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  1. VeryPlainJane

    phone calls no outsider would believe

    I was interning with a nurse in the ED. The phone was ringing off the hook and my nurse was doing med count so I thought I would help the unit secretary out and answer a few lines for her. The very first call I got was from this man that sounded very frantic. He asked if we picked up his friend and how was he doing, he had been shot. Knowing there were no gun shots victims at the time I asked him if he knew what hospital he was at b/c we had no one here at that fit that description. He said he knew it was our hospital b/c he dropped his friend at the entrance...which was closed at the time. It took me a moment to figure out what he was saying... The poor guy almost bled out on a bench. I never knew I could run so fast! They just dropped him off and left...didn't even wait to see if he was going to make it or not.
  2. VeryPlainJane

    Do You Have Any Favorite OB Myths?

    Labor AND explosive diareah....SWEET!
  3. VeryPlainJane

    Pandemic Flu - Thread II

    I was wondering how many people have a Pandemic plan for themselves and/or family? My family and I have one.
  4. VeryPlainJane

    Pubic hair

    Normally, I would say do it yourself...but if she looked like she had Don King in a leglock...I would do it.
  5. VeryPlainJane

    Taking a child off life support

    I'm from Kansas City..... and have some insight on the case, this is the 2nd child of this mother who has died while "playing" with a gun. I believe the daughter was 4 or 5. While the police were doing their investigation a 16 year old that was living in the home was on some videos having sex with one of the adults of the home. That adult is in jail. (thank God) To say the least the family has "issues".
  6. VeryPlainJane

    Grants for school?

    You need to go to your school's financial aid office and see what grants are available to you.
  7. VeryPlainJane

    Religion Needed to be a Good Nurse?

    :deadhorse God the horse died last month!...and now it's just getting stupid.
  8. VeryPlainJane

    Has anyone ever assisted in a roadside emergency?

    I'm not judging you if you don't want to give aid that's up to you. I was just pointing out that you can be sued for NOT giving aid. In Louisiana it's called "Failure to Act" and it's applied to all citizens....maybe you should call your BON and inform them of their misinformation. And your attitude is totally uncalled for.
  9. VeryPlainJane

    Has anyone ever assisted in a roadside emergency?

    Some states have enated laws that make it a punishable offense NOT to render aid. The Good Samaritan Laws have been established in many States, Alabama is just one of them. These laws were enacted to help to protect the doctors and nurses that help victims and patients from any liability or any civil damages from care that is given in an emergency situation. " A person who, in good-faith renders emergency medical care or assistance to an injured person at the scene of an accident or other emergency without the expectation or receiving or intending to receive compensation from such injured person for such service, shall not be liable in civil damages for any act or omission, not constituting gross negligence, in the course of such care or assistance." Some form of good-samaritan legislation has been enacted in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. http://www.answers.com/topic/good-samaritan-law http://www.cprinstructor.com/legal.htm
  10. VeryPlainJane

    Silent birth? Anyone see one?

    I heard that Katie had an epidural.......when she conceived!:chair::roll
  11. VeryPlainJane

    nursing students for choice

  12. VeryPlainJane


    I had a Doula....I just loved her she was like the grandmotherly midwife she really helped me... Here in Kansas City there is a large Doula commuity... they charge from $0-300 ...let me tell you they are worth every penny! Since my daugther has been born my ins will pay for a doula. A Doula even helped us out when she had colic.
  13. VeryPlainJane

    How many pregnancies are too many?

    I'm the youngest of 13. I wanted to have a huge family when I got married but it's not looking like it's going to happen..I'm 25 and only working on my 2nd.
  14. VeryPlainJane

    Quitting smoking

    I printed this picture of a lung cancer and put it on my ice box door. It's been helping so far. ouch! http://www.tobacco-facts.info/lung_cancer.htm
  15. VeryPlainJane

    800lbs plus man

    I'm thinking of another guy that TLC did a show about. He had to go into a nursing home but ended up dieing in the end.
  16. VeryPlainJane

    800lbs plus man

    He died