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INN_777 has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Oncology, Medicine.

Oncology RN with in-patient and out-patient experience.

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  1. INN_777

    What to charge for chart review/opinion?

    They found me on LinkedIn based on my professional creds/experience.
  2. INN_777

    PMHNP with med/oncology experience

    Thank you, my friend! So glad your are doing well and enjoying it. For sure, almost every onc patient has psych needs, so I do feel like I have quite a bit on experience with at least anxiety and depression. Thank you for an encouraging response.⚘
  3. INN_777

    PMHNP with med/oncology experience

    Hi all: I've been an Oncology RN for 6.5 years now (2nd career). Started an FNP program in 2017 but had to stop as I moved to a new state and life took over. I am considering finishing grad school but I want to switch gears and apply to a PMHNP ...
  4. You have what it takes! With IVs, scary as it might be and frustrating, the more you do the better you get. I started my nursing and oncology career inpatient and barely had a chance to start IVs, most of our patients had central lines. I had hu...
  5. INN_777

    What to charge for chart review/opinion?

    Thank you. Reviewing the case for now. Not sure if there will be any development thereafter.
  6. Hi all: I've never done legal work as an RN and have just been approached by a legal services company to review records on a brief case in my specialty (Oncology) and offer an opinion. I will need to get back to them on the hourly rate and possibly h...
  7. INN_777

    OCN Exam Insight!

    Hi all, also studying for this exam. Are there select all the apply questions on it?
  8. INN_777

    Mission Health & other agencies in West NC

    We recently toured the area and visited Waynesville (great) and Weaversville (wonderful). Good to know you like it. Waynsville just seemed a little far but this all depends on where work is, I guess. Haven't been to Swannanoa but loved the name;) CNA...
  9. INN_777

    Mission Health & other agencies in West NC

    Hi Meowzers! Thank you for your very encouraging response! Not married to downtown and we have toured a few smaller cities like Weaversville and Swanannoa - liked it. If you don't mind me asking, in what town did you land? Also, what are the nurse t...
  10. INN_777

    Mission Asheville????????

    Great to find all the feedback here as I am also about to relocate to the area. What are the nurse to patient ratios? I am an oncology RN (3 years experience) and would be looking at inpatient (or outpatient) oncology. Thx
  11. Hi all: BF and I are planning on relocation to Asheville or immediate proximity early 2018. I am and RN-BSN and will have 3 years of Oncology experience, chemo-bio certification and (hopefully) Oncology certification by the time we move. I am current...
  12. INN_777

    Nursing in NC - considering moving

    Thanks all! Helpful!
  13. INN_777

    Nursing in NC - considering moving

    Thank you for your response. I've never heard of intermediate ortho. What level of care is that? Is that an ortho stepdown (never heard of that either)?Want to clarify, because if this is a regular ortho floor then 4-5 is reasonable. If it is more li...
  14. INN_777

    Nursing in NC - considering moving

    Thank you so much for sharing, guys! How are the staffing ratios?
  15. Hi all: I currently live in CT and work at a major teaching hospital here. My specialty is Oncology and I have 2+ years of experience (second career). For personal reasons considering relocating to NC. Maybe Charlotte or Durham. Wondering about the "...