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About LadyT618

LadyT618 has 19 years experience as a MSN, APRN, NP and specializes in Home Health, Primary Care.

I have experience in CTICU, OR, CCU, Clinic Nursing and Home Health nursing.

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  1. LadyT618

    NY and Hybrid NP Programs

    I believe your best bet would be to contact the school you're interested in attending and ask them this question. That would be the simplest way to get an answer to your question, in my opinion. Different schools may have different policies and proce...
  2. LadyT618

    DEA license in Texas

    And yes, you will need a collaborative physician or you will lose your $888. Just wait for your first job.
  3. LadyT618

    Where to find CEs after failing AANP

    I'm just curious, when you googled it, what did you find?
  4. LadyT618

    DEA in each state

    If you want to prescribe controlled substances in both states, YES, you will need 2 different DEA registrations and will have to pay $888 TWICE, unless you work for the federal government, in which case they'll cover it. And he sure to secure your co...
  5. LadyT618

    Likelihood of passing the AANP in 11 days?

    WOOHOO! WAY TO GO! I knew you had this!! ?
  6. LadyT618

    Likelihood of passing the AANP in 11 days?

    I think that sounds like a GREAT plan! And yes, while it isn't the NCLEX, it is still a standardized exam. I have a feeling you're probably ready and just overthinking everything! Make your mnemonics, remember classes (of meds) and relax. Concen...
  7. LadyT618

    Likelihood of passing the AANP in 11 days?

    That'll take pure memorization. Try to find mnemonics if you can or make up your own Remember the major players (don't bother with rare diseases). Try to remember classes of antibiotics instead of individual names if possible. And once you walk into ...
  8. LadyT618

    Likelihood of passing the AANP in 11 days?

    Just my opinion, but if you truly understand the rationale behind both right and wrong answers of questions you have gone through, then the "facts" will fall into place naturally. If you're talking about lab values and things of that nature, just kee...
  9. LadyT618

    Likelihood of passing the AANP in 11 days?

    How long ago did you graduate? Did you study at all while you were in school? Have you studied since graduating? Do you fully understand the WHY behind the material you have studied?
  10. LadyT618

    TX- Question about controlled meds prescribing?

    You also need to get prescriptive authority delegation from a physician (as well as a collaborative agreement...often combined into one document). You also should be registered on the Texas Medical Board's website under said physician PRIOR to obtain...
  11. LadyT618

    Any post acute/LTC NPs here?

    My pleasure! Best of luck to ya!!
  12. LadyT618

    Any post acute/LTC NPs here?

    Where I moved from (in TX) was pretty saturated as well, but fortunately, it's just me, myself, and my dog, so moving was definitely an option! Check with your former preceptors and see if they could use some free labor....this is an unpopular opinio...
  13. LadyT618

    Any post acute/LTC NPs here?

    I currently work in LTC, after a year and a half of volunteering for an IM doc (one of my former preceptors) to gain experience post-graduation. I graduated as an adult-gero primary care NP. I found my current position via Indeed and applied directly...
  14. LadyT618

    AGNP Job Prospects

    I found a job in both internal medicine primary care and will be moving on to long term care. I am an adult-gero primary care NP.
  15. LadyT618

    HELP needed... Health Assessment

    I went to USA and when I took it, they split it into 2 separate videos so you didn't have to do a full head-to-toe in 1 video. No notes were allowed. You needed to remember everything by memory and it had to be done in an allotted amount of time. You...

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