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ChristineN is a BSN, RN and specializes in Pediatric/Adolescent, Med-Surg.

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  1. ChristineN

    What are you most vigilant about?

    This. I am a big on drug levels and if it isn't ordered I will ask for it to be ordered. Several years ago my mother was hospitalized following an overdose and no one checked drug levels for over two weeks. By that time they had restarted her meds and even titrated the dose up. By the time they checked she was in acute kidney failure. Fortunately didn't need dialysis but still very scary
  2. ChristineN

    Terrible day at clinicals

    I would have definitely driven myself.
  3. ChristineN

    Help me understand....

    What amazes me is when grown adults come in that didn't take anything for fever or pain. I had one lady tell me she didn't take anything cause she was worried about interactions with all of her diabetes and HTN meds. I told her next time just take that Tylenol
  4. ChristineN


    I work in an area of the country where there is a high immigrant population, and have taken care of many pts that are here illegally. They should be getting the same medical care as pts that are US citizens that have health insurance. Most pts are not willing to tell you they are illegal, because they are worried about substandard care or being deported. I can't help but wonder if there is more to this story, as no doctor would refuse a consult for that reason. I wanted to add, with my uninsured pts I am good about referring them to free local clinics, including knowing of free clinics for speciality services like GYN. My units keeps handouts for local free health services, so it might not be a bad idea to educate yourself on the local options for your pts.
  5. ChristineN

    is it nurse's week?

    Stuff going on every day this week at work to honor nurses, including a catered lunch for night shift one day this week. We are also all getting a gift, don't know what it is yet
  6. ChristineN

    eating disorder recovery center

    I disagree. I was offered a job 6 years ago as a new grad on a eating disorder inpatient unit. I turned it down and went to work at a medical hospital, but there are facilities out there that will hire new grads onto these type of floors
  7. ChristineN

    Unsafe ED

    I am sorry the OP had to deal with this. No one knows the full story as far as what all was really going on in the ER, or if there were other factors. At my hospital we have a policy that once a room is ready we have 30 min to give report and then put in transport for pt to floor. This helps avoid the situation you describe because the floor and the ER both know the expectations once the room is ready. Not saying there can't sometimes be issues, but it is the exception and not the norm
  8. ChristineN

    Something bothered me today in the Emergency Dept.

    While I think it is possible to be a compassionate and caring nurse and work in the ER, I agree with others that the ER is someplace that you generally don't have hours to spend with a pt unless that pt is critically ill. I work in the ER and I treat my pts with the compassion and care I would want my parents to be shown. Sometimes that means taking a few minutes to sit and listen to a girl sob after she has been assaulted, or taking the time to explain a diagnosis to a scared pt, or to advocate for what seems best for our pts. For what it is worth there have been times in my career I have been accused by senior nurses of 'caring too much' but I always stay on top of my work and my pts condition.
  9. ChristineN

    My PPD test came out positive; really worried

    Calm down. Breathe. You will get the chest x-ray next week which will tell if you have active TB or not. If you have no symptoms, no coughing, etc. then you will be able to continue with clinicals as before since you won't be contagious. Oh, and I would ask your parents if they recall if you had the vaccine.
  10. ChristineN

    PICC Nurses input on their job.

    We don't have any restrictions on where we can go, but seeing how it is peripheral, nurses would not be putting an IJ in, at least at my facility. Femoral would be done by physicians as well (we almost never do femoral lines in ER, EJ's are faster and less risky) Brachial, and upper arm are common spots for ultrasound lines, from what I have seen. And yeah, it is on the job training, you just have to be trained how to use the ultrasound machine before you can do it. And we usually offer a 1-2 hr inservice for staff every couple months
  11. ChristineN

    PICC Nurses input on their job.

    At my facility ER nurses that have passes a competency can place EJ's. Also about half of our ER nurses can do ultrasound guided IV's, which is nice and faster than a PICC line. I would be excited to be learning the new skills too, though I don't really see the typical rapid response having time to wait for PICC placement. Unless rapid response doubles over as IV team at your hospital
  12. ChristineN


    I have never seen or heard of using one in a female pt. If you have a female that is that difficult to get a foley in it is time to get urology involved
  13. ChristineN

    Already licensed in DC, VA wants me to retake NCLEX?

    Once you have passed NCLEX and hold a current RN license in any state you do not need to retake NCLEX. I wonder if you did not file the licensure by endorsement application, which would have prompted you to submit a copy of your DC license. Either way, the only way you are going to resolve this is to call the BON
  14. ChristineN

    Hospital budgets and cuts

    No, it is not happening nation wide. I have received two raises since Dec. We have also continued to hire nurses and techs, with overtime remaining available to staff in my department. Work continues to reimburse a substantial amount for graduate programs that employees are enrolled in. My hospital is nonprofit, we are nationally known, but have an older building with out the latest and greatest technology. Every year we have been managing to make a profit
  15. Just curious but are you in the US or Canada?
  16. ChristineN

    Hospital Policy Vs. Unit Rules

    I am surprised your unit is still using written report sheets. JACHO has said that verbal, face-to-face report is best. I personally have worked on floors that used report sheets and hated it. I like organizing my shift my way and writing things down in the way I want them organized