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RN4NICU has 15 years experience as a LPN, LVN.

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  1. RN4NICU

    Going from a career in nursing to med school

    I guess the grass is always greener - many physicians I know have told me if they could do it over they would be NPs instead of going to med school. Not for nothing, unless you go for a high-dollar specialty, the money may not be quite as awesome as you think. You mention pediatrics - it is one of the lowest-paying specialties out there... a lot of hard work, long hours, and debt for a mediocre payoff. I'm an NP and there is no amount of money in the world that could convince me to become an MD. Just food for thought - I hope you find the path that makes you happy :)
  2. No way. I would stay as far away from any career in healthcare as I could get.
  3. RN4NICU

    Public Health and birth control

    It seems the OP has Plan B confused with RU-486
  4. RN4NICU

    Is this ever acceptable?

    Spoken like someone who's never worked in a NICU We never, ever waste blood. When drawing labs from a UAC/UVC, we always give the blood back. I was horrified the first time I saw a "big people" nurse waste 10 ml of blood! Some things depend on your background. Maybe the traveler was a former peds nurse.
  5. Gastroenterology is a subspecialty of internal medicine. It is not a surgical specialty. Gastroenterologists (GI docs) do not perform abdominal surgeries. They do endooscopies, liver biopsy, polyp removal, and things like that, but not abdominal surgery. Abdominal surgeries are usually done by general surgeons.
  6. RN4NICU

    Get to OR as nurse or PA?

    PAs and NPs that work with a surgical group will sometimes first assist in surgery, close the wound, harvest the vein for bypass, assist with joint replacements, etc.
  7. RN4NICU

    Get to OR as nurse or PA?

    What do you want to do in the OR? You can work in the OR as a nurse, a PA, a nurse practitioner, a surgical technologist, a CRNA. They all have different roles, so the best path for you to take depends on what you want your role to be.
  8. RN4NICU

    Nursing Student

    I think you will be fine. I didn't take chemistry in HS and still did fine in college chemistry.
  9. RN4NICU

    Do nurses have a right to privacy?

    If the PD is handing out reports containing ANYONE's SSN, something really needs to be done. SSN is not public record by any standard whatsoever.
  10. RN4NICU

    Comprehensive 100% Online FNP programs...

    University of South Alabama also has required campus visits for the FNP program
  11. RN4NICU

    Nurse Practitioner or Physician's Assistant?

    Finding NPs in the OR is not that unusual - at least not more so than finding PAs in the OR. It largely depends on the preferences of the local surgeons. In my area, the cardiovascular surgeons tend to use NPs to first assist whereas the orthopedic surgeons tend to use PAs. Many of the NPs were RNFAs or surgical techs before they became NPs. Several of my classmates from NP school work as hospitalists or in the ER. A friend of mine from my BSN program, who graduated NP school a year before I did works for an orthopedic surgeon and first assists in the OR. He was a surgical tech before he became a nurse, so that background helps a lot.
  12. RN4NICU

    Nurse Practitioner or Physician's Assistant?

    it depends on what they are trained to do. neither can perform surgery. nps do not deliver babies (only certified nurse midwives), i do not think pas do either, but i don't know. both can work in a hospital setting or in private practice. both can suture, do trigger point injections, order labs, prescribe meds, and do other procedures that they are trained to do as long as it is within the limits of their state's laws.
  13. Unlike the 30-minute lunch break, 15-minute breaks tend to be paid breaks, so the employer, by the letter of the law, would not be requiring the employee to work unpaid. While most states require a 30-minute unpaid break and all states require that employees be paid for all time worked, only 7 states require employers to provide paid break periods. The DOL may not be of much help unless employees are being forced to work during an unpaid break period. I agree, though, that it would be very bad publicity for the hospital if word got out about it to the community.
  14. RN4NICU

    Most Humorous Call-In Excuses

    Surely there were at least a few that were quick enough on their feet to come back with "too much to work = too much to drive"
  15. RN4NICU

    Grandfather clause for DNP?

    Does anyone know what the plan is (there probably isn't one), for masters-prepared NPs who wish to change specialties. Currently, there is the post-masters certificate, but I'm guessing that will be done away with if/when the change to DNP occurs. However, for the schools I've looked at, MSN to DNP programs do not support a change of specialty. Instead, they want practice hours within the same specialty for admission. So what if an FNP wants to dual-certify as a PMHNP or an NNP? Anyone have any idea?
  16. RN4NICU

    mandatory overtime

    I think this article describes what you are looking for http://www.democratandchronicle.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080730/NEWS01/807300345/1002/NEWS

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