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I am going to try the peroxide suggestion...:up:

And if that doesnt work, I'm going to go through every suggestion on this thread until something works!... So at least I can say I put up a good fight before I toss them.

Thanks everyone!


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If it's your blood... try this old quilter's trick and use your own saliva. I know for a fact my saliva gets blood stains out of quilts when I stick myself while quilting.

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I've never had a stain that Peroxide didn't cure :)

If peroxide is handy at the time, soak the stain in peroxide. Not to say take the item off, but make sure the stain is competly saturated in peroxide, then when you get home wash the item in cold water.

I've also had stains that peroxide wasn't handy at the time. I got home and drown the stain in peroxide and if I had time (and wasn't too tired) I'd throw it in the wash immediatly. If I was tired, I would leave it to dry, soak it again right before washing and it always came out.

It took felt tip pen AND ball point pen out of my daughters flower girl gown that was white and was a satiny material. I rubbed peroxide on it (right while it was on her) and it took it right out and dried leaving no trace of a stain and no tell tail circle around the stain :)

grease, blood, pen, marker, baby puke, formula, dog vomit, soda, name the stain, i"ve taken it out w/peroxide


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Rit Color Remover has worked for me..:smokin:


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*** I'll have you all know, that I used PEROXIDE plus a stain stick on top of it (just for extra oomph!)... and two treatments later, the stain is hardly noticeable. I'm sure the next time I use the peroxide it will be completely gone, it worked like a charm. You guys saved my pants, Thank you.:chuckle

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you are welcome. :)

if you ever get blood on your clothing or shoes, take peroxide and immediately pour it on the stain. it will fade almost right before your eyes. it's a great trick!


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Rit Color Remover has worked for me..:smokin:

Does it work on indelible black ink stains (on white), too?

Does it work on indelible black ink stains (on white), too?

Hair spray. Saturate and blot. Continue for hours.


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I had patient's blood on my pants and used the Clorox Bleach Pen.


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For fresh blood stains I use Ice and paper towel, then wash with lysol or bleach. WORKS!


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I agree with the hydrogen peroxide, the stain will disappear before your eyes.


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As a woman with *3* daughters I have had to clean a lot of monthly blood off clothing. Start with hydrogen peroxide. If you stop there, you could end up with a 'ring' of brown around where the stain was originally. After the application of the peroxide, rinse in cold, then spray with spray-n-wash. Wash as usual. Works great!

Oh, BTW, for those who mentioned that the peroxide is like a science project.....did you notice that as the peroxide 'eats' the blood, the fabric gets hot?!?!

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