Help: Taking out stains on uniform?

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This is exactly why I hate white pants..

I have a stubborn blood stain on one of my pairs of new white clinical pants. (Gosh, I love being a female!) I tried using bleach but that didn't work.

Anyone know how on earth I can get this stain out?! Theres no way I can wear them like this, but they are brand new and I refuse to get rid of them. There must be something I can use... Anyone know? Has this same incident happened to anyone else in their freshly white uniform pants?:no:

Thanks in advance.

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hydrogen peroxide. it eats the proteins in the blood and it will take it right out. i swear by it.

good luck!!

Have you tried bleach? (Seems obvious, but I had to ask) What I do when I get blood stains on something is put it into cold water asap and then I wash in cool bleach water (with laundry soap). If it still doesn't budge, I try the Spray n Wash with Resolve STAIN STICK. I have found the stick ONLY works. If it STILL doesn't budge....I try Nature's Miracle (found at Petsmart, Petco)....leave on for several hours and then I wash in cool water with laundry soap and add a bit of biz. Whew! That's a lot of work, huh? I hope you get it out. Oh, and by the way, the Clorox bleach pens are really good!

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I used Zout, scrubbed like crazy until it faded and waited a hour or so before washing. If you've already used bleach and put them through the wash already the stain is set. Cover it with a cute all white patch from a fabric store that you can sew over it. Dabbing it with Milk of Magnesia, Mylanta, white shoe polish or slapping a piece of white paper tape over it will hide it during each wear. You can explain them by saying you had a little accident. Nurses are always pasting excess tape on their uniforms, the bed rails, patient gowns, etc.

I came across this tip online years ago & have used it ever since. Rinse in cold water first, and take an old toothbrush & SHAMPOO...& scrub in all directions. Up, down, circles... you'll really need to put some elbow into it since you've already dried with heat (the dryer) rinse w/cold as you go & reapply the shampoo as needed. It's easier when you do it BEFORE applying any drying heat, but I've also had success after the fact as well (like if I missed a spot on a bed sheet, etc.)

Always use cold water on blood or other protein stains, NEVER warm or hot water. I can usually get blood out just by rinsing/soaking in cold water, if that doesn't work I put the item in a bucket and add cold water, laundry detergent, and OXI-CLEAN, mix it all up, and allow to set overnight. Then wash in cold water and check before putting in dryer. If I am not sure the stain is out, I air dry the item the first time.

I have heard of the hydrogen peroxide treatment too, my aunt swears by it. (Cousin has crazy nosebleeds requiring trips to the ED.)

if you stain is already set, then cover it with tape... or a smiley sticker.


the immediate best thing wouldve been peroxide ..i had this guy in the ER who wanted to wear his wife beater that had 2 slashes in it with blood on we washed it in peroxide for him ..unfortunately it turned a rustic brown lol (there was so much blood) but seriously if used correctly its like watching a science project..Just fizzes away the blood.

I feel for ya man ..being a female does suck. We should get like 2 days off from working/school/gym on those days

Oh yeah white fabric dye ..My sister in law throws some of it in the laundry from time to time to get her twin 3 year olds socks its whitest.

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I wish I saw before last week. I tried using Oxy-clean, but it didn't work too well. I ended up using white out to cover it up, because I refused to buy a new pair. Clorox never seems to work for me so I'll try the hydrogen peroxide next time (and there WILL be a next time).

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I have had a lot of success with Tide with bleach directly on the stain, scrubbed it with a toothbrush, and then followed in the washter with cold water and diluted bleach. Always check it before drying if the stain came out. If not, hit it again.

However, sharpie has me beat and bested my white vest yesterday. GOOD LUCK.

Oh, I'll have to try that peroxide trick..makes sense.

I asked about bleach before you added that part to your post (I could have sworn it wasn't in the original?). I usually have okay luck with retreating as long as I don't dry things!

Hope you found something that worked. Baby spit up and blood are tough.

I like Shout with Resolve for stains - Something really tough like blood I would rinse in cold, spray, and then scrub well with a toothbrush. So far, it's never let me down.

I'm frugal, but I wouldn't wear white pants with any remaining signs of a stain. I'd scrub, soak, and curse about it, but if I couldn't get rid of the stains, those pants would be history!

Speaking of laundry - is anyone else familiar with the Rit White Wash? Just add it in occasionally with a load of whites that may have gotten a little dull and they magically come out bright white again. Good Stuff!

If you can get tri-sodium phosphate in your state add a teaspoon to a bit of water and make a paste out of it and apply it to the stain. Let it sit overnight.

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