8 or 12 hour shifts


Hello Everyone,

I am not a nurse. I am a pre-nursing student. I would just like to know do you prefer working an 8 or 12 hour shift? What are the pros/cons of working either shift? I thank you for taking time out to read and respond to my post.


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The con of working 8s is you have to work five of them to work full time, where you only have to work three 12s. I would never survive at this job if I had to work five days per week. It's just too stressful.

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I love my 12s. I am here less and I have time for a second casual job.


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I hate working five days a week. I am dead tired when I get home and I have three young kids that demand my attention. If I worked 12's I would have a life outside of work instead of taking naps during the day on my days off.


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12 hours for me! The benefit? Only working three days a week instead of 5. I hated 8 hour shifts 5 days a week. I felt like I lived at work. 12hrs gives me more of a chance to relax and recharge on my days off. Also easier to schedule vacations and make plans.

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I have worked both. 12 hour shifts are my preference. When I worked 8's I usually had to stay late to chart. 7-3 covers the busiest time of the hospital day and there is too much work, sometimes to fit neatly in to an 8 hour day. With a 12 hr, I can push off writing progress notes until afternoon.

After work, I was tired and just wanted to go home, so I wasn't able to make much use of the time after work. With 3-11, I spent most of my time before work counting down and rationing my energy. 12 hrs are simpler- a work day or a day off. It is one or the other. The time off really feels free.

12 hours does sound like a long time, but when you stay busy and keep fit, a long shift is possible.

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12s, hands down. More time to get everything done and dine well. Prefer my full days off.

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I hated 12s. Days, I would leave before my kids were up and get home just before their bedtime. Nights, I had no energy for anything but sleep.

That said, I work PT so I still have plenty of days off. If I had to work FT, I would prefer 12 hr days. I would only work FT 12 hr nocs if we were starving.


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I work 12s as a PCT and I love it. But we have a rotation... so its kind of a hybrid of 12s and one 8 hours shift and a 6 hour shift due to the altered weekend hours at the clinic I work at. Usually I work three 12s one week during the weekdays and then the next week I do two 12s and one 8 and one 6 which every other weekend off. I love my schedule, but I wouldn't mind having three 12s all the time.

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It all comes down to personal preference. Some nurses prefer three 12-hour shifts whereas others prefer five 8-hour shifts.I now work five 8-hour days per week in a work-from-home role that does not involve patient care.

However, if I ever had to return to direct patient care, I'd definitely opt for three 12-hour shifts per week. I simply do not want to devote five entire days of face time to patients, their families, and my coworkers. Also, I enjoy more days off, and working three 12-hour shifts enables that to happen.

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Whatever you're doing, you're doing it for twelve and a half solid hours......or eight and a half solid hours.

You'll likely have a chance to experience both shifts during your lifetime as a nurse. Eights and twelves are frequently seen in the same hospital, and sometimes on the same floor.


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I am a CNA working at a hospital. I've only been here a month and I absolutely positively hate 12 hour shifts. I honestly wish I would have stayed at the nursing home!