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  1. Nursing Students COVID-19

    Don't you have any assignments to do or books to read? One of the good qualities of cannot be judgmental but here you are throwing judgments without knowing someone. Read to understand; then analyze to understand what someone is trying ...
  2. Nursing Students COVID-19

    You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Shouldn't let the pandemic stifle me from teaching? Really? Do you honestly think Nurses had the time to teach in that situation? Listen, what you are seeing on TV was just a glimpse of what is a...
  3. Nursing Students COVID-19

    @JoC12345 I am in the HEART of the pandemic and it is a bad idea. It is very easy to say you rather have someone there with little experience to be there with a family member. First, the Hospital will not allow the student in the room without th...
  4. New Grad RN Starting Nursing Career During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    It is unfortunate you had to start your career during a pandemic. I am not a new grad, been working for about 4 yrs and it is overwhelming to me. Initially I was upset my unit was transformed to Covid, but I had to put everything aside and think of t...
  5. New York Presbyterian Queens

    Is your friend Trump? be blunt it is brutal. Personally I am mentally and physically exhausted. No one can be prepared for this. It was a bit on the quiet side on last week but Friday night it kind of ticked up at our ER which meant admission...

    Thanks. I am open to other areas of nursing. Focusing on getting my license first.

    Thank you. I started the application to be submitted this week. Yep it is expensive.
  8. Bronxcares?

    I work at Bronxcare but I do not live there. Which part of the Bronx? Places like Riverdale, Throgsneck, Parkchester are decent. The surrounding area in close proximity to the hospital is rough neighborhood. It is quiet now due to the parks and every...

    I always love Canada. I have ton of friends in the Toronto area. The lower pay does not bother me; personally I think the quality of life is better, my opinion. I tried to get my license but it was taking very long so I gave up. Currently I am a Pedi...
  10. Nursing Students COVID-19

    I am an RN in NYC currently working with Covid 19 patients. Honestly, this is brutal. There is no other way to describe it. It takes a toll on you physically and mentally. We have new graduate nurses with about 3 months on the unit and most cannot ha...

    I am a Pediatric Nurse working in NY. I am looking to moving to the Toronto area. I am BSN and also have experience in LTC. I have submitted to get my license but need information as to what are the best hospitals to work in Pediatrics? Are there are...
  12. Interview and pharmacology exam at Bronx Lebanon

    I am not sure what department you are interviewing for. I got alot of calculation and dosage not sure if it is the same for everyone..
  13. Nursing home salary

    It depends on where you work. Worked in Longbeach Long Island and was paid $38.38 an hr but they had no unions for Nurses. Worked at Parker Jewish in New Hyde Park and was paid $40.64 per hr...that's for BSN. Union is NYSNA
  14. Interview and pharmacology exam at Bronx Lebanon

    I did all paperwork finger prints, ID yesterday. They called 3 days after medical clearance. I will email u .
  15. Interview and pharmacology exam at Bronx Lebanon

    Yes it was. They called me in 3 days. I just send in last PPD results yesterday. They said HR willl me in week. I already have the documents sidned to bring to them. I am starting September must be cleared from your physical be...