly make a dent. Nationwide, we are 100K short in LTC alone. I too worry about the drain of RN's from other countries but am starting to hear that some countries (like the PI) have an overabundance of RN's. It is a shortage of hospitals that is hurting them.
  6. SFCardiacRN

    Professional Misconduct

    Sounds like one thing less for you to worry about if someone else has the roster. And you can always keep a copy. I would apologize. IMHO
  7. SFCardiacRN

    How long before NPs will be able to do surgery solo?

    These kinds of things happen slowly and in baby steps, but they do happen. We now have the technology, through the Da Vinci robotic arm, for surgeons to operate remotely. It is not unconceivable that even major surgery will be performed by specially trained nurses with distant a surgeon on a satellite controlled robot in "charge". It's sure to start with nurses in rural areas doing "lumps & bumps" and progress from there. I don't look for it to happen this decade but it will happen. IMHO
  8. SFCardiacRN

    Seeking advice on rotating shifts

    I too would look for a more stable environment. Permanent rotating shifts tell me this employer is having a lot of problems.
  9. SFCardiacRN

    How long before NPs will be able to do surgery solo?

    There was a time when only MD's could take blood pressures. It was not that long ago when only MD's ran perfusion machines. As medical technology advances and nursing education advances, the skill sets for both nurses and doctors changes. The OP makes an interesting point and is probably right that the day will come when nurses solo on some surgical procedures. I've been noticing this upgrade over the years. CNA's and MA's are doing some LVN skills as LVNs are doing some RN skills as RNs are doing MD skills. IMHO
  10. SFCardiacRN

    Area/speciality with most "knowledge"

    I like the constantly changing technology of the OR but I must say I am greatly impressed with the knowledge base of cardiac ICU nurses. Oh, and don't forget the variety of ER and the Independence of home health nursing. And the challenges of telephone triage or the satisfaction of OB/L&D. Teaching must also require a lot of knowledge as well as administration and legal nursing. Cripes, I guess this doesn't help the OP, sorry.
  11. SFCardiacRN

    Need Help with Case Study Plz.

    It is hard to diagnose abdominal pain. Concentrate on the other symptoms and let us know where you are heading. Then I'll help. Nursing is about learning critical thinking and case studies are how you learn it.
  12. SFCardiacRN

    families with clipboards/notebooks

    I consider "taking care of the family" as part of patient care. Sometimes limits have to be set and sometimes the families can be unruly. Usually these families have had a bad experience with another nurse but can be put at ease by being professional and using the same "healing voice" one uses with patients.
  13. SFCardiacRN

    Most easy job in Nursing?

    Try PACU.
  14. SFCardiacRN

    Most easy job in Nursing?

  15. SFCardiacRN

    Drunken surgeon arrested after charge nurse blocks surgery

    Unfortunately, the police have dropped all charges against this surgeon. He has told the press that he will apply to get his privileges back and is "looking forward to clearing his good name".
  16. SFCardiacRN

    crna in california

    VA's use CRNA's. They do everything other than cardiac. SFVA is hiring now.