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AS you may can see by my username I should have been an LPN By now. But I keep going back and forth between LPN or RN I definately want to be a nurse and I want to be an RN eventually. I have some 30 college credits though my I have not done so well with the science and math courses courses because I do not have a very good academic background in high school, but I not all my grades are bad have gotten some A's and B's. But this LPN or RN has me confused. Should I go the LPN route get a job and go back to School for RN? By doing this I will be working in the field in about 2 years because the LPN program that I will be taking is part-time for 22 months. Should I continue taking courses at the community college part-time where I could be in an RN program perhaps in 4 years ( two years plus summers of pre-requisites.?) where I will get my ADN. What do you think?

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If the LPN program is going to take 22 months, why take that route? An ADN program takes about the same time.

Is there a reason why you are going to school part time for the LPN program? Kids, need to work?

Going back to school to bridge is more time and money so if you can get your RN degree first, then go for it. Just get it out of the way if you can help it. If you need to get into the field right away because you have responsibilities, then please look for an LPN school that will take a year. I don't see the benefit of taking about the same time you would have used to get the ADN degree to get into the LPN program. Just because it's part time doesn't mean they will take it easy on you.

Totally agree with Neo. Take the ADN route it will take 2yrs, plus once you pass the boards and get a job you will be paid as an RN. You can always do the BSN online. I did my ADN, passed boards 6 weeks after graduating. Even before I passed the boards I applied to Chamberlain online, as soon as I passed I was set to go. Took me 9 months to complete. During that time I worked as an RN. Big difference in salary so go for it.

HI, Thank you for answering my post.

I would do the RN route but it would take me more than two years with taking my pre-requisites plus I have to work full time because I am the sole support for my family.. This is the reason why I chose the LPN route because It is part-time for 22 months and then I thought that I would work and continue to go for my ADN since I already have some credits that would go towards to the ASN.

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