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  1. loricatus

    Hospice, TPN, Ovarian Cancer

    Agreed. Just trying to show that patients should be given full information from a variety of perspectives so they can give informed consent to whatever they choose to do.
  2. loricatus

    Hospice, TPN, Ovarian Cancer

    You have to keep in mind that cancer cells require more nutrients than normal cells & when nutrition is supplied the cancer cells feed first. Less nutrition can amount to slower growth of the cancer cells, in some cases. Cancer cells literally steal the food away from the body's normal cells.
  3. loricatus

    FYI - GROUP ONE Members List in DFW

    Add Nursefinders to your list.
  4. There is an AAS in Dallas-think it is in Irving to be precise. Avoid Favorite because they are known to say there is work and cancel right before the shift.
  5. loricatus

    Appropriate for Hospice?

    The criteria for hospice is that two physicians must cerify that if the condition runs its normal course they estimate a six month or less prognosis for the patient. In addition, there are disease specific guideline, called LCDs, that can be used to qualify the patients terminal status. Here is a link to get an idea of what I am talking about http://www.cms.gov/mcd/viewlcd.asp?lcd_id=13653&lcd_version=29&show=all
  6. loricatus

    Becoming a CEN as a new grad?

    Don't think the CEN without the experience will help you get the job. Joining the ENA would probably do you better when looking for an ER job because it will demonstrate an genuine interest in that specialty. Try to go to chapter meetings and make your face known. It wouldn't hurt to show up to at the ED where some of those nurses work (the ones that you meet at the chapter meetings) and find the back door approach to landing a job in the ER.
  7. loricatus

    Is this bizarre?

    This is more common than you might think. The only hope would be to talk to the Nurse Educator for the floor and ask the N.E. to talk to the manager. Have been in this position and started looking for a new job as soon as the mention of going it alone 4 weeks after graduation from school was made-my preceptor went on maternity leave on week 4 after orientation started. And, it was a Neuro ICU floor where I was expected to take 2 patients on my own. Had no problem finding a new job just telling the truth of what was going on. FYI: High employee turnover ratios don't look good for a manager at their review time-----hint, hint
  8. loricatus

    Too many know it "allnurses"

    I totally agree with you on this...
  9. loricatus

    Too many know it "allnurses"

    I wish I could say I see what you see. Maybe the degrading and attacks are more selective. I rarely post here anymore because of some of the viciousness displayed, together with selective moderation. I really hate having to say this and truly miss the friends I have made here. It just isn't the same anymore, IMHO.
  10. With minimal regulatory control over the healthcare insurance industry, maintaining employer-based healthcare insurance (reducing personal options for chosing one's supplier of healthcare insurance coverage), eventually being financially penalized for opting not to feed the healthcare insurance industry & not providing a public option (buying in to the same coverage as congress has), I cannot see how the Obama Bill is going to produce positive outcomes (as it relates to improving healthcare for the American people).
  11. loricatus

    Scrub store in Dallas

    There is a decent one in the Stonebriar Mall in Frisco-Preston/121. I have been told about a good one in the Grapevine Mills Mall, too.
  12. loricatus

    Dosage Calculation Question

    Take a look at 1D. You would be giving the maximum recommended amount and would risk damage more with a higher mL. It is better to compromise between the minimum and maximum allowable amounts to acheive a safety balance. http://www.brooksidepress.org/Products/Administer_IM_SQ_and_ID_Injections/lesson_2_Section_1.htm#2-3.%20PROCEDURE%20FOR%20ADMINISTERING%20AN%20INTRAMUSCULAR%20INJECTION However, I would think that 1mL would be the appropriate amount & the dilution needed to get the proper units supports that answer better than the 1/2 mL (IMO).
  13. loricatus

    Labs for pneumonia and hypoxia?

    Don't forget about an ABG & possibly blood cultures if antibiotics haven't been started.
  14. loricatus

    Need info on Dallas area Internships for GN

    You can go to the hospital's websites and look under jobs or careers for job postings. I know the Baylor system and Presby system (now under THR, I think) will post for GN openings. I do remember a while ago that HCA (for Medical City, McKinney & Med Ctr of Plano) has posted for new grad positions. Also, look at Doctor's Hospital, too (Tenet)-I found that Doctor's was the best place to work out of most of the area hospitals & it is only a 20 minute drive from No. Plano/Allen @ 75 during non-rush hour traffic. Don't think Allen trains GNs; but, most others have had something in the past.
  15. loricatus

    My Father Died Today

    My sincerest and deepest condolences :icon_hug:
  16. loricatus

    I got a clincal RN job!