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  1. Hospice, TPN, Ovarian Cancer

    Agreed. Just trying to show that patients should be given full information from a variety of perspectives so they can give informed consent to whatever they choose to do.
  2. Hospice, TPN, Ovarian Cancer

    You have to keep in mind that cancer cells require more nutrients than normal cells & when nutrition is supplied the cancer cells feed first. Less nutrition can amount to slower growth of the cancer cells, in some cases. Cancer cells literally...
  3. FYI - GROUP ONE Members List in DFW

    Add Nursefinders to your list.
  4. hosp. staffing agency recommendations in fort worth area

    There is an AAS in Dallas-think it is in Irving to be precise. Avoid Favorite because they are known to say there is work and cancel right before the shift.
  5. Appropriate for Hospice?

    The criteria for hospice is that two physicians must cerify that if the condition runs its normal course they estimate a six month or less prognosis for the patient. In addition, there are disease specific guideline, called LCDs, that can be used to...
  6. Becoming a CEN as a new grad?

    Don't think the CEN without the experience will help you get the job. Joining the ENA would probably do you better when looking for an ER job because it will demonstrate an genuine interest in that specialty. Try to go to chapter meetings and make ...
  7. Is this bizarre?

    This is more common than you might think. The only hope would be to talk to the Nurse Educator for the floor and ask the N.E. to talk to the manager. Have been in this position and started looking for a new job as soon as the mention of going it al...
  8. Too many know it "allnurses"

    I totally agree with you on this...
  9. Too many know it "allnurses"

    I wish I could say I see what you see. Maybe the degrading and attacks are more selective. I rarely post here anymore because of some of the viciousness displayed, together with selective moderation. I really hate having to say this and truly miss ...
  10. With minimal regulatory control over the healthcare insurance industry, maintaining employer-based healthcare insurance (reducing personal options for chosing one's supplier of healthcare insurance coverage), eventually being financially penalized fo...
  11. I want to be an ER nurse...... help

    Try calling level I or II trauma ERs and ask to speak to the Nurse Educator. That is the person who can fill you in on the training given. I would not recommend going to anything less than a level II is you want to get to see the good stuff. A lev...
  12. Good Personalities for ER Nursing?

    You misunderstood what I meant about changing priorities. As you must know, ICU changing priorities are no where near the complexity found in a busy ER, where there can be more than six beds (filled by more than 6 patients in a shift). ICU is more ...
  13. Good Personalities for ER Nursing?

    You will have to be able to have the ability to constantly change your priorities. Lists of things to do (per patient) are OK, but you may have to juggle about 6 of those lists at one time. With what you describe yourself to be, I would suggest cr...
  14. Graves disease thyroidectomy

    Based on my experience in the PACU, I would say no because the other forms of general anesthesia are more easily reversed if the need arises. Propofol was generally reserved for the quicker procedures like EGDs & or spinal injections for pain pat...
  15. Graves disease thyroidectomy