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  1. Khow89

    RPN (Ontario) to BScN

    UOIT will give you credit for coronary care 1, my classmates took that course for their elective. You can always email them to verify though.
  2. Khow89

    RPN-BScN Bridging (2019 application)

    They will probably look at it but mainly focus on your RPN gpa. I had few failed and repeated courses in my uni transcript from before non-nursing related and it didn't seem to affect my admissions.
  3. Khow89

    UOIT RPN to RN part time

    From what I understand, there is not part time at UOIT. However, people who were in the program did adjust their schedule with the academic adviser to help increase their success.
  4. Khow89

    Starting RPN program - looking for insight

    Also when you first start off bscn or rpn, their difficult is relatively similar in my opinion. It is not till later on in the bscn where they might push you to critically think more but by that time you will probably have a strong foundation and probably figure out what study methods work best for you
  5. Khow89

    Starting RPN program - looking for insight

    If nursing is for sure for you, I would say just do the bscn program instead doing the rpn then bridge later. Unless your circumstances require you to work as soon as possible then doing rpn first then bridging later might be the better option. If you're figuring out if nursing is for you maybe rpn first then bridging later is better just for the lower tuition so that if you decide to change your mind, you won't be losing as much.