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LadyT618 MSN, APRN, NP

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LadyT618 has 15 years experience as a MSN, APRN, NP and specializes in Home Health, Primary Care.

I have experience in CTICU, OR, CCU, Clinic Nursing and Home Health nursing.

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  1. LadyT618

    In search for FNP Preceptor in HOUSTON

    Private message has been sent. Good luck!
  2. LadyT618

    In search for FNP Preceptor in HOUSTON

    Private message me for some contacts if you're still in search. :)
  3. LadyT618

    Best NP Review Course

    OMG!! God Bless ya!! I think back when I took the NCLEX (2005), they recommended doing 2000 questions and I barely got to about 1000 and I got tired and just went ahead and took it. Passed the first time PRAISE GOD. I couldn't imagine doing 12K questions. I did about 1500 questions for the NP boards. I tried to get to 2000, but just couldn't LOL
  4. LadyT618

    Best NP Review Course

    I felt that Amelie Hollier's review course was best for me. I purchased Barkley's own as well (on CDs) but I believe I could have done without Barkley's. I sat for the AANP AGPCNP board exam.
  5. I attended University of South Alabama for this exact thing and was very satisfied. I highly recommend the school.
  6. That would be a negative. Where did this guy get his information?
  7. LadyT618

    Finding Preceptors

    Hey Susan, I understand. I was able to send you a PM but not sure if you can read it and/or respond. Hopefully you can at least read it. Let me know
  8. LadyT618

    Nurse practitioner review courses

    Check out www.npcourses.com
  9. LadyT618

    How Long Does it Take to Find Preceptors?

    Have you applied to other schools? I attended Walden for my MSN in Nursing Education and had to sit out a semester because I could not find a preceptor for my final project. However, I attended the University of South Alabama for my Post Master's in AGPCNP. Though they did not formally set up my clinicals like other high priced programs do, they did provide a list of preceptors used by former students in my state and I was able to locate 2 of the 3 preceptors I found (the third I found by way of the ENP network online). I would recommend asking your students' parents about their physicians and see if any of then are willing to be preceptors and go from there. I know someone who went to Walden's MSN-AGPCNP program and she was able to find preceptors (she worked performing long term care assessments, not that ideal in making connections either). You just have to hit the pavement and start asking around. Google is your friend. Looks for pediatricians, family medicine docs, internal medicine docs, OBGYNs in your area and start either cold calling or actually going in person and asking...leave your resume. That's what I did until my school coughed up that list. My mantra for this daunting task is "never give up!" It is not impossible to find preceptors. Don't go into this thinking that.
  10. Hi, LadyT618

    I`m Lee from NE. Recently I`ve got the acceptance letter of dual role of FNP/AGACNP from university of south Alabama(Summer 2020). But I am planning to move to NY this fall. Can I finish the NP program in NY and practicing in NY as a NP(I have NCLEX) ? or should I apply to NP program in NY again? I`m confused.

    Thank you!!

    1. LadyT618

      LadyT618, MSN, APRN, NP

      I cannot answer your question because I'm not sure if NY accepts USA's NP educational programs. You'd have to contact NYS Education Department to be sure. I received my NP education whilst living in TX.

    2. Min Jae Lee

      Min Jae Lee

      Thank you.

      I appreciate that.

  11. What do you mean by "certificates?" Do you mean specialties? NP schools here in the US are divided up by populations and setting really...acute care vs primary care, across the lifespan vs only adults vs only neonates vs only pediatrics...and then you have women's health and psych. There are a few specialty certifications one can get once an NP but it would depend on your experience in the field in order to sit for said exams to obtain the certifications in those specialties. You can't just go and pick up many certifications without the needed experience.
  12. I'm curious as to the reasons those people say it is "impossible." Are these people just lazy and are slackers and don't want to put in the hard work?? And like @FullGlass said, these programs are supposed to be difficult and B minimum is standard. Being a provider is a huge responsibility, one that should NOT be taken lightly. People would kill for the opportunity to go to NP school free of charge. And if 2 years at a guaranteed position is your payback for receiving such a gift, suck it up, like @yournurse said.
  13. LadyT618

    NP Student Liability Insurance

    My school provided the insurance as part of the costs to attend, but I also wondered why I needed the flu vaccine before starting when clinicals weren't starting for another year. Maybe a regulatory thing...who knows.
  14. LadyT618

    Specialties within the NP role

    From what I've heard and seen on here at allnurses, RNs with oncology experience usually have found that that experience helped them land jobs as NPs in the oncology outpatient offices right out of school. As far as FNP vs AGPCNP goes, I say do you. I'm biased toward AGPCNP because that's what I did because I didn't wanna deal with kids (and surely didn't even wanna learn about how to care for them). Just my opinion, but I think with either one, you'd be ok rounding on patients in a hospital but to work in the actual hospital full time, you'd have to do your research into the hospitals in your area. While some hospitals have no problem hiring FNPs to work, some hospitals are shying away from them and starting to only hire AGACNPs. Oh, and there's the AOCNP certification exam that you can take once you're an NP. https://www.oncc.org/certifications/advanced-oncology-certified-nurse-practitioner-aocnp
  15. LadyT618

    Non-nurse to MSN

    Just do a search on "direct entry" here on allnurses and you should be able to find information. CNL sounds like another program altogether. Make sure the program you are applying for leads to eligibility to sit for the FNP certification exam. Good Luck.
  16. I say if you have the time and the stamina, go to med school and become a radiologist. You don't have to deal with the bedside that comes with hospital nursing, you definitely get the respect and independence (more than you'd get as an FNP) and as a radiologist, you don't have to really deal with people. It's a win, win, win all around!

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