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  1. Khow89

    UOIT/Ontario Tech University RPN to BScN program

    Congrats on getting into UOIT. I had pretty good experience in UOIT. I believe they have a new nursing lab which is nice. Their old one was pretty good already. About the RPN stuff, you might be able to transfer a credit or two but generally they will want you to take the core courses which are generally not offer every semester. So even if you want to fast track, you might need to wait for courses to be available. However, each school is a bit different so you might be lucky. You can try seeing what courses were available in the past semesters.
  2. Khow89

    RPN to RN Bridging

    I think you should be fine, I got in 2016 with low 80s I think.
  3. Khow89

    Bridging Application Timeline

    Probably not because you will need your license when you start school and it takes a while before you are allowed to register for the exam. You can email all the schools to verify but from what I remember most schools in the GTA will require you to hold a license when you start school. Earliest I would say is Jan 2022.
  4. Khow89

    Can you transfer from an Accelerated nursing to another?

    I would suggest emailing the school for more accurate information.
  5. Khow89

    Ryerson VS York nursing programs

    I think York goes on strike quite often LOL
  6. Khow89

    Humber vs U of T: odds for getting a job at a hospital?

    I say your experiences, how you write your cover letter/resume and interview skills matter more. I graduated from UOIT now known as Ontario Tech U and I work downtown and I think doing my consolidation placement on the same type of unit helped.
  7. Khow89

    Struggling new grad. Alternatives to acute care??

    You're probably off orientation but ask if you can have a few more shifts with a preceptor. Also try asking other nurses or the support/charge nurse if you don't know something. If you're in Ontario, try looking for hfo new grad positions.
  8. Khow89


    Only Sick Kids take pediatric patients in downtown Toronto but other hospitals not downtown have pediatric units. McMaster Children Hospital is also another children hospital in Hamilton.
  9. Khow89

    RPN to RN advice

    I think just do really well in one course and it should bump you high enough. Take coronary care 1, you can use it as an elective once you're in the program. Personally, I wouldn't want to drive 2 hrs one way for school.
  10. Wouldn't they still need pharm tech at pharmacy stores? Well the benefit of doing LPN is that you can directly upgrade to RN through bridging and possible masters later if you want. Whereas pharm tech you have to do undergrad then do a pharmacy program. If you don't see yourself as a LPN, I wouldn't force it. I would suggest looking into other jobs within healthcare and outside of healthcare. How about optician? If you saved enough money, you might be able to open up your own store.
  11. Khow89

    Question: PN bridge to RN with a repeated course

    Ohhh got you. I think as long as you have a PN diploma and CNO license it should be fine unless it says on the website you will not be accepted for previous BScN nursing studies.
  12. Khow89

    Ontario RPN-RN Bridge September 2020 Intake

    Yea, let's say you start school Sept 2020, you will start applying for uni Dec 2020 - Feb 2021 for the Sept 2021 inake.
  13. Khow89

    Ontario RPN-RN Bridge September 2020 Intake

    You can try emailing the admission office your license number.
  14. Khow89

    Question: PN bridge to RN with a repeated course

    This is a copy pasta of the admission website from uoit. I might be overlooking something but I don't see where they say if you have a repeated course you are automatically disqualified.
  15. Khow89

    Question: PN bridge to RN with a repeated course

    Admission requirements You must hold an approved Ontario college diploma (or equivalent) in Practical Nursing with a minimum A- average. In addition, you must hold a current certificate of competence with no restrictions from the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO). Note: Admission is competitive. The specific average or standing required for admission varies from year to year. Students are selected by taking into consideration a wide range of criteria including school marks, distribution of subjects taken, and performance in subjects relevant to the academic program. Possession of the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance. Preference will be given to applicants with the best qualifications. Upgrading There are three ways to upgrade your admission average: university level course(s) The university-level courses can be completed through any recognized university. Courses can be in any subject area. We suggest you avoid courses in the program map (see curriculum tab) so they can transfer as electives. post-diploma certificates (approved by the Faculty of Health Sciences) college courses Our upgrading metric is as follows: Each university course Each approved certificate* Each college course*** 90-100% 4 points Perinatal Obstetrics RN/RPN Oncology Nursing RN/RPN Perioperative Nursing (Graduate studies RN/RPN) Mental health Nursing RN/RPN** 4 points 90-100% 2 points 80-89.9% 3 points 80-89.9% 1.5 points 70-79.9% 2 points 70-79.9% 1 point 60-69.9% 1 point 60-69.9% 0 points Coursework must be after completion of the RPN diploma program. Applicants may pursue a maximum of three upgrading courses/certificates. As such, it is possible to positively impact your average by a maximum of 12 per cent. Transcripts with final grades for upgrading courses must be submitted by January 31 of the year of your intended start. * These are some examples of approved certificates. Certificates other than these must be reviewed and approved by the Health Science Student Affairs Committee. ** Credible certificate programs at the RPN level must state Nursing (RN/RPN). *** College courses must be outside of the approved certificate program. Note: You are not upgrading your practical nursing (PN) diploma average, but your admission average. Once your diploma has been conferred, the average achieved cannot be changed through any forms of upgrading. Upgrading does not guarantee admission into the program. Bridge requirements Once you have successfully completed the bridge courses with a minimum C grade in each course, you will proceed into the BScN program. In recognition of your diploma, you will receive 11 courses toward your 40-course BScN degree. Last year's cut-off85 per cent Expected cut-offMid-80s How to apply The application process and important dates/deadlines are outlined on our college-to-university transfer applicant page.
  16. Khow89

    Question: PN bridge to RN with a repeated course

    I applied for the 2014 intake and my gpa was 3.6/4.0 at Seneca.