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  1. MaineEMT2RN

    What makes a shoe a "nurse's shoe"?

    I wear Black Dansko's for everyday. I've had the same pair for three years now (still look great!) and can definitely tell you that they last and are very, very comfortable. Worth the money because I don't have to replace them. At clinical I wear a pair of white Dansko's, but at my job as a CNA in a hospital I wear MBT sneakers. Again, pricey, but for twelve straight hours of running my fanny off, you can't beat these.
  2. MaineEMT2RN

    MRSA legislation in Maine

    Absolutely - but I can honestly tell you that as an EMT in the field I was totally unaware of the risk of cross contamination OR of the value in preventing it. It just isn't part of the culture. Not once in all of my EMS training was I educated about DRO's After reading about what you're doing, I'm thinking about pouncing on this with a letter to the state EMS board and offering to put together some training with the company DH and I work for. I can see great benefit from education and training in the EMS community.
  3. MaineEMT2RN

    MRSA legislation in Maine

    Reading this thread reminded me that in my EMS training, the only discussion of infection control is in protecting yourself. I never had any training, or even awareness of my role until I began working in the hospital. In the field, the linens are changed, but it's seldom that stretchers get cleaned, equipment gets wiped down or that hands are even washed between patients. I'm sure pre-hospital is where many of these bugs are transferred from one pt to another and "hospital acquired" may really be PRE-hospital acquired. Disclosure of infection status as well as effective and mandatory training on infection control for ALL care providers is critical.
  4. MaineEMT2RN

    did you gain or lose wt. in NS?

    You lost 100 pounds? YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!
  5. MaineEMT2RN

    RN bridging to RD?

    I'll be interested to learn more as you get responses. I'm particularly interested in working with people who are pre-diabetic, borderline hypertensive, metabolic syndrome - in educating and coaching towards more wellness. I'd love to figure out a way to combine my interest in nutrition, fitness and lifestyle changes with a nursing career.
  6. MaineEMT2RN

    Anyone Have PERSONAL Loans??

    Is a less expensive school an option? Is there a hospital where you can work that offers benefits like nursing scholarships and tuition reimbursement? (At my hospital, we qualify for these bene's at 20 hours per week, which is still quite manageable with school commitments). You husband sounds like a smart guy :-)
  7. MaineEMT2RN

    Need advice BAD

    Hey Jbeau! I'm sorry your back is a problem. It's an awfully important body part - you're going to have to make changes somewhere. Have you talked to those goofy employee health PT guys? Even though you feel comfortable about body mechanics, they may be able to do something to help, even if it's just educating your co-workers to not rely on you so much. Besides, they're just fun to watch :-) Also, consider coming to another floor where the patients are smaller. On my floor the patients are almost always quite thin and often up independently so way less patient handling than you have, and it's a great place to work. BBCH has littler people (although how often to they have openings?). And NUA's do really important work. I'm dropping down to 2 twelve's as of this week, because that's all I need to keep the health insurance. Maybe fewer patient handling hours would help. You can always add more hours beyond that as a companion to keep the income coming in, and as you told me months ago, companioning at night often allows plenty of study time (although it's not a guarantee, I always got tons of reading done, and was able to get lots of extra hours in). It seems to me that you still have lots of options within our hospital. I'll bet employee health would be a great resource for you.
  8. MaineEMT2RN

    It's not mono! What do you guys do to stay healthy?

    I avoid processed food as if it was poison (and if you read the ingredients, you just might think it is). I eat a huge variety of fruits, veggies and grains and take a B12 supplement. I also exercise - not as much as before I went back to school, but regularly (strength and cardio - I listen to lectures on my iPod while I run, officially making it study time so I'm not inclined to blow it off for school work). I have a couple of cups of coffee a week, but haven't had a caffeine habit for years and I'm going to keep it that way. I'm also one of the most frugal people you'll ever meet, so I always bring a cooler of food with me for the day - things that will actually fuel my body so that I don't have to resort to the junk available at school. Besides the health concerns, the cost of buying food out, and the cost of buying coffee out is totally outrageous! Usually I have homemade hummus and Wasa crackers, leftover veggies from the night before with a little rice or quinoa and a fruit or two and if I want something hot, I have a stainless thermos with either lemon zinger tea or occasionally hazelnut coffee. I plan meals to allow for leftovers for lunch and take that portion out first before serving dinner. Breakfast is the other absolute. Usually, I make a smoothie in my vita-mix with soy milk, half a frozen banana, a little maple syrup, a little vanilla, a scoop of frozen OJ concentrate, flax seeds and a piece of kale. If I have frozen strawberries or blueberries they go in as well. I know the kale sounds weird, but you can't taste it at all and it really bumps up the nutritional value for negligible calories. The frozen banana makes it really smooth and creamy, and weird as it is, one of these in the morning usually holds me until lunch. Also, I always have water with me and there's ALWAYS a Lara bar with me in my bag. They are so good and good for you (usually 4 ingredients, and all of them are normally found in nature and not concocted in a lab) and meet that something-sweet need really well. When I'm starving, just 1/2 of one of those makes me happy :-) This is not to say that I don't occasionally lose my mind and eat an entire XOXO chili's and cherries chocolate bar by myself in one sitting; but if something like that is done within the framework of a healthy lifestyle the negative effects, if any, are minimized.
  9. MaineEMT2RN

