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  1. I was just trying to get some idea on UCONN or Goodwin's Nursing program
  2. Nurses/Pre-nursing students who took intro statistics

    Hello, I find it a little confusing on what courses to take because every school requires something different courses for their nursing program. should I try and make a decision for one school or should I try and take my pre-requites for the nur...
  3. Failed clinical portion of nursing school during COVID

    Hello, Should I go for my ADN or BSN I start taking my pre-requites in January
  4. What Should I Anticipate

    Hello Everyone, I will be starting nursing school October 29, 2018. I know that every nursing program starts out differently, but I just want to know what I will be basically learning in the first semester of my Practical Nurse Program? And what can ...
  5. What Should I Anticipate

    Hello Everyone, I just found out that I was accepted to nursing school It is an LPN program. I am excited and nervous at the same time I will begin classes on October 29, 2018. What I would like to know is what I will be learning in my first semester...

    Yes there are still some LPN programs in Ct but the programs are at private career schools and they are very expensive $30,000 plus for a year program. They did close the state LPN programs due to budget cuts. It all depends are were you live in CT b...

    Hello Everyone, I will be starting nursing school come October 29, 2018. And I would like to know are there any resent graduates of an LPN program in CT ,or are there any LPN's out there who would be available to help tutor me while I am in school ,b...
  8. I'm a nurse and I don't like people.

    Hello, I just wanted to say that I got a kick out of your to topic I read some of the comments and I just had to laugh. I am not a nurse but I used to be a nurses aid I will be starting nursing school in October 2018
  9. I Want To Be Prepared

    HI Everyone, I would like to know what can I do now to prepare for the October 29 2018 start of the nursing program. I thought perhaps that I could get a book and start working on dosage calculations any suggestions?
  10. 2018-2019 Student LPN Roll Call

    Hello Everyone, I have been accepted into Nursing school I was told that I was accepted today. The admissions office said that they would be sending acceptance letters out the end of this month. I will be starting class on October 29, 2018. I am so ...
  11. Any Part-time Nursing Programs

    Hi I just wanted to know are there any part-time Nursing programs for me to go for RN
  12. LPN or RN

    HI, Thank you for answering my post. I would do the RN route but it would take me more than two years with taking my pre-requisites plus I have to work full time because I am the sole support for my family.. This is the reason why I chose the LPN rou...
  13. LPN or RN

    AS you may can see by my username I should have been an LPN By now. But I keep going back and forth between LPN or RN I definately want to be a nurse and I want to be an RN eventually. I have some 30 college credits though my I have not done so well ...
  14. Tomorrow I will be meeting with the financial Aid office at Stone Academy to see what type of aid I will be able to get to attend there. I passed the pre -admissons exam which was the first step now comes the financial aid portion. I really hope that...
  15. Economic State of CT and Nursing programs...

    Hello WCSU1987, Thank you for answering to my post. What I would like to say to you is that I think that you are overstressing your self out with trying to apply and get accepted into a nursing program. I also understand that you have been waitlisted...