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  1. INN_777

    Scribes for nurses. Yeah I like that!

    Even if we had a device to convert voice to chart, so we could mumble assessment/i&o/etc while we do it or otherwise on the go and it would populate the chart, that would be great. And in today's day and age not out of the realm of possible.
  2. Hi all: Wondering if anyone has gone through an interview for the FNP program at Sacred Heart U (Fairfield, CT) - including in previous years. I got the invite saying that the interview will consist of 3 sessions: group interview, interview with faculty and writing session. This, certainly, sounds much more involved than interviews with other schools. Not asking to divulge insider information but appreciate any insights as to the process and flow. Thx!
  3. INN_777

    Passed NCLEX-RN In 75 Questions

    Congrats!!! I passed in late Jan and, reading your recap, I remembered that I too wrote down rationales that I did not know in a notebook. Even looked up more on certain ones. That was my way of reviewing content.
  4. INN_777

    How I Passed NCLEX-RN the second time.

    You are an inspiration! Congrats!
  5. INN_777

    Random Valuable NCLEX Facts :)

    Does anyone know if the 48 hrs quick results time extend to weekends? Meaning if I test on Thursday should the 48 hrs be up on Sat?
  6. INN_777

    Passed my NCLEX-RN! My NCLEX Review Material Tips

    IceStar! Congrats!!! And thank you so much for the time and effort to put this together. Saving this as I am about to begin my prep. Wishing some serious good karma your way!:)
  7. INN_777

    The Day Nursing Student Apathy Got to Me

    Wish I could be there instead of these two! But I just started so most we would be able to do in ER right now is watch:) How great of you to be such a tremendous mentor to students! Hats off!
  8. This is genius! Just started my first semester in an accelerated BSN. Since that time (only a month ago), I have cancelled on get together with friends a few times and resolved to not even try until I am done. I started drinking coffee after not being coffee drinker all my life. I finally started demanding help around the house from my 18 year old (way past due). Family definitely does NOT get it. And B is undeniably the new A:) Good luck you all!
  9. INN_777

    How To Get a Job As a New Grad Nurse

    Good for you and congrats on seeing your efforts pay off. And thank you for taking the time to share your experience. Very helpful.