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  1. Thank you all for your responses. Like I mentioned before, I may feel differently once in the field.
  2. Thank you! That’s exactly what I mean. I am set on being a primary care provider, but there will be a part of me that misses that hustle and bustle. Which is why I wondered if there were any NP’s that still worked as bedside nurses on the side.
  3. LM NY


    It feels amazing reading all your responses. Muslim students are blessed to have such open minded and cool nurses looking out for them. It becomes obligatory on a Muslim to fast when they have reached puberty. However, I think it really boils down to the family. Some teach their kids to try to fast as long as they can, just so they get the hang of it and it isn’t new to them when they are obligated to fast. While others choose to wait. Of course, there are exceptions. A pregnant woman, elderly or sick person are not obligated to fast. A girl that is menstruating cannot fast. I think allowing the Muslim students to sit away from the cafeteria during lunch is not necessarily singling them out. If it makes them comfortable then that is all that matters. It is also a great way to self-reflect. Then you have the energetic kids who would rather have extra recess time than sit at a table not eating.
  4. I agree with the previous post. When my my patient on a ventilator and multiple IVF's requires an MRI or CT.
  5. LM NY

    Texas school sets dress code for parents

    I just watched the video. I support her 100%. I would oblige by the rules if my children's schools had the same dress code. Kudos to her for stepping up. She did what a lot of people are afraid to speak up about.
  6. LM NY

    I just can't

    Wow! I can’t imagine being in the 4th grade and having to self cath. Not to be funny, but I feel manipulated by my own children at times. God bless school nurses, because I don’t think I could deal with all those kids.
  7. LM NY

    Texas school sets dress code for parents

    The school is trying to set a tone. I understand what they’re trying to do, but don’t think it will last. Parent or no parent, I’m sick of the sagging pants. I made it very clear to my son what would happen if I ever caught his pants below his waist. I agree with the previous poster about not sexualizing our children. I keep seeing little girls with shirts that have inappropriate writing or words across their butt on their pants. Is it necessary?
  8. In the last 4 years of being in a med-surg unit, 9 out of 10 times it was a CRNA showing up to every code. They are the ones intubating if needed. To be quite honest, I feel very proud when it is them. There will always be an argument over APRN vs MD. No one is perfect. Nurses catch MD mistakes all the time, without letting patients know. For some, it is just their ego.
  9. LM NY

    Insulting pay raise

    Don't take it personal. It has nothing to do with your value. How many other nurses are working there? Maybe you can negotiate. If you decide to do that, I would do some research first on the surrounding facilities that offer the same services as your place of employment.
  10. I once cared for a congressman's mother. She was one of the sweetest patients I have ever had the privilege of caring for. I didn't know who she was till the CMO and all the heads of departments were visiting her. It was obvious none of it went to her head. On the other hand, you could tell that her congressman son was used to getting that treatment.
  11. LM NY

    Highest Paying Hospitals NYC

    That was very informative. Thank you! Is the union NYSNA or a private NYP union? Also, do you work 12 shifts a month only or is there one shift a month extra that you have to work to make up for any missing hours? Do you work alternating weekends? How is the scheduling like? Do you schedule yourself or whatever management schedules you for? Thanks!
  12. LM NY

    Highest Paying Hospitals NYC

    Hey! Any updated base salaries?
  13. LM NY

    NYC New grad advice on job offer

    That doesn't sound right, even for an urgent care center. That sounds about right for a nursing assistant's starting pay while still on probation. I wouldn't sign a contract.
  14. LM NY

    1 year experience. Chances to get a job in NYC.

    Hello! I think you have a good shot at landing an RN position. You also have your BSN, which is a huge plus. The only issue I think would be the time required for you to actively apply to all these NYC hospitals and be readily available to go to interviews. Good luck!
  15. LM NY

    ED nurses more educated than other specialties?

    I enjoyed reading all the comments. As for me, I'm a few days shy of hitting my two year anniversary on a medical-surgical unit. I had the opportunity to transfer to the ED a few months ago, but I wanted a little more time on the unit. I want to get everything I possibly can out of med-surg before making that huge leap. In my unit, I also have the chance to train to administer chemotherapy and get certified as a stroke nurse since there is a 10 bed designated stroke area in my unit. I know once I get to the ED, those opportunities won't be readily available to me. So, maybe during the summer or even in one year I can make that move to the ED. I love knowing that I will learn so much and will be trained to basically respond to any given situation. It seems overwhelming, but extremely exciting at the same time.
  16. LM NY

    NYC Hospital Salaries

    Hey guys! I was searching for that old salary sticky, but that information is so outdated. Can we get a present day thread going with real facts as opposed to the someone overheard someone else information. Any takers? You don't have to mention that you work in the hospital, but that it is information you are accurate about. How about this: Hospital: Experience Pay: Certification Pay: Education Pay: Evening/Night Differential: *Include per diem rate if you are aware what it is. I have started to look for per diem jobs, but want to make the best decision. It would have to be something that is worth me working on my day off. It is something I would do for a year or two to have a good amount of money stored to buy a decent size house for my kids and I. Thanks in advance!

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