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flightnurse2b is a LPN and specializes in EMS, ER, GI, PCU/Telemetry.

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  1. flightnurse2b

    CPR on bed.

    yikes. where was this? if there is no mouth piece or ambu bag, good high quality chest compressions are the most important part of CPR anyways, just open the airway. you can though, in a pinch, use any kind of plastic (like a bag) to sheild your mouth--but there is no one way valve, and you'd be wasting valuable heart time to make it. in a situation like that, i would hope just good chest compressions were initated and the airway was taken over when EMS arrived.
  2. flightnurse2b

    Have you experienced bias from being a left-handed Nurse?

    yeah, that was always a pain in the butt. i remember the first time i tried to do a foley cath, lol. i was all discombobulated. i just stand more towards the foot of the bed now.
  3. flightnurse2b

    Have you experienced bias from being a left-handed Nurse?

    not really any difficulties, but when i was learning how to start IV's, i had such a hard time getting a good anchor (bc my hand was in the way) that i learned how to do them right handed also. can't do much else with that hand, but i can start an IV. there really isn't too much right or left handed equipment per say, but a pair of left handed bandage scissors would be nice!!
  4. flightnurse2b

    Medical Assistants and MD orders

    i am not sure what type of setting you work in but i absolutely would not take an order from anyone but the doctor themselves (i work in a hospital). i am responsible for transcribing it in the chart and then giving the patient that medication or treatment or whatever, and my name is signed that i spoke with the doctor. if it was a mistake, my license would be in jeopardy. we often have issues with direct admits with orders scribbled out and doses are incorrect or medication frequencies are wrong and we have to call the doctor to clarify bc the doc's handwriting is sloppy. what if the MA reads it incorrectly and you take it over the phone as a TO? i would rather be safe than sorry and hear it from the prescriber's mouth, nothing against MA's, i would be hesitant to take a telephone order from anyone but the doc.
  5. flightnurse2b

    CPR on bed.

    did the pt code in the bed? if you don't have a board on your crash cart, pull the headboard or footboard off the bed, stick it under the patient, and start compressions.
  6. flightnurse2b

    Sick of core measures

    they're pathways of care for patients with certain admission diagnoses, such as stroke and CHF. for example, if your patient gets admitted with a stroke, they must have a specific set of interventions met by day 1, 2, 3, etc... and tests performed and resulted by a certain time... and specific discharge measures that must be reviewed with the patient by the designated core measures nurse prior to their discharge. so by day 1 (i have some of these memorized), the patient admitted with a stroke MUST have: NIHSS q 2 h x 24 h GCS q 2 h x 12 h vital signs q 2 h x 12 h ASA 81mg unless plavix is ordered or stroke is hemorrhagic NSS @ 50ml/hr unless otherwise specified MRI of the brain MRA of the carotids psychiatric consult PT/OT/ST consult SCD's or TED hose Lovenox mg/kg QD unless contraindicated CT of the head x 2 etc, etc, etc..... the trick is though, to get the admitting doctor to check off the proper orders! then, each day there are new goals and interventions recommended that then nurse must sign off. if you miss one, the core measures nurse will huff and puff and blow your house down. last write up i got was because the nurse in the ER timed the NIH off on the paperwork from when the pt was admitted so my times were off for when they finished and i was the one who got in trouble for not having an NIH done at a certain time. then, when they get discharged, there is a whole other process that takes an hour or two to complete. it really is the best, evidenced based practice for care of the pt with specific diagnoses--but it's a pain for the nurse and administration really likes to dangle it over your head if you miss something when half the time it's the physician who hasn't ordered it.
  7. flightnurse2b

    How often do you work short?

    we work short everyday. administration doesn't consider it short. they have a special grid they use, regardless of the acuity on the floor. so many patients=so many nurses and techs. if we don't have the numbers by midnight, someone has to go home.
  8. flightnurse2b

    Sick of core measures

    we're not magnet either and we have core measures also. they are helpful in some ways but more hurtful in others. i've been written up by the core measures nurse before. and working nites, try getting a discharge done on a CHF patient or something--it takes hours!!!! and you're def right about the doctors, we're always calling a doctor @ 0300 to get an order for an aspirin and NS @ 50/hr for instance on all stroke admits, but they so seldom check off the right orders that i have to or it will be my butt!
  9. flightnurse2b

    Auto blood pressures?

    if i get a very high reading on the electronic BP, i always recheck it manually. you'd be surprised of the difference in readings sometimes. alot of times the machine will pick up background noise, esp if like the TV controller is near it or the patient's visitors are talking... and it makes the reading alot higher than it would be. same thing for low readings, just a little difference in cuff positioning or cuff size can make a big difference! always get out your ears when in doubt.
  10. flightnurse2b

    So are we all night nurses who are off tonight?

    my mom works at another local hospital that is pretty notorious for getting all the snowbirds when they get sick. her and all the other nurses on her unit are dressing up as snowbirds and tourists, since we live in south fla. i think she bought a fanny pack for the occasion.
  11. flightnurse2b

    So are we all night nurses who are off tonight?

    skype is great! i have been using it to chat with my brother who is away at college. webcam does nothing for me though, i think it adds 10 lbs. i love looney tunes! i was bugs bunny for halloween when i was little. anyone dressing up this yr? i did not get a costume for me but i did get a little superman outfit for baby.
  12. flightnurse2b

    So are we all night nurses who are off tonight?

    yes we have had his name picked out for a while now but we are keeping it a secret until he's born, too much drama involved as far as family squabbling right now.... so one name is from his family and the other is from mine... and i am kind of superstitious anyways, i want to wait until all the apgars are counted to announce it to everyone :) i didn't know teletubbies were still on! i actually caught an episode of ren & stimpy earlier, too. they don't make cartoons like that anymore! also watched the movie "milk". i thought it was really good!
  13. flightnurse2b

    So are we all night nurses who are off tonight?

    yes, i'm actually due in november but because of the PIH they want him out early. so here i sit @ 38 weeks, at 2cm. if i don't go into labor on my own by tuesday i am getting induced. i am ready to burst at the seams.. and i am ready to meet my baby! nothing good on TV this late on the wkends either. the only channel without infomercials is nickelodeon... so i'm catching up on episodes of rugrats.
  14. flightnurse2b

    So are we all night nurses who are off tonight?

    i'm a night shifter! haven't worked in a month tho, but i have never been able to switch from the night shift schedule to a normal one even when i was working days. can't sleep. anxiety, i think is a big part of this right now. waiting patiently to go into labor but it's not happening on it's own yet.
  15. flightnurse2b

    I'm probably nuts for asking, but....

    don't smoke anymore, but i used to, and i'm a democrat. not offensive at all!
  16. flightnurse2b

    The H1N1 vaccine will arrive too late to help most Americans

    my hospital has not implemented this policy and i doubt that they will. it is scary the number of visitors some people get who look like they belong in the bed next to them. i have more than once had to remind a visitor to wash their hands, wear PPE or sneeze in their sleeve and have no problem doing so.... and there are those who don't understand why we ask that young children don't kiss grandma and don't crawl on the floor or play with items in the room. it is and will continue to be a free-for-all at my hospital though, bc they are much more worried about patient satisfaction.... my moms hospital has implemented a policy where each patient is limited to 3 visitors at a time during limited hours and each visitor must sign in, give a form of photo ID, and have a visitor sticker with photo and name on it for the duration of their visit to be allowed on the units, especially strict on mother/baby and oncology. her hospital though is a private hospital, whereas mine is an inner city hospital, so our patient and visitor population are very different.

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