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ChristineN BSN, RN

Pediatric/Adolescent, Med-Surg
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ChristineN is a BSN, RN and specializes in Pediatric/Adolescent, Med-Surg.

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  1. ChristineN

    What are you most vigilant about?

    This. I am a big on drug levels and if it isn't ordered I will ask for it to be ordered. Several years ago my mother was hospitalized following an overdose and no one checked drug levels for over two weeks. By that time they had restarted her meds and even titrated the dose up. By the time they checked she was in acute kidney failure. Fortunately didn't need dialysis but still very scary
  2. ChristineN

    Terrible day at clinicals

    I would have definitely driven myself.
  3. ChristineN

    Help me understand....

    What amazes me is when grown adults come in that didn't take anything for fever or pain. I had one lady tell me she didn't take anything cause she was worried about interactions with all of her diabetes and HTN meds. I told her next time just take that Tylenol
  4. ChristineN

    What are you most vigilant about?

    I have never seen post op vs done this often unless the pt is still in PACU or is transferred to ICU. And not every post op needs pulse-ox
  5. ChristineN

    I want my MSN, but...

    I was also going to suggest CNL. I am finishing up a CNL program now. I had started a FNP program but realized that I wasn't ready to leave the bedside and I wanted something that also included education in its focus. CNL answers both of these desires of mine. The degree is still fairly new, so I am sure that it will be tweaked some as time goes by.
  6. ChristineN

    16 hr work days in GA

    When I was working in PA years ago we were told that they were no longer legal "unless the unit is short staffed." I never looked for myself to see what the law was as i was not a fan of 16 hour shifts
  7. ChristineN

    Masters in forensic nursing

    Do you work as a forensic nurse currently?
  8. ChristineN

    PARAMEDICS IN THE ED...Do you have them????

    I am not referring to basic EMT training, I am referring to paramedics, who have more training on advanced airways than nurses get in school
  9. ChristineN

    PARAMEDICS IN THE ED...Do you have them????

    You can not do everything a paramedics can do. A paramedic can intubate and trach, nurses can not
  10. ChristineN

    missed class

    He should be reimbursing you for gas if it is your car
  11. ChristineN

    Purposeless Ranting just to make myself feel better for a second.

    I am sorry for your situation. Are you applying for jobs out of your town? Are you applying for jobs outside the hospital?
  12. ChristineN

    PARAMEDICS IN THE ED...Do you have them????

    No paramedics in my ER, but we do have EMT's that are super useful. They start IVs, rub labs, transport, do EKGs, assist with codes, and so much more.
  13. ChristineN

    Denied because of small body?

    I am your size 5'0, and weigh 100 lbs, soaking wet. I never had a problem as a tech or now as a nurse finding employment. If you are using proper body mechanics you should be fine.
  14. ChristineN

    Things You See On Craigslist

    Soon this nursing student will be on allnurses complaining about how unfair her instructors are and asking if she really has to work at the bedside if she is going to just be an FNP
  15. ChristineN

    Is this the route I have to take??

    No offense, but I am sure L&D would be a good job for you since many of the interventions done can be more controversial, especially by those who are holistic.
  16. ChristineN

    Is this the route I have to take??

    Just curious, but why RN? Have you thought about being a registered dietitian?

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