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peroxide!!!!! as a phlebotomist, i can assure you that i have had my share of blood stains and peroxide has never let me down!:D

Hair Spray and Oxy Clean (the spray) used together takes stains out of anything. Just spray hair spray and oxy clean on the stain before you put them in the washer.


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That's interesting. I have only used hairspray to take out ink stains!:yeah:


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Soak in water, a Little bleach, and Oxy Clean (this stuff works!), soak uniform for about 12 hrs or so and stain will be gone and uniform will look just a bright as you when you bought it!!! good luck!


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Twenty mule team borax. Soak whites 24hrs in a medium concentration of borax. IF it will come clean, this will work. We use it on old navy uniforms that have become dingy that need refurbishing! Hope this helps!


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I tried the peroxide the other day when my 11 yr old son came in with a bloody nose & a ton of blood on his clothes (gotta love air-soft guns) ....

I CANNOT believe how well it worked! I was completely astonished - peroxide is now sitting in my laundry utility closet. Thanks for the tips!


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I used Zout, scrubbed like crazy until it faded and waited a hour or so before washing. If you've already used bleach and put them through the wash already the stain is set. Cover it with a cute all white patch from a fabric store that you can sew over it. Dabbing it with Milk of Magnesia, Mylanta, white shoe polish or slapping a piece of white paper tape over it will hide it during each wear. You can explain them by saying you had a little accident. Nurses are always pasting excess tape on their uniforms, the bed rails, patient gowns, etc.

hydrogen peroxide. it eats the proteins in the blood and it will take it right out. i swear by it.

good luck!!

this is what I used when I was on the ambulance. Either one works great!


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from where i come from, we use the famous PERLA detergent bar. Soak in the uniform for 30mins then voila! All Stains out with a few brushes. ^^

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