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  1. LM NY

    I need advice from parents.

    Hey everyone I couldn't think of a better group of people to get advice from. Just a few things to point out so this doesn't turn into the longest post ever (which I have a feeling it will). I am a single mother of three, ages ranging from 8-11. Their father and I have been separated for almost seven years now. He spends a few hours with them on the weekend and some holidays if he is not scheduled to work. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that he is not strict with the kids. He tries to buy their love with materialistic things. I am the complete opposite. Although I make more money than he does, I do not believe in frivolous spending. I do not give into their every single demand. I would be broke if I did. That was just the backstory. Just last month he agreed to start giving them an allowance, $10 every two weeks for each of the older kids and $5 for the younger one. Since I have been promising them for awhile I would be giving them an allowance, I thought I would give the same amount as their dad (not as a competition). My son already saved $65 and bought a new pair of sneakers yesterday when he went out with his dad, while I was working. He already owns four other pairs, one of which he swears is too tight on him. I just want to raise money conscious children, that do not love spending all their money. My daughter already gave away $10, because she claims she owed her friend that lent her the money when she didn't have anything. I am starting to have mixed feelings about them having money. *What is an appropriate amount of allowance? *Should I have rules about how the money is spent? At the same time, I want them to learn how good it feels to save money and how awful it feels to have nothing when they spend it all. Aside from that, I did start passbook savings accounts for them. I let them fill out the deposit slips and they actually make the deposits at the teller's window themselves. Every few months, I will give them $100 and it goes into that account. They know it is for the future and not for use today. That was one topic. The next one is about girls trying to impress other girls. My daughter is 11 and she is one of the kindest and sweetest girls. However, she was recently body shamed by her own friends. They made a comment about her weight. She is on the thinner side of the scale, but completely healthy. I've always known my daughter to be confident, but she keeps going back to these same mean girls. I have been trying to teach her the value of friendships and how we need to cut people out sometimes if they do not make us feel good on the inside. Anyone have any words of advice or had a daughter in a similar situation. I want her to feel strong enough to speak up against them, as I know they are mean to other kids. There is still so much more I want to add, but I could already imagine the look on all your faces when you see the length of this post. Thanks!
  2. LM NY

    Insulting pay raise

    Don't take it personal. It has nothing to do with your value. How many other nurses are working there? Maybe you can negotiate. If you decide to do that, I would do some research first on the surrounding facilities that offer the same services as your place of employment.
  3. I once cared for a congressman's mother. She was one of the sweetest patients I have ever had the privilege of caring for. I didn't know who she was till the CMO and all the heads of departments were visiting her. It was obvious none of it went to her head. On the other hand, you could tell that her congressman son was used to getting that treatment.
  4. LM NY

    Force to change unit in the middle of shift

    This has happened to nurses before on my unit, but definitely not mid-shift. Usually in the first 2 hours. That sucks. I know I would be upset, but like everyone said it is implied in the job description and not much you can do to fight it.
  5. LM NY

    Stony Brook University FNP Summer 2019

    I wish Stony Brook was closer to me. Living in Brooklyn, it is about a 90 minutes drive and that is assuming there is no traffic. Do you know how often classes meet? I guess it's not so bad if classes are no more than two days a week. I also saw that Stony Brook has an online path. Anyone have any information on that?
  6. LM NY

    Safe Nursing a thing of the past?

    "Her symptoms/age and recent medical history, were suspicious of stroke activity." What symptoms exactly did she have? I work closely with the neurology team, because we have 10 beds designated for stroke patients on my med-surg unit. I am glad your mom is ok and thank God she did not have a stroke. There are certain things that warrant a stroke code, but a migraine is not one of them. You mentioned a high blood pressure. How high? If it was high enough to be a hypertensive emergency, I'm sure other things would have been done. Was she answering questions for herself? Her orientation is part of the neuro check, so if she wasn't slurring her speech and no apparent aphasia while answering then these are more reasons to believe there is no stroke. Of course, there are more indicators of a stroke, but from what you described it doesn't seem like they were worried that's what it was.
  7. LM NY

    Diabetic Medications and Kidney Failure

    Don't mean to get in your business, but was this a one time reading of 150 or was your A1C also elevated?
  8. LM NY

    2018 Nurse Salary

    Location: NYC Experience: 3 years, BSN RN, ANCC Board Certified Specialty: Med-Surg (looking to transfer to ED in the upcoming year) Facility: Private teaching hospital Base Pay: $44 +change/hr (day shift), after certification and BSN it equals to $46 +change/hr Differential: $2 +change for hours after 4pm and night shift Shifts: 13 shifts in 4 weeks (12 hour shifts) OT: Time and a half for hours exceeding 75 in 2 weeks Holidays: Time and a half Vacation: 4 weeks and 5 weeks after 5 years of service Sick Time: 12 days a year Holidays and Personals: We get 5 holidays and 3 personal which we can use, but at regular rate. If my kids have nothing going on in a certain month, I use a day to cover that 13th shift so I only end up working 12 shifts for that month.
  9. LM NY

    Hospitals that pay full tuition

    I'm in NY, but I know most of the hospitals only start paying towards education once you put in one year of work with them. Of course, full time employees get more tuition assistance than part time employees. Good luck in your search.
  10. LM NY


    Is there a reason why you can't take more time off? Take more than six days. I would never let my PTO go to waste. I would use every last day till I have no more.
  11. LM NY

    Bed assignment

    WOW!!! I honestly felt resentment towards my hospital because I thought we were the only place that did crazy things like that. I am so grateful for this platform. Thank you to all for sharing.
  12. LM NY

    Bed assignment

    I'm sure you're right. You are quite the resourceful one, my fellow AN'er. One of the underlying issues is unsafe nurse/patient ratios. Nurses wouldn't feel so overwhelmed with new admissions/transfers filling up empty beds if they didn't have a heavy patient load.
  13. LM NY

    Bed assignment

    Lol @ safety people. I guess someone is bound to get offended in the hospital world. I understand they cleared out an ED bed for someone just as sick, but if that patient was never truly stable then they should have at least sent them to a monitored setting. I have found important details left out of reports from ED multiple times. I always try to give the benefit of the doubt, but it is possible someone just wants to pass the buck. There was a roadmap that they recently implemented, which is supposed to decrease the time it takes from the moment of bed assignment till actual transfer of patient. If we pretend like hospitals aren't looking at the big picture($$$) then we would be lying to ourselves.
  14. LM NY

    Should I work in ICU before becoming an NP

    ICU experience is not a requirement for NP programs. Don't waste your time. Although, your time really wouldn't be wasted, because you would be learning valuable skills in the ICU. Unless, you were possibly interested in CRNA in the future, which would require ICU experience.
  15. LM NY

    Bed assignment

    As crazy as this sounds, I actually felt better reading your post. I thought my hospital was the only that was like that. All they see is an empty bed, not knowing anything that has already occurred on that unit. Just recently a patient was sent up from the ED to my med-surg unit and arrived during morning huddle/change of shift with a BP of 70's/40's. Like WHHAAATT!!!! It quickly turned into an RRT then a stat intubation. My hat goes off to ED nurses, but come on. That patient's BP was low for awhile. They gave one bolus, brought it up to 90's/60's which they made sure they documented and gave during the report and sent the patient right up. Ugh! No one is perfect and no facility is either, but OMG please stop it with the unsafe practices. Don't even get me started about how often we are short staff.