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I am a Pediatric Nurse working in NY. I am looking to moving to the Toronto area. I am BSN and also have experience in LTC. I have submitted to get my license but need information as to what are the best hospitals to work in Pediatrics? Are there areas to work as an RN other than bedside? I am aware the pay is lower than NY, but that is not a factor to me. What are nice places to live? Rent? any ideas would be helpful.

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In Ontario you have lots of opportunity. You are right, pay might be little low if you convert it in US currency but life is good, here. If you have experience in LTC, I can even help you get the job here. Downtown Toronto is costly but there are other options nearby. It all depends on your preferences. What motivated you to move to Ontario/Toronto?

I always love Canada. I have ton of friends in the Toronto area. The lower pay does not bother me; personally I think the quality of life is better, my opinion. I tried to get my license but it was taking very long so I gave up. Currently I am a Pediatric RN; but also have experience in LTC. I also have some child mental health experience working with teens. (working with Administration for Children's Services). Currently I am caring for Covid patients. I am looking to get out of NY next year. I think Toronto areais a better option as oppose to other States.

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Getting registration would be the starting process as that can be long and expensive

Thank you. I started the application to be submitted this week. Yep it is expensive.

Only Sick Kids take pediatric patients in downtown Toronto but other hospitals not downtown have pediatric units. McMaster Children Hospital is also another children hospital in Hamilton.

Thanks. I am open to other areas of nursing. Focusing on getting my license first.


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As I said getting job as a RN is not an issue in Canada or Ontario. There are many other factors you have to consider. It is unfair to suggest any thing without understanding the situation.