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RNKel has 3 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Cardiac/Tele/CVICU.

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  1. RNKel

    Negative titers even after several vaccines??

    I'm the exact same way. I found out when I was in the hosp having my first child. I KNEW I'd had all of my immunizations as a child, but they said I was negative and gave me the MMR. I had another baby the following year, same thing happened. A year later I was in having baby #3 and they tried to give it to me AGAIN. I refused that one. When I went to nursing school I was negative and had to get ANOTHER MMR. I just don't show immunity and never will.
  2. RNKel

    Average Salary for ADN vs BSN

    FYI, critical thinking was taught from day one in my ADN program. That's what it's all about. Skills can be taught to a monkey ~ that was a quote from one of my nursing instructors. We were taught to be good nurses, not trade workers.
  3. RNKel

    Average Salary for ADN vs BSN

    Deleted to edit.
  4. RNKel

    Average Salary for ADN vs BSN

    At my hospital, BSN gets you a quarter more per hour. I was a single mom doing it all on my own, needed my degree fast, chose an ADN program which has a better rep than the local BSN program, and have never regretted it. My student loans are about $10K less than they would've been w/ the BSN so I couldn't see .25/hour doing me much good.
  5. RNKel

    Any recommendations?

    I know some nurses swear by Dansko's but I think they are horrid. They hurt, they're hard, they do nothing for me. And I think they're hideous as well. LOL I wear Saucony Cohesion NX tennis shoes. They take me through my whole 12.5 hours and feel like cushions the whole time. I do think shoes are something that's different for each person, though.
  6. RNKel

    when the day shift arrives

    That's such a generalization... maybe it's just specific to your place of employment and the personalities working there. Where I work we don't have this issue.
  7. RNKel

    Trouble giving IM injections :(

    I beg to differ. It happened to me. Demerol IM, hit my sciatic nerve. That was 19 years ago and I still have pain at the injection site, especially if I get bumped there. I'm 5'1" and weighed about 95 lbs at the time, not sure if that made a difference, but to make a sweeping generalization such as yours isn't a good idea.
  8. How old is this person? 13? And he's wrong, you do not HAVE to go to the ER to be admitted. Duh.
  9. RNKel

    Does anyone like their job?

    I love my job. :)
  10. RNKel

    Always be nice to your coworkers...

    Is it Dolce Note?? That's my FAVORITE! *wine
  11. RNKel

    Do you ever....

    I'm always telling my 14 yr old athlete son that he has garden hoses for veins and that I want to start an IV on him... he shudders LOL
  12. Never be afraid to ask questions! Always own up and take responsibility. Always be honest and forthcoming.
  13. RNKel


    When you have 6L running in wide open and only a 3L bag for output, well... do the math. LOL
  14. RNKel


    Ours are 3L and I've still had to be in the room Q 30-45 min to emtpy.
  15. RNKel

    How I miss my beloved text-paging

    We use text-paging but we are never to put in any identifiers. I usually just write "please call me at ext 2300".
  16. RNKel

    Assessment of Edema

    And as you can see, it isn't done consistently at all anywhere... LOL