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Hello Everyone,

I will be starting nursing school come October 29, 2018. And I would like to know are there any resent graduates of an LPN program in CT ,or are there any LPN's out there who would be available to help tutor me while I am in school ,because I think that I am going to need a tutor. Also I would like to know the best way to prepare for nursing school? I was thinking that I could get a book on dosage calculations.

I'm not a nurse, but I had no idea there was an LPN program in CT. I heard they were all gone where is this program in CT ?

Yes there are still some LPN programs in Ct but the programs are at private career schools and they are very expensive $30,000 plus for a year program. They did close the state LPN programs due to budget cuts. It all depends are were you live in CT but there are private LPN programs are as follows. Lincoln Tech institute New Britain and Shelton, Porter And Chester Institute Rocky Hill, CT and Stone Academy East Hartford, West haven CT. I would strongly suggest to you to go for your RN if you can and don't bother with LPN School. Because LPN's aren't being hired in Hospitals if that it where you want to work. And if you go the LPN route the courses that you will take at these private schools will not transfer into an Rn program and you will be starting from scratch to get your Rn degree. I have to go the LPN route due to family circumstances. I hope this helps good luck

I'm 18, I just graduated high school In may and August 20th I start the the LPN program at iwcc. I worked so hard to get here and I'm scared I will fail

Me!!!! I start the 29th too

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