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  1. friendlyelse

    New Grad RN Starting Nursing Career During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    It is unfortunate you had to start your career during a pandemic. I am not a new grad, been working for about 4 yrs and it is overwhelming to me. Initially I was upset my unit was transformed to Covid, but I had to put everything aside and think of the patient. I had a few new nurses on my floor (they had already finished orientation), two of them are doing well but the other had to take a leave of absence due to constant panic attacks. I am not quite sure what your situation is, but I encourage you to use it as a learning experience. Do your best and always always treat the patient with dignity and respect. You will be pleasantly surprise what this means to them. Take time for yourself; get adequate rest, stay hydrated and please always ask for help if you need it. Be safe.
  2. friendlyelse

    New York Presbyterian Queens

    Is your friend Trump? LOL..to be blunt it is brutal. Personally I am mentally and physically exhausted. No one can be prepared for this. It was a bit on the quiet side on last week but Friday night it kind of ticked up at our ER which meant admissions on the unit and this dashed our hope all over again. I think the most difficult part for me is seeing these patients with no one there and can only see our eyes. Usually I have my phone with a pic of myself in my scrubs and ID that way they have an idea what I look like. Very sad situation. Many of our nurses got sick and we worked very short. It is just overwhelming. Thankfully I am healthy to go in.
  3. friendlyelse


    Thanks. I am open to other areas of nursing. Focusing on getting my license first.
  4. friendlyelse


    I work at Bronxcare but I do not live there. Which part of the Bronx? Places like Riverdale, Throgsneck, Parkchester are decent. The surrounding area in close proximity to the hospital is rough neighborhood. It is quiet now due to the parks and everything shut down. Just be very careful regardless of where you are in the Bronx.
  5. friendlyelse


    I always love Canada. I have ton of friends in the Toronto area. The lower pay does not bother me; personally I think the quality of life is better, my opinion. I tried to get my license but it was taking very long so I gave up. Currently I am a Pediatric RN; but also have experience in LTC. I also have some child mental health experience working with teens. (working with Administration for Children's Services). Currently I am caring for Covid patients. I am looking to get out of NY next year. I think Toronto areais a better option as oppose to other States.
  6. friendlyelse

    Nursing Students COVID-19

    I am an RN in NYC currently working with Covid 19 patients. Honestly, this is brutal. There is no other way to describe it. It takes a toll on you physically and mentally. We have new graduate nurses with about 3 months on the unit and most cannot handle it. Our peds unit was transformed to Covid 19 only. Our Hospital brought in nurses but only those with experience. Hiring a nursing student would not be wise in a situation like this. Personally I hope, I never have to see or go through anything like this ever again.
  7. friendlyelse


    I am a Pediatric Nurse working in NY. I am looking to moving to the Toronto area. I am BSN and also have experience in LTC. I have submitted to get my license but need information as to what are the best hospitals to work in Pediatrics? Are there areas to work as an RN other than bedside? I am aware the pay is lower than NY, but that is not a factor to me. What are nice places to live? Rent? any ideas would be helpful.
  8. friendlyelse

    Med errors being investigated

    I am not sure but I know I would fight not only to keep my license but to make sure nothing bad goes against me. Personally I would go to the Supervisor/Director...how many Nurses did you have to give meds to as oppose to what is legally allowed. Keep in mind this can also go against the Nursing Home if you had "X" number of patients to give meds too.
  9. friendlyelse

    Med errors being investigated

    10 Med Errors in 4hrs? I can understand one or two but wow...You said you had computer problems did you contact the supervisor once you realize the computer was not functioning well? If you did let the supervisor know, you can include that in your email. Are you represented by the Union? Thankfully, there was no harm to the patient and no narcotics were involved. That said though, I still think they should have given you a verbal warning followed by a written one before reporting you to the Nursing board.
  10. friendlyelse

    LPN or RN

    Totally agree with Neo. Take the ADN route it will take 2yrs, plus once you pass the boards and get a job you will be paid as an RN. You can always do the BSN online. I did my ADN, passed boards 6 weeks after graduating. Even before I passed the boards I applied to Chamberlain online, as soon as I passed I was set to go. Took me 9 months to complete. During that time I worked as an RN. Big difference in salary so go for it.
  11. I am in the initial state of looking into moving to the Stamford Area. I work at a Hospital in the Bronx (Pediatrics/NICU). I also work Per diem in Manhattan which I would give up once I move. My question is what is the Per Diem rate in around the Stamford area? I plan on keeping my job in the Bronx so I will be driving. What areas are nice to live? Possibly a Town house. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  12. friendlyelse

    Interview and pharmacology exam at Bronx Lebanon

    I am not sure what department you are interviewing for. I got alot of calculation and dosage not sure if it is the same for everyone..
  13. friendlyelse

    Nursing home salary

    It depends on where you work. Worked in Longbeach Long Island and was paid $38.38 an hr but they had no unions for Nurses. Worked at Parker Jewish in New Hyde Park and was paid $40.64 per hr...that's for BSN. Union is NYSNA
  14. friendlyelse

    Interview and pharmacology exam at Bronx Lebanon

    I did all paperwork finger prints, ID yesterday. They called 3 days after medical clearance. I will email u .
  15. friendlyelse

    Interview and pharmacology exam at Bronx Lebanon

    Yes it was. They called me in 3 days. I just send in last PPD results yesterday. They said HR willl me in week. I already have the documents sidned to bring to them. I am starting September 5th.Congrats.....you must be cleared from your physical before HR calls u to sign.
  16. friendlyelse

    Interview and pharmacology exam at Bronx Lebanon

    Thanks. Congrats to you too. I just did my physical today and picked up employment packet. Please check your inbox.