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LadyT618 MSN, APRN, NP

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LadyT618 has 16 years experience as a MSN, APRN, NP and specializes in Home Health, Primary Care.

I have experience in CTICU, OR, CCU, Clinic Nursing and Home Health nursing.

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  1. LadyT618

    HELP needed... Health Assessment

    I went to USA and when I took it, they split it into 2 separate videos so you didn't have to do a full head-to-toe in 1 video. No notes were allowed. You needed to remember everything by memory and it had to be done in an allotted amount of time. You had to say what you were doing out loud as you performed each step of the physical exam. Hope this helps.
  2. LadyT618

    First NP job... Did you negotiate the salary?

    It took me about 1 year, 45 days. Yes, it is actually my dream job. No, it came in at pretty much the market rate for the position and the geographic area.
  3. LadyT618

    HELP needed... Health Assessment

    Does your school have a required physical assessment textbook? I would start getting very acquainted with it, and just repetition is key. My program used Bates and had an available pocket guide (ad a separate purchase) that can fit into your lab coat or purse (if you're out and about running errands and wanna study). You can also search Youtube for physical assessment videos.
  4. LadyT618

    Seeking Preceptor in Houston!

    I'll PM you a few names to inquire for primary care. I have no resources for the other 2.
  5. LadyT618

    Seeking Preceptor in Houston!

    What kind of clinical experiences are you seeking?
  6. LadyT618

    Nursing shortage is BS

    I obtained the HCS-D credential for ICD-10 home health coding and COS-C for OASIS coding. You also have other options for both of these, but those are the ones I went with.
  7. LadyT618

    Seeking Preceptor in Houston!

    I'll PM you a physician's name.
  8. LadyT618

    Rec's for good online CMEs: primary care peds/adult

    I enjoy courses provided for FREE by NACEonline.com, PracticingClinicians.com, and ClinicalOptions.com. I don't know too many pediatric options but these sites are great for primary care.
  9. LadyT618

    In search for FNP Preceptor in HOUSTON

    Private message me for some contacts if you're still in search. :)
  10. LadyT618

    Best NP Review Course

    I started preparing 3 semesters prior to graduation (in the Spring semester) when I started clinicals, with Leik's app (tied to her book). I got Hollier's review course and MyQBank in the Summer. I started in the bank in the Summer and didn't watch her review course til the Fall (my last semester). I also listened to Barkley's CDs in the Fall as well. I just constantly did questions throughout those 3 semesters. The sooner you start, the better, in my opinion anyway 😊
  11. LadyT618

    Do you have your own malpractice insurance?

    Have you tried CM&F?
  12. LadyT618

    How many applications did you complete?

    I applied to only one, it was my first choice and I got in. Had I not, I had a 2nd and 3rd choice but thankfully didn't need them. I also didn't have money for a whole bunch of application fees.
  13. LadyT618

    Applying for DEA/prescription agreement

    This is greatly dependent on what state you're in. Please do not submit until you know for sure because there are no refunds (I.e, kiss that $731 goodbye). If you're in Texas, don't do it until you have a PAA in place and filed with the TX Medical Board.
  14. Very important clarification 👍
  15. LadyT618

    Finding Preceptors

    Private message me and I'll give you some names to contact.
  16. Hi, LadyT618

    I`m Lee from NE. Recently I`ve got the acceptance letter of dual role of FNP/AGACNP from university of south Alabama(Summer 2020). But I am planning to move to NY this fall. Can I finish the NP program in NY and practicing in NY as a NP(I have NCLEX) ? or should I apply to NP program in NY again? I`m confused.

    Thank you!!

    1. LadyT618

      LadyT618, MSN, APRN, NP

      I cannot answer your question because I'm not sure if NY accepts USA's NP educational programs. You'd have to contact NYS Education Department to be sure. I received my NP education whilst living in TX.

    2. Min Jae Lee

      Min Jae Lee

      Thank you.

      I appreciate that.