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LadyT618 has 15 years experience as a ADN, MSN, RN, NP and specializes in Home Health.

I have experience in CTICU, OR, CCU, Clinic Nursing and Home Health nursing.

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  1. LadyT618

    FNP post degree certificate

    What are you getting your MSN in?
  2. LadyT618

    NP schools without an RN license

    Well said!!
  3. LadyT618

    RN. BSN

    I would start with pursuing a wound care certification, whether it a variation of WOCN (you don't have to do wound, ostomy and continence...you can choose 1, 2 or all 3) or WCC (Google WCEI). There's another certification, but I can't remember it right now. Do you actively perform wound care in your daily duties as a Registered Nurse?
  4. LadyT618

    RN. BSN

    Do you have any kind of wound care certification currently?
  5. LOL yeah they do. I think I had more group projects at USA than I did at Walden but it made me grow as a person. And honestly, I only had maybe 1 person who irked me, but it was but for a moment. For the most part, my fellow classmates were professional and they brought their A game.
  6. my pleasure. I love ya too man! Oh wow, that sucks. I got my MSN in Nursing Education from Walden. I can't remember if I was able to speak to classmates but with USA, you can send messages to classmates that do not have to be seen by instructors but all communication regarding assignments must be documented in the forum so instructors can see what's going on and how folks are pulling their weight. The forum is divided by assignment then group, so folks within a group can chat amongst themselves and you can see other groups' discussions as well. So it's very open
  7. I graduated from their Post Master's AGPCNP program, so I can't speak for the PMHNP program. They do not help to find preceptors in terms of placement, but when I contacted my clinical lead at the start of my first clinical semester, she forwarded me a list of all the preceptors that former students used in the state of TX for that specialty. I highly recommend the program. I have absolutely no complaints. I've always been a self-learner, self-motivated, so I had no issues with not having lectures, or similar. Their study guides for exams were helpful and relevant. They were always an email or phone call away if you had questions. There was a Q&A section in the classroom and the instructors always answered people's questions if a classmate didn't already help you out. The way each semester built upon themselves as you went through the program was phenomenal. By the time I reached my 2nd to last semester, they were giving us exams that replicated the boards (in terms of number of questions, time limit and comprehensive nature). I felt so prepared that I took my boards 3 weeks after the last day of class on 12/6. I received my ATT on 12/23 and scheduled it for 12/27. And I'm proud to say I passed. I say give 'em a try
  8. LOL, that's funny. I actually didn't go to a B&M school in TX. I actually went to a B&M school in Alabama (U of South Alabama), but via their online NP program. I believe all of their NP programs are offered online, with a requirement to come to campus at least one time during your time there.
  9. LadyT618

    Nurse practitioner GPA requirements

    I don't really know my overall GPA, since I've been through a few programs leading up to my decision to apply to NP school, but I can tell you my first undergraduate degree was less than stellar. However, my AAS in Nursing GPA was 3.45, my MSN was 3.78 and I had about 12 years nursing experience by the time I applied to the University of South Alabama's Post Master's AGPCNP program. I think you'll be just fine
  10. LadyT618

    Nurse practitioner GPA requirements

    Kudos to you!! Being from Brooklyn, I admire that you went with a CUNY school. You not only get the education you need, but you get it at a fraction of the cost of other "big name" schools. WIN WIN!! Hell, had I still been in NY when I decided to go back, I would have gone the same route. Best wishes as you pursue your education
  11. LadyT618

    NP Salary

    My pleasure . We all could use it
  12. LadyT618

    NP Salary

    Stop worrying and start acting. Worrying will get you nowhere fast. Start hustling and working toward that first position. Don't stop, never stop, don't give up. I met 1 FNP who worked for my first preceptor, who couldn't find a job til 8 months after graduation. Then 2 FNP new grads who I met this summer, at the same preceptor, found jobs within weeks of graduating. Sometimes I wonder... Go get em girl
  13. LadyT618

    NP Salary

    Have you tried setting up alerts on Glassdoor, Indeed, Ziprecruiter? Set up a LinkedIn profile to make yourself visible. If you're still not finding anything using these resources, you may want to/have to consider widening your radius just a bit (i.e., move, but not too far, stay in Texas) in order to find something. I'm in the Houston metropolitan area and I just ended my program on Friday and seeing a few positions of interest posted. I also will be sitting for the AGPCNP boards as soon as they let me. Let us know if any of those resources have helped.
  14. LadyT618

    NP Salary

    What part of Texas do you live?
  15. LadyT618

    Nursing shortage is BS

    The way SansNom worded part of her post came across as condescending to nurses, but I believe she was looking at it from a business/administrative point of view. Her first sentence, "I feel like a common problem nowadays is that the taskiness and simplification of nursing by computers and technology is making experience less and less valuable to employers," really expressed that but then it fell apart with the next sentence. I actually don't think that how SansNom feels but that definitely how it came across. The next paragraph, "So the experienced nursing are expecting higher pay for their experience, but hospitals don't want to pay you $10 more an hour when wet-behind-the-ears new-grad Emily over there can just as easily click the boxes and pass the meds for a whole lot less money," is expressing how administration looks at the "task" of nursing. Administration does not realize that nursing is NOT a task but is a science, an art, full of skills and knowledge that cannot be replaced by computers, as expressed in the next 2 paragraphs by SansNom" "Sure, there will be some collateral damage in the form of missed signs and symptoms, or med errors, or maybe even a death here and there, but what they're saving by staffing with cheap new grads and young nurses who are just happy to have a job makes that collateral damage negligible. That's the way it seems to me anyway. The ICU where I work is probably 70% staffed by nurses with 1-2 years experience. They don't want to hire a nurse like me with 8 years experience when they can get young nurses who can just complete the task and make their paperwork look good, and who's willing to shut up and do whatever they tell them." In her last paragraph SansNom expresses that that's how it appears TO HER. When I break down her post like this, I definitely see where she's coming from. Administration, for the most part (because we don't want to generalize), seems to only care about their bottom line more than patient care.
  16. LadyT618

    Preparing for Clinicals

    YESSS, THIS!!! Piggybacking off this, CDC has their vaccine schedules and STD info in app form as well. Also UpToDate is a heaven sent. I love my school (USA) for offering to students. I am looking to continuing it beyond graduation, whether or not my employer pays for it. FYI: AANP members get a discount (just found this out yesterday).

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