    Anyone NOT excited about starting NS?

    I hear you, and I'm right there with you. I think the thing that's dragging me down is that I'm just now becoming very aware of the sacrifices involved for my family. All the things we won't be able to do/attend/enjoy because of my commitment to NS. In the grand scheme of things, I know the 4 remaining semesters is a short span of time, but in the here and now it seems like a long road. However, here we are, and we might as well enjoy the ride! I'm choosing not to get bogged down by it (acknowledge the feelings, then put them aside). The only action needed is for me to excel and to viciously protect the time I can make available to my family, which means saying no to many things I normally participate in (volunteer things, dinner out with girlfriends, etc.) for the duration. Family and NS. That's all that's going on my plate for the next 21 months. But who's counting???
  10. MaineEMT2RN


    At the end of each shift, thank the CNA's you worked with. Let them know that you value and appreciate their work with a simple "Thanks for all your help today." It goes a long way towards a good working relationship.
  11. MaineEMT2RN

    On not smoking.

    I'm all about behavioral modification. Since you have just a few (3-5) easily identifiable times/situations where you are wanting to smoke, find an incompatible behavior to fill that space. Frankly, I think your run-around-the-block idea is brilliant! When you come home from work, go for a short run (or walk or bike ride) immediately. Have everything ready before you leave the house in the AM, so all you have to do is change/pee/run! Use the same concept (replace an unwanted behavior with an incompatible behavior) with those very few other times during the day when you are in the habit of smoking. I remember an old Dick Van Dyke movie called "Cold Turkey" where the whole town quit smoking cold turkey. DVD was the pastor of the local church and he told his congregation to replace smoking with an incompatible behavior, only in the movie he told them to go home and get busy with their spouses! Whatever works! The point is to create a situation that isn't associated with smoking - drink your coffee in a different place, take work breaks to walk to the corner store and buy a fancy bottled water ...... just be sure to keep your incompatible behaviors healthy :-) You'll do well - you're being proactive! That tells me that you must be ready! And just think about how much better your hair will smell!
  12. MaineEMT2RN

    getting up early

    I have to go to be at 9. 10p if I'm feeling really wild, but I end up regretting it in the morning. I get up at the crack of "OMG" to get a run in before showering and heading out to face the real world. It's brutal some days. I use the alarm on my phone because I worry about power outages, too! I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I have to have everything ready the night before (clothes laid out (running gear and iPod loaded with a lecture and scrubs for work with pockets loaded and lunch packed) and I have to have a plan for breakfast. Lately I've been on a smoothie kick, so I toss it all in the vita-mix just before heading out the door and have it in the car while I listen to lectures on the way to school or work. If you had told me a few years ago that this is what my morning would look like, I would have thought you were kookie, but that's the routine now.
  13. MaineEMT2RN

    Bridge Class

    I would be surprised if there was a bridge program from EMT to CNA. Totally different scope of practice.
  14. MaineEMT2RN

    Best Place to Buy Scrubs

    http://www.cheap-scrubs.com They have pants with beaucoup pockets!
  15. MaineEMT2RN

    Working as a NA while going to NS or a p/t unrelated job?

    The in-hospital experience will definitely be a plus, but let us not forget the best part.........TUITION REIMBURSEMENT!!
  16. MaineEMT2RN

    POLL: How far in debt will you be???

    We certainly didn't have thousands of dollars just lying around to purchase our home. Neither of us is in a high paying job - McD's is hiring at more than I make per hour, and DH only makes 50 cents more than they are paying, but it's work he loves and that matters too. However, we agreed right from the start that our financial priority is to live without debt, so we are frugal where ever we can be and live simply. The result for us is that we have a very nice, modest home with a few acres in a beautiful place, and we are able to manage my school expenses without loans and when I graduate we will still be without debt. I absolutely understand that we all don't share the same financial goals, but I believe we all do have a choice. Yours is simply different than mine